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Forbes predicts that the restaurant industry will generate approximately $1.2 trillion in sales by 2030. Sous chefs enjoy an enviable position in the restaurant industry. They are the second-in-command to the executive chefs in professional restaurants, forming an integral part of a restaurant’s success.

However, competition for roles is fierce. Study our sous chef resume example, crafted by a certified resume writer, to learn how to write a resume that articulates your most impressive culinary achievements.


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What is a Sous Chef?

Sous chefs are second-in-command in the kitchen. They are in charge of the kitchen in the absence of the executive chef. They cook and oversee the dish preparations, ensure aesthetic plating, and see to it that every order meets the restaurant’s quality benchmarks.

Running the cooking operations efficiently falls in their domain. They guide and train the junior chefs and cooks and take care of the cooking snags which the junior staff might face. Sous chefs also work with the executive chef and the restaurant management to curate high-quality menus and exciting food combinations to ensure a rich dining experience for customers.

What Makes This a Great
Sous Chef Resume Example?

You may possess the right mix of talent, skills, and experience but you need a strong resume that shows off the breadth of your expertise. Our sous chef resume example was written by a certified resume writer to show you all the ingredients that go into a great resume.

Here are three ways studying our examples can help you write a solid sous chef resume:

  • Professionally-written resume content: Written by a certified professional resume writer who understands the current trends in the culinary field, our sous chef resume example is specifically designed to showcase the right mix of keywords and skills. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for every section of your sous chef resume.
  • The most fitting format: Our sous chef resume example helps you identify the format that is best suited to your level of experience. The example above uses the combination format, which is perfect for an applicant with an impressive career trajectory and a list of noteworthy skills. Job seekers with more or less work experience should consider another resume format.
  • Industry-appropriate designs: Sous chefs can work in a wide range of eating establishments. Match the resume design for each application to the culture of the individual restaurant. The subtle but colorful resume template in the sous chef resume example, above, is a versatile choice. However, for more conservative roles, applicants should choose a more traditional resume template


3 Sous Chef Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is the first part of a resume that most recruiters read. As such, it must articulate your skills and experience in a brief but compelling manner. Writing a strong professional summary is the best way to get shortlisted and our sous chef resume examples, written by certified resume writers, show you how.

Here are three professional summary examples suitable for this role:

  1. Passionate sous chef with five years of experience working in fine dining restaurants. Skilled in using modern gastronomy techniques to create unique and delectable food designs for customers. Possess strong time management skills and a positive approach to interactions with customers and colleagues.
  2. Dedicated sous chef with seven years of experience. Experienced in planning seasonal menus for a variety of cuisines. Work with mixologists to create complimentary cocktails. Adept at running efficient operations in the head chef’s absence, determining quick solutions for kitchen problems, and food sanitation procedures. Possess excellent communication and mentoring skills.
  3. Enthusiastic chef with 12 years of expertise in Asian cuisine. Developed strong organizational and management skills during a stint at Ivan Ramen, New York City. Run a performance-oriented kitchen culture with an eye toward high-quality local ingredients. Talent for creating unexpected Asian fusion cuisine.

3 Sous Chef Work Experience Examples

Study our kitchen manager resume example to learn how to include not only your past work responsibilities but data and metrics that show off your achievements. Your work experience is vital but showing potential employers the concrete ways you contributed to a previous employer’s success can help get you hired.

Here are three additional work experience section examples to consider:

  1. Supervised four junior chefs and six cooks in a 240-seat Pan-Asian restaurant in Chicago
  2. Contributed to designing the menu that earned the restaurant its first Michelin star
  3. Conceptualized the “take-away fine-dining” menu during the pandemic, represented 62% of sales in 2020.

Top Skills for Your Sous Chef Resume

Many top hotels and restaurants use applicant tracking software (ATS) to identify applicants whose resumes contain the right skills and experience. Our sous chef resume example uses a mix of hard and soft skills hiring managers look for in top candidates.

Use the example as a resource or choose from this list of skills for your sous chef resume:

Hard Skills

  • Food designing and menu planning
  • Inventory management
  • Personnel training
  • Quick decision-making

Soft Skills

  • Effective communication
  • Morning person
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution

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Sous Chef FAQs

What are the requirements to become a sous chef?

A sous chef’s educational requirements are not stringent, and candidates with a high school degree can also get this job. However, sous chefs must have prior work experience as a junior chef or line cook and have in-depth domain knowledge before applying for this position in large restaurants. Large establishments may insist on a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in culinary programs since the degree illustrates their commitment and skills.

Where do sous chefs work?

Sous chefs have the scope of working across restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, catering firms, and several such workplaces. Most professional kitchens follow a kitchen brigade system, which is a hierarchy system for assigning responsibilities in the kitchen to maintain smooth kitchen operations. Sous chefs feature second in this hierarchy. However, small-scale kitchens usually do not have the sous chef position, and the head chef handles everything. Barring these few establishments, sous chefs enjoy a prestigious role in all other professional kitchens.

How can sous chefs advance in their career?

The natural progression from the sous chef’s role is to become an executive chef. The sous chef’s job is a brilliant way to understand an executive chef’s responsibilities and effectively build your network in the industry. Networking is essential as this industry operates a lot on trust and word of mouth. With considerable experience and confidence as a sous chef, you can apply for the executive chef’s role in your circles and enjoy the view from the top chef’s position. You can also obtain certifications from the American Culinary Federation to boost your career advancement chances.