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With growing concerns about health and safety in commercial spaces the world over, it has become necessary to hire the services of professional cleaners to ensure a sense of comfort and safety among the office employees.

Studying our office cleaner resume example helps you build a resume that stands out and makes a lasting impression on recruiters. Written by our certified resume writers, they are designed to show you how to highlight your relevant skills and experience in a way that will get the attention of prospective employers.


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What is an Office Cleaner?

Office cleaners are trained to clean office spaces using tools and techniques that adhere to the highest hygiene standards. They ensure that offices are always neat and clean. Their everyday tasks include sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and vacuuming all the areas in the office. They may do deep-cleaning using fogging machines and sanitizing chemicals.

Office cleaners in large companies often work in night-shifts as that is when they get to work comfortably throughout the office. Some office cleaners might also be assigned the additional task of cleaning the area outside the office. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they do not require any formal education, with training usually given on the job.

What Makes This a Great
Office Cleaner Resume Example?

The first impression makes a lasting impact on recruiters. Study our office cleaner resume example to learn how to draft a compelling resume. Here is how it can help:

  • Job-specific content: Study our office cleaner resume example, written by a certified resume writer, to see the type of resume content that recruiters look for in a resume. Or, for more help, use our Resume Builder, which offers similar pre-written content suggestions for every resume section.
  • Select an appropriate format: Candidates should select a resume format that complements their skills and career experience. An appropriate format can help showcase your details and boost your chances of landing the role. The example above uses the combination format, which equally emphasizes a candidate’s work history and skills. It’s the perfect format for an applicant with multiple years of professional experience.
  • Appropriate template: Our resume examples show you appropriate resumes templates for your field. Since an office cleaner might work for a variety of business, a simple and versatile template, like the one above, is a great choice. For more colorful resume templates, see our library of resume designs.

3 Office Cleaner Professional Summary Examples

A professional summary must give recruiters a glimpse of your best qualities, key achievements and expertise. Our resume examples can help you build a captivating professional summary that gets recruiters excited about reading your resume.

Here are three additional professional summary examples to consider for your office cleaner resume:

  1. Self-motivated individual with more than five years of experience in the office cleaning industry. Strong physical stamina with the habit of working during irregular hours. Clean five floors with 10 offices and 25 cubicles each nightly, including vacuuming, cleaning glass fronts, and dusting furniture. Good time management and interpersonal skills.
  2. Ten+ years of experience as an office cleaner. Skilled at juggling multiple responsibilities, such as supervising new team members and structuring inventory management schedules. Received multiple commendations for consistent good performance. Follow a strong sense of ethics and office discipline to maintain credibility and trust reposed by employers.
  3. Hardworking career office cleaner with five years of budgeting and inventory management skills. Critical thinker who has worked on developing new cleaning protocols to increase work efficiency and maintain uniformity. Pleasant personality with courteous communication and strong time management skills.

3 Office Cleaner Work Experience Examples

Our office cleaner resume examples are drafted by professionals who understand the right way to package your skills and accomplishments to impress an employer. Study our resumes as you learn how to write your resume.

Here are additional three examples of the work experience section to consider for your office cleaner resume:

  1. Trained a team of 29 new cleaners at the firm’s training center in Texas and personally supervised their progress.
  2. Suggested modifications in inventory procurement policy that reduced 12% of inventory costs.
  3. Regularly clean an office space of 15,000 square-foot with 115 cubicles, two cafeterias and five restrooms.

Top Skills for Your Office Cleaner Resume

Your resume should highlight the skills that are most relevant for an office cleaner’s job. Our office cleaner resume example uses the skills that are most sought-after by recruiters. Or, choose from this list of skills for your office cleaner’s resume:

Hard Skills

  • Physical fitness
  • Repair work
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Office ethics

Soft Skills

  • Self-motivated
  • Time management 
  • Consistency
  • Communication

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Office Cleaner FAQs

What are the key skills required to become an office cleaner?

Even though there is no educational credential required to become an office cleaner, some skills are necessary to do an adequate job. Basic working knowledge of cleaning tools, reading skills to decipher instructions, and willingness to take responsibility go a long way in making a successful career. Since office cleaners are on their feet for a long time and are sometimes required to handle heavy cleaning equipment, their physical fitness needs to be in check, too.

What are the growth prospects of office cleaners?

With the right attitude and personality, office cleaners have the opportunity to become office supply managers and logistic experts. By training under experienced employees, one can look at growing their repertoire to include more skills. Having an eye for detail, being motivated, punctual, and having basic math skills are also essential for growth.

How can an office cleaner find work?

An office cleaner has two options; work with a professional cleaning company or search for openings on job portals and newspapers to apply independently. Corporates, banks, hospitals, or any organization with a large employee base requires cleaning personnel, so keep a lookout for such opportunities. Apart from these, experienced office cleaners can look at freelancing jobs with smaller organizations.