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Get Expert Writing Recommendations for Your Janitorial Resume

Crafting a stand-out janitorial resume is possible with LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Our certified resume writers provide prewritten text designed to help candidates describe their skills and experience in the janitorial field.

Listing the skills that recruiters in the industry want, such as a strong work ethic, physical stamina, expertise with cleaning products and an attention to detail, helps get you noticed. Check out these suggestions our builder might make for your janitorial resume:

  • Mixed, used and properly stored hazardous chemical cleaners to reduce risk of injury or illness.
  • Promoted building security by installing door locks.
  • Improved fire safety by checking electrical appliances for safety hazards.
  • Verified that all storage areas and carts were clean and organized.
  • Dusted all furniture and fixtures thoroughly and carefully.
  • Maintained optimal supply levels to meet daily and special cleaning needs.
  • Used hand trucks or manually lifted supplies, equipment and heavy furniture.

8 Do’s and Don'ts for Writing a Janitorial Resume

  • Do use specific action verbs in your work history. Action words are a must in any strong resume. They are even more important in jobs that require a lot of movement, such as in custodial and cleaning positions. Use a variety of action verbs to show your range of experience in the janitorial field.

  • Do list certifications. If you earned any certifications or took special training in housekeeping or janitorial work, show them off. Employers appreciate thorough candidates who go the extra mile and demonstrate a commitment to their work. Custodians with training in different types of cleaning processes, such as hazardous waste training, will stand out.

  • Do provide examples of physical dexterity. Cleaning and janitorial jobs include physical, strenuous work. Your resume should provide plenty of examples of your ability to be on your feet for hours at a time. Include details about the number of hours in an average shift and information regarding the variety of tasks you completed, such as fixing equipment, sanitizing items, organizing supplies, moving furniture and removing trash and debris.

  • Do give specifics about cleaning practices and standards. For many positions in the janitorial field, candidates must have expertise in using cleaning solvents and chemical agents. Your resume should provide specific examples of standard cleaning products, equipment and practices, such as buffers, pressure washers, carpet cleaners and industrial vacuums.

  • Don’t forget about workplace safety standards. A commitment to safety is also essential on a janitorial resume. Your document should show your knowledge of working with industrial cleaning supplies. It should also indicate that you have an understanding of following all safety standards according to federal and local regulations.

  • Don’t highlight gaps in your employment history. If you have very little work experience or gaps in your employment history, be sure to choose a functional resume format. Putting an uneven work history at the top of your document could make you look like you aren’t dependable. A functional resume format will emphasize skills over past employment.

  • Don’t forget to point out your flexibility in work hours. Many jobs in housekeeping and custodial work require flexibility in scheduling. Late nights and early mornings are not uncommon. If you’ve worked in a position that required unusual hours, such as the midnight shift, include these details in your resume.

  • Don’t miss opportunities to discuss special custodial skills. Some candidates may have specialized cleaning and maintenance skills. Be sure to include any specific custodial skills you have, such as fixing manufacturing equipment, maintaining indoor air quality standards, starting a recycling initiative, cleaning up hazardous waste or keeping up with outdoor landscaping.

Consider These Skills for Your Janitorial Resume

According to some studies, turnover rates for cleaning and janitorial staff may be as high as 50 percent per year. One way that employers fight this high attrition rate in the industry is by using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help sort quality applicants for their companies. An ATS is a computerized tool to instantly scan resumes to weed out unqualified candidates.

The key to getting past the ATS is to insert certain keywords and phrases into your resume to highlight your commitment to quality work and the top skills successful custodial workers need. Here are some examples of popular hard and soft skills for janitorial workers our Resume Builder might recommend you include on your janitorial resume:

  • Efficient and organized.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Excellent time management.
  • Experience with eco-friendly cleaning compounds.
  • Knowledge of cleaning chemical reactions.
  • Understanding of workplace safety standards.
  • Skilled in grounds maintenance.
  • Expertise operating heavy-duty cleaning equipment.
  • General maintenance skills.
  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds.

Janitorial Resumes for Every Professional Level


Window Cleaner

Someone with a limited amount of work experience must emphasize transferable skills over employment history. This job seeker, who is applying for a window cleaner job, leads with a succinct summary statement that points out his top skills. He thensingles out his cleaning knowledge, dedication to safety and commitment to teamwork.

He also provides a short summary of qualifications that promotes positivity and gives employers confidence in his success. The Work History and Education sections on this functional resume format show a few more details about the qualified candidate. Build my Resume


Lead Custodian

A candidate with some experience should craft a strong resume with a summary statement that highlights mpressive professional accomplishments, lists work experience and shows career progression.

This applicant’s career history shows a progression from an assistant to a worker with supervisory duties. He uses specific quantifiable details that prove he understands workplace safety. The combination resume format also includes details that pinpoint his efficiency and exemplary time management skills. Build my Resume


Housekeeping Supervisor

For a position as a supervisor, janitorial candidates should demonstrate skills and experience in the field by using a chronological resume format. This format used above allows Isabelle to detail her experience motivating and managing teams of workers and getting positive results.

Additionally, she proves her skills go beyond management by showing her past work as a housekeeper. She accentuates her success with customer satisfaction by using results from company scorecards. She also shows how she improved work efficiency with specific details in a chronological resume format. Build my Resume

Janitorial Cover Letter

If you find this sample helpful, we have many more janitorial cover letter examples.

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Statistics and Facts About Janitorial Jobs

Workplace Setting Statistics for Janitorial Positions

Private buildings and dwellings87%
Elementary and secondary schools50%
Health care settings30%
Government buildings20%
Religious or nonprofit buildings10%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Highest Paying Industries for Janitorial Work

Paper and pulp product manufacturing$85532 per year
Coal mining$81929 per year
Pipeline transportation$79942 per year
Natural gas distribution$74773 per year
Petroleum refining$73249 per year
Source: Data USA – U.S. Census Bureau

Lowest Paying Industries for Janitorial Work

Other professional, scientific and technical services$6104 per year
Vocational rehabilitation services$9436 per year
Other health practitioners$9726 per year
Nail salons$10092 per year
Veterinary services$10186 per year
Source: Data USA – U.S. Census Bureau

Median Hourly Wage for Janitorial Work by Industry

Elementary and secondary schools$14.57
Health care$12.74
Religious and nonprofit$12.18
Services to private buildings and dwellings$11.82
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Race and Ethnicity Data for Janitorial Workers

Two or More Races2.3%
American Indian0.9%
Other Native0.3%
Pacific Islander0.2%
Source: Data USA – U.S. Census Bureau

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