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If you’re worried about how to write a resume and what to include, our carpenter resume examples provide everything you need to get started. Written by certified resume writers, studying our examples will show you how to write a resume that  you can feel proud of in just a few minutes. They show you the exact skills, experience, and education credentials recruiters look for in carpenters and give tips on  the best format and template to use as you write your own document.


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What is a Construction Carpenter?

As the population grows, the demand for carpenters grows with it. Carpenters build and repair a wide range of structures, ranging from furniture to skyscrapers. This is a highly technical and practical job that requires not just knowledge and talent but also stamina.

Carpenters mostly handle the woodwork aspect of projects, but many are also skilled in manipulating plastic, metal, and other materials. While a degree is not necessary for this profession, some carpenters have degrees in business, engineering, or agriculture.

What Makes This a Great
Construction Carpenter Resume Example?

While carpentry is a very hands-on role, to get the job you want, it’s critical that you learn how to write a resume that articulates not just your hard skills but your soft skills, too. To do this, we recommend studying our carpenter resume examples, which will show you exactly how a strong resume is laid out and what information you’ll need to provide. Our examples can help in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing job-specific resume content: Finding the right keywords and phrases for a resume is critical to getting noticed. Our carpentry resume examples are written by professional resume writers who know what employers look for in applicants. For instance, in the example above, the job seeker provides a list of job-specific skills to drive home that he is the right person for the job. If you need more help, our resume builder will suggest pre-written text to assist you in writing every section of your resume.
  • Shows you examples of resume formats: There are three main resume formats: chronological, combination, and functional. The job seeker in the resume example above chose a combination format, which is a good choice for an applicant with impressive work experience and a competitive skill set. However, if you are an entry-level carpenter or are seeking a master-level role, choose a resume format that might be better suited to your experience level.
  • Helps you choose a resume template: Carpentry is a creative profession, but many candidates still choose boring resume designs. Set yourself apart and show some flair by including an eye-catching resume template with a pop of color. In the carpenter resume example provided, the candidate opted for a hint of orange, which will help his resume stand out. However, if you are applying in a more conservative work environment, consider a less flashy design.

3 Construction Carpenter Professional Summary Examples

Summarizing your professional experience is one of the hardest things to do. Use our resume examples to help you create the best possible carpenter professional summary. Or, use our resume builder, which will offer pre-written text suggestions as you write this critical section. Here are some professional summaries the Builder might recommend:

  1. Aspiring carpenter seeking entry-level position to gain additional construction experience. Worked as a general laborer at several sites and apprenticed with a carpenter after building half a dozen homes with Habitat for Humanity. Committed to picking up new skills, working hard, and following instructions.
  2. Woodworking professional with five years of experience as a general laborer and five years of experience as a carpenter. Worked on construction projects ranging from restoring historic homes in Atlanta to renovating skyscrapers in New York. Willing to travel for work and eager to take on any challenge a job presents.
  3. Seasoned master carpenter with 20 years of experience building furniture. Proven ability to recreate any furniture style from just a photo. Especially talented at recreating antiques for high-end clients.

3 Construction Carpenter Work Experience Examples

Like in the carpenter resume example above, you should do your best to write a work experience section that shows the impact of your work, not just a long list of job duties. Utilizing metrics is a great way to accomplish that. Our Resume Builder offers pre-written work responsibilities that you can use as-is or edit to add your own data and metrics. Here are some suggestions the builder might make:

  1. Restored $2 million in antique furniture for clients who collected these items and displayed them in art galleries
  2. Worked as master carpenter on 54 houses during the development of the Terrycot Senior Community
  3. Volunteered as a carpenter to rebuild more than 20 houses for tornado victims in Oklahoma

Top Skills for Your Construction Carpenter Resume

Carpentry is a skilled job, and knowing which to showcase depends on the job. For instance, carpenters who plan to restore furniture require slightly different skills than builders. Carpenters who plan to work in construction also often use different skills than those who build customized furniture. The hard and soft skills below cast a wide net to cover most areas:

Hard Skills

  • House framing
  • Project management
  • Furniture design
  • Experience managing apprentices

Soft Skills

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Communication

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Construction Carpenter FAQs

What are the duties of a carpenter?

The industry and specialty of a carpenter determine the specific duties. For instance, some work in construction, while others create custom-built furniture. Here are some general duties to consider:

  • Installing wooden frameworks for stick-built houses
  • Building cabinets for office spaces and residential kitchens
  • Following blueprints created by designers to meet client needs
  • Restoring wooden items damaged by age or water

Where do carpenters make the most money?

BLS reports that carpenters who work  in non-residential construction earn the highest median salary of $53,040, compared to a range of $46,290 to $49,440 in other areas. BLS also reports that as carpenters gain more experience, they earn more pay. In fact, the top 10% make as much as $84,690 in a single year.

What are the educational qualifications of a carpenter?

During the early stages of a carpentry career, professionals need to master the ability to follow instructions. This includes not just spoken instructions but guidelines provided by blueprints and other documents. Beginner carpenters also take on many of the jobs that require physical strength, so stamina is crucial. Other important skills for beginners include dexterity and math.