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Two employees looking at a plan together
What's The Best Thing About The Company?

You need to know how to talk about your company when interviewing someone. Find tips on responding to the interviewee question "What's the best thing about the company?"

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What Is Your Greatest Achievement Outside Of Work?

When you go into a professional interview, the hiring manager may ask, "What is your greatest achievement outside of work" Interviewers ask this question because your response w...

Man smiling happily as he is being interviewed
How Does Your Company Differ From Its Competitor?

Depending on the type of position you are applying to, you can expect certain questions about your career and industry knowledge when you go into a professional interview. For i...

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What Is The Company's Mission Statement?

If the interviewee asks you about the company's mission statement, he or she really wants to understand what the major values and goals of the company are.The interviewee re...

Professional man shaking hands with client
Why Do Customers Choose This Company?

When a potential employer asks you a question, you can be sure they're looking for something deeper than your surface level answer. This question is no different. If a hiring ma...

Woman eagerly listening to interviewer talk
Tell Me Something About Our Company.

Sometimes during an interview, the hiring manager will ask a question like "Tell me something about your company?" or "What gets you excited about possibly working here?"The...

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Would You Lie For The Company?

During a professional interview, you will encounter a slew of behavioral questions that are meant to reveal your personality. You might be asked, "Would you lie for the comp...

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Who's Your Mentor?

This interview question is examining whether you've formed strong professional relationships in your past work or educational environments, as well as assessing intangibles such...

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What Does The Company Reward

During an interview, the interviewer and the interviewee askquestions. While the interviewer usually asks the majority of the questions, itis common for an interviewee to ask qu...

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What Is The Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work?

Smart work may involve solidifying a strategic approach to the work and identifying things that you need to do, while hard work might include just pressing through with a task w...

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How Optimistic Are You About The Company's Future And Your Future With The Company?

When you're conducting a job interview, you may have an applicant ask a question like, "How optimistic are you about the company's future and your future with the company"An app...

Man motioning no with his hands as coworker talks to him
What Negative Thing Would Your Last Previous Say About You

Answering interview questions is an especially daunting challenge. The can be intimidating or just plain confusing. One of the most difficult questions to answer is "What negati...