Cable Technician Resume Examples

A cable service provider typically employs cable technicians. Their services are usually performed in offices and residential homes and apartments. Their responsibilities include performing maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting pre-installed cables, and formulating documents and inspection reports.Cable technicians install, maintain, and repair cables for television and internet at residential and business premises.

Our cable technician resume example, written by a certified resume writer who understands the industry, shows you what a strong resume should look like for this role.Study it to learn how to craft your cable technician resume.


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What is a Cable Technician?

A cable technician is appointed to set up all telecommunication networks such as cables, LANs, WANs, and installing surveillance cameras. It is a technical job profile, and the applicants should have practical knowledge and experience in installing network cables. Assembling cable equipment while adhering to customer requirements and following the industry standards is their primary job responsibility. They also supervise the project development, maintain tools and parts inventory, and fix fiber optic cables.

According to data by DATA USA, the average salary for telecommunications line installers and repairers is $54,317.As of 2019, the number of telecommunication equipment installers and repairers in the United States has increased from 133,227 to 140,651, making this a role with opportunity.

What Makes This a Great
Cable Technician Resume Example?

A well-written resume can help you make a strong first impression with a recruiter. A certified resume writer writes our cable technician resume example to show you all the elements that make up a powerful resume.

Here’s how studying our resume examples will be useful in writing your cable technician resume:

  • Professionally written resume content: Cable technicians require a mix of technical and soft skills since they interact directly with customers. Learning how to articulate to hiring managers that you have the right combination of skills and experience is critical to landing the job you want. Our team of certified professional resume writers understand the current trends in the industry and wrote the resume example above to show you the right keywords and phrases needed to make an impression. For more help writing your resume, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Helps you choose the resume format: Choosing the right resume format is critical to putting your most impressive credentials front and center. The resume example above uses the combination format, which is ideal for a professional who wants to show off their work experience and impressive skill sets. Senior or entry-level candidates may choose a chronological or functional resume format to highlight their skills and qualifications better.
  • Industry-appropriate designs: Cable providers are typically corporate environments, which means it’s a good idea to use a buttoned-up resume template, like the examples above, when applying for a role as a cable technician. However, if you are applying for a role at a more casual company, consider selecting a more colorful, creative design from our library of resume templates.

3 Cable Technician Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is the first thing that recruiters read. For that reason, it must convey your skills and experience compellingly in just a few sentences.

Studying our cable technician resume example, written by a certified resume writer, can help you learn how to write a strong summary of your own. Or use one of these three additional examples for inspiration:

  1. Customer-oriented cable technician with seven years of experience in cable installation, repair, and troubleshooting for CCTV and audio-visual cabling infrastructure. Proficient in working with Tech Tad, transmission measuring sets, and other cable plant configurations. Responsible for ensuring safety protocols are maintained and followed.
  2. Technically skilled cable technician with eight years of experience working in the electronics field. Five years of in-home cable installation experience.Practical knowledge of power tools and craft objects like air compressor, impact wrench, reciprocating saw and many others. Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  3. Resourceful cable technician with two years of experience installing cable in large corporate parks. Maintain daily logs and hours worked for a team of 12 employees. Responsible for identifying distribution problems associated with data devices and verifying signal leakage or drop in network. Well-versed in scheduling regular maintenance to minimize downtime and onsite improvements.

3 Cable Technician Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section shows employers what you’ll bring to the table if you are hired.To accomplish that, you’ll need to highlight the concrete ways you contributed to a previous employer’s success by mentioning your most impressive measurable achievements.

Our cable technician resume example shows you how. Study it, or use one of these three additional work experience examples to use for inspiration:

  1. Installed 200+ LANS in a residential building while regularly checking the cable systems to identify potential issues.
  2. Trained more than 50 entry-level workers on handling safety equipment, preparing monthly reports and time logs, and keeping an inventory of required tools and devices.
  3. Checked and tested 300 CCTV cameras in a commercial facility and removed the faulty ones resulting in a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

Top Skills for Your Cable Technician Resume

Becoming a cable technician requires a mix of technical skills and soft skills, like customer service, to be successful. Our team of certified resume writers understands the skills recruiters look for when hiring for this role and have included the most sought-after skills in the resume example above.

Study it as you write the skills section of your cable technician resume or choose from this list of hard and soft skills:

Hard Skills

  • Balance video equipment
  • DVR programming
  • Wall fished cable
  • Triple play technician

Soft Skills

  • Conflict resolution
  • Training and mentoring
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent customer service experience

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Cable Technician FAQs

How should I write a resume for an entry-level cable technician?

To write the resume for an entry-level cable technician, you must focus on the qualifications, certifications, and technical training that you have obtained that qualify you for the role. If you are new to the workforce and don’t have direct work experience, focus on transferable skills you learned in school or in other roles that will help you do your job, if hired.Be sure to mention any freelance or internship work that you have done and highlight the skills you received during this period, and include relevant voluntary work you may have done to put your technical skills to work.

What are the educational qualifications for a cable technician?

Employers look for candidates with at least a high school diploma and relevant technical certifications for the role of a cable technician. Aspiring cable technicians will benefit from courses in math and electrical systems. An associate degree or certificate program in telecommunications, electronics, or computers can prove advantageous for aspiring cable technicians.

Are there any courses or certifications for cable technicians?

Certification is available from several organizations like the Electrical Trade Alliance and The Fiber Optic Association in various specialties. Courses like Infrastructure Solutions for Broadband Applications, Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design, Cabling for Intelligent Buildings, and many other such courses are available that can enhance your career and provide you with a variety of opportunities in this field.