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5 Clever Ways to Get a Job

Even though the unemployment rate is at a low, the job market is still competitive. Here are five ways to stand out from the competition.

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The Top 10 Job Board Sites for Job-Seekers

There are thousands of job-hunting sites for job seekers on the web. Find the top ten best job boards, brought to you by LiveCareer.

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10 Tips for Getting Your Work/Life in Balance

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed out? Check out LiveCareer's 10 tips for helping you gain solid work/life balance.

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Job Search Advice for College Seniors and Recent Grads: Job Hunting in Times of Uncertainty

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.It seems pretty unfair when you think about it. You've worked hard in school for some 15 or more years, including 4 or more years in college, ...

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Real Grads. Real Advice. Real Stories. Real World

Nothing is better than the real thing. Here are some real-world survey results and career advice from actual graduates and job seekers.

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5 Ways to Get the Job You Want

Finding work when you're 15 can be frustrating--there are a number of federal restrictions on what work teenagers can perform and when they can work during the week. These restr...

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Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling that Propels Careers

  Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling that Propels CareersISBN-10: 1-934689-00-9 ISBN-13: 978-1-934689-00-4Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling that P...

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3 Things You Need to Know About Today's Job Market

Economics is an entire field of study for a reason—it can be really complicated. Without some training, wrapping your head around even microeconomics—like your own household bud...

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Career/Job Fair Tutorial for Job-Seekers, Students

Expert Key Career Fair Tips -- for Students and Job-Seekers -- on How to Successfully Work a Career/Job Fair This free Quintessential Careers tutorial is designed for both co...

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"Future Plans" Job Interview Questions

This week's topic deals with interviewers asking about your future plans. As we'll see in addressing the question a subscriber wrote in with, interviewers use the "future plan" ...

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10 Deadly Sins of Job-Hunting: Top Ways to Bomb Your Job Search — and How to Avoid Them

For job seekers struggling to find new work. Consider these 10 deadly sins of job hunting. Learn how to avoid or overcome top ways to bomb the job search.

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10 Essential Tips for Landing a Job Overseas

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.Do you love learning about other cultures? Can you communicate in multiple languages? Do you have a knack for seeing things from a broader, more ...