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Maintenance mechanics deal with heavy machinery and equipment. They specialize in repair, maintenance, assembling, and troubleshooting mechanical equipment. Maintenance mechanics are mainly employed in industries that use large-scale machinery to create products. As of 2019, there were 521,300 industrial machinery mechanics in the United States.

To land a maintenance mechanic role, you’ll need a compelling resume. Study our maintenance mechanic resume example, written by a certified resume writer, to see what recruiters look for in top candidates.


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What is a Maintenance Mechanic?

A maintenance mechanic installs new machines, conducts preventive maintenance tasks, and replaces the non-functional and damaged parts with working ones. They also ensure safety compliance and health regulations.

Maintenance mechanics must have a deep understanding of hydraulics, installing machine parts, and fixing technical issues. Maintenance mechanics should possess good physical strength to work for long hours during emergencies.Employers generally hire candidates with at least a high school diploma and essential computer skills for this role.

What Makes This a Great
Maintenance Mechanic Resume Example?

Our maintenance mechanic resume example was crafted by a certified resume writer who knows what recruiters look for in top candidates for the role. The example above includes the

Here are three ways using our resume example can assist you in writing a resume of your own:

  • Professionally written resume text:Our maintenance mechanic resume example incorporates relevant keywords such as installing complex mechanical systems or ‘perform diagnostic tests that are hiring manager looks for on a resume. Or, for more help, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume. You can use the content as-is or customize it as per your requirement.
  • The right resume format: To put your most impressive credentials front and center, choosing the right resume format for your experience level is imperative. Our maintenance manager resume example can help you identify the format that is best suited to your level of experience. The example above uses the chronological format, which is perfect for an executive-level or highly-experienced applicant. Job seekers with less work experience should consider a functional or combination resume format.
  • Industry-appropriate designs: Maintenance mechanics work in various work settings, which means using a basic resume template, like the examples above, will work for a variety of applications. However, if you are applying for a maintenance manager role in a more casual field, like tech, consider selecting a more colorful, creative design from our library of resume templates.

3 Maintenance Mechanic Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first section that recruiters read, making it a critical section of your document. Writing a concise but informative professional summary can entice a recruiter to continue reading your resume.

Study our maintenance mechanic resume example for a sample summary or consider one of the three examples below for your dispatcher resume:

  1. Motivated maintenance mechanic with seven years of experience installing electronic equipment while maintaining quality and ensuring smooth performance. Proficient in controlling downtime, preparing maintenance documents & reports, and replacing defective parts.
  2. Technically driven maintenance mechanic with four years of experience in the industry. Knowledge of handling hydraulic & pneumatics, CNC devices, and other electrical devices. Adept at ensuring a clean and safe working environment while effectively handling a team of junior maintenance mechanics.
  3. Maintenance mechanic with six years of experience in troubleshooting equipment and taking preventive measures to handle machine failures. Keep track of inventory and make orders for new equipment and tools. Responsible for attending to station emergencies that require repairing mechanical gear and valve failures.

3 Maintenance Mechanic Work Experience Examples

Successful applicants for maintenance mechanic roles require a mix of skills and experience to get the job done. To show a recruiter you have what it takes, your work experience section must not only list your past duties but show the impact of your work. To accomplish this, candidates must include measurable achievements and skills to land the role they want.

Our maintenance mechanic resume example shows you how. Study it to learn how to write your own or get inspired by these three additional examples:

  1. Followed the production manual checklist to clean 20 electrical systems and carburetors every day and update maintenance reports and documents.
  2. Evaluate and maintain more than 50 aerospace parts and eliminate the faulty equipment every week while following warnings and directives during repair and replacement.
  3. Developed a new inspection schedule to prevent the breakdown of equipment that saved the company $15,000 in new machinery costs.

Top Skills for Your Maintenance Mechanic Resume

Learning to articulate your technical skills, practical knowledge and people skills can persuade recruiters to invite you for an interview. Certified resume writers write our maintenance mechanic resume examples to show you how to highlight your most impressive skills to improve your chances of selection.

Here are some hard and soft skills to consider for your maintenance mechanic resume:

Hard Skills

  • Feeder control and hydraulic systems
  • PLC integration
  • OSHA standard safety guidelines
  • Drywall installation

Soft Skills

  • Strong communication skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Reliable and honest
  • Works well under pressure

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Maintenance Mechanic FAQs

What are the responsibilities of a maintenance mechanic?

Maintenance mechanics are responsible for conducting preventive maintenance on electrical equipment and mechanical devices. They run various diagnostic tests to understand the fault and fix the issues or replace the faulty parts. Apart from detecting malfunctions and finding solutions to fix them, they also are responsible for following standard safety procedures and maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Which fields do maintenance mechanics work in?

Maintenance mechanics are generally employed in factories where large machinery, equipment and engines are used. The fields where maintenance mechanics play an important role include the aircraft industry, automobiles, construction, electrical, and electronics. The major skills demanded in the above industries are assembling & disassembling, inspection, inventory management, report analysis, and downtime control.

What are the requirements that recruiters look for in a maintenance mechanic?

Individuals who understand mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems are the first choice for this role. Some experience in similar roles is what recruiters look for when selecting maintenance mechanics. Exposure to various tools and the necessary physical ability to lift and work with such heavy equipment is also necessary for this role.