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5 Clever Ways to Get a Job

Even though the unemployment rate is at a low, the job market is still competitive. Here are five ways to stand out from the competition.

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The Top 10 Job Board Sites for Job-Seekers

There are thousands of job-hunting sites for job seekers on the web. Find the top ten best job boards, brought to you by LiveCareer.

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The 6 Most Disgusting Jobs

If you think your job stinks, well it could be worse. The host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel gives us his top picks of the most disgusting jobs.

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Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

There are ways to travel without having to become a pilot or a flight attendant. Here's a list of 10 high-paying jobs for people who love to travel.

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Finding the Right Job

You spend most of your life working, so it's important to find a job that make you happy. Use these tips to help you find the right job.

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Secrets to Passing the Reference Check

Having a good list of reliable references is an important part of a job search. Follow these steps to help prepare you for a reference check.

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Discipline Will Get You That Job

In order to get the things you want in life, you must have discipline. Learn how self-discipline will help you get the job you want.

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Career Portfolio Tools and Resources for Job Seekers

A collection of free tools and resources for developing career job-search portfolios, a key tool for success in job-hunting. For all job-seekers.

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Asking For Your Old Job Back

Assuming you left your last company on a good note, you might be able to get your old position back. Here's how you should approach this situation.

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Ask a Hiring Manager: Reasons for Rejection

Don't be afraid to ask hiring managers why you were rejected as a candidate. Finding out the reason for your rejection can improve your job search efforts.

Best Remote Jobs
25 of The Best Remote Jobs in 2020 and How to Find Them

In a tough job market, you need to know the best remote jobs and how to find them so you can optimize your search.

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A Soldier's Transition Story, Part I: A Strategic Approach to the Civilian Job Search

Many soldiers have a difficult time entering the workforce after the army. Learn how this veteran transitioned into a working civilian.