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Freelance writing is a popular occupation for creatives ready to untether themselves from cubicles and corporate hierarchies. Roughly 61% of writers work for themselves, choosing their own projects and hours. If you’re ready to set your own schedule, LiveCareer’s freelance writer resume examples can help you chart the path to self-employment. Our text suggestions crafted by professional resume writers can help impress future editors before they even see your portfolio.


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What Is a Freelance Writer?

Freelance writers create an array of content for clients, including fiction, nonfiction, promotional materials, product descriptions, blogs, magazine articles and anything in between. They might be provided with writing prompts, or may themselves be responsible for idea generation. Such diversity of content means freelance writers need to think creatively and possibly conduct research. They also need to maintain interpersonal relationships with clients and editors since they could rely on both for creative feedback and new work opportunities.

What Makes This a Great
Freelance Writer Resume Example?

Our freelance writer resume examples can help you move one step closer to securing the job you want by taking the guesswork out of resume writing. LiveCareer is equipped to guide you through every aspect of creating your own document, from it’s visual style to the actual words on the page:

  • Professionally-worded content: Our resume examples and resume builder offer pre-written keywords and phrases that you can use to complete the most important sections of your freelance writer resume, including your professional summary, work experience and skills sections. Explaining your accomplishments in detailed, tangible terms is essential to landing the job.
  • Adaptable formatting options: Examples like these can help identify the perfect resume format to match your level of work experience. In this resume example, the job seeker has at least several years of experience in the field, so a combination format is an excellent fit. This type of resume fully displays your work history timeline after first prioritizing showing off your skills.
  • A diverse template selection: Examples also make choosing the right resume template easier. This freelance writer resume marries a clean, modern style with a bright pop of color at the top. Beneath the attractive, colorful header, each section is clear and easy to follow. These kinds of calculated design decisions help attract the specific types of clients freelance writers want to work with.

3 Freelance Writer Professional Summaries Examples

Let LiveCareer’s freelance writer resume examples serve as inspiration for your own resume’s professional summary. Alternately, you can also use our resume builder to draft your own by answering just a few simple questions. Below are three examples of professional summaries our builder might recommend for your freelance writer resume:

  1. Creative freelance writer with 15 years of experience in marketing strategy and brand development. Skilled at suggestive sales techniques and engaging all types of audiences. Diligent editor with a keen eye for detail. Holds a public relations background and an MFA.
  2. Hardworking, disciplined freelance writer with a master’s degree from a top-tier university. Experienced with diverse topics and meeting strict deadlines. Skilled in SEO, pitching stories and quickly implementing editor feedback. Highly organized and motivated content creator.
  3. Versatile freelance writer with experience writing for the Chicago Tribune, Esquire, Complex and Sports Illustrated. Works well independently but values incisive feedback and critiques. Tenacious researcher and interviewer willing to travel anywhere.

3 Freelance Writer Work Experience Section Examples

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran freelancer or if you’re just starting out: Our freelance writer resume examples and resume builder can help you create a detailed work experience section that conveys your accomplishments in tangible terms with impressive metrics. You can use this content as-is, or customize it to meet your requirements.

Here are three examples of bullet points our builder might provide:

  1. Scheduled, wrote and published social media posts that increased customer engagement by 225 percent.
  2. Revised the brand style guidelines and managed all updates for a team of 90+ writers.
  3. Created four web and video campaigns for firms like Whitehall Financial Services and RPS Worldwide.


Top Skills for Your Freelance Writer Resume

LiveCareer’s examples and builder can provide the industry-specific skills your freelance writer resume needs to advance through the hiring process. Add them directly to your skills section or tweak them first to reflect your personal proficiencies.

Here are some hard and soft skills you might consider adding to your freelance writer resume:

Hard Skills

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Results-oriented
  • Organized

Soft Skills

  • Suggestive sales techniques
  • Google Analytics
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Attention to detail

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Freelance Writer FAQs

What does a freelance writer do?

A freelance writer typically creates a wide variety of content. This may include everything from blogs and articles to product descriptions and website copy. Freelance writers are independent contractors, which means they aren’t employed by the client for whom they create written materials; they’re self-employed. This often grants them freedom to choose how much they work and when.

How do I become a freelance writer with no experience?

The internet is teeming with writing opportunities for freelance writers, from job boards to freelance marketplaces and crowdsourced writing platforms. Once you’ve developed a large enough portfolio of samples (which might only be student work, self-published blog posts, etc.) you’ll be ready to start reaching out to clients. Deciding which avenue works best for you may initially require trial and error. It’s often a good idea to create a personal website that promotes your writing services and includes samples of your work.

How do freelance writers get work?

Freelance writers obtain work through a variety of means. Crowdsourced writing platforms connect writers with clients while taking a cut of the customer’s payment. Online job boards contain freelance jobs for writers of all levels of experience, and freelance marketplaces are exactly what they sound like: Clients post jobs. In response, writers offer bids and proposals, and the client picks the person they want for the job.