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Barbacks are the backbone of any bar. They keep service running smoothly and patrons imbibing happily by maintaining a clean, well-stocked bar. LiveCareer’s barback resume examples can help you get the job you want by identifying key skills hiring managers seek.

Use our resume examples to create a winning barback resume that can be customized for each job opening.


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What is a Barback ?

Barbacks assist bartenders before, during and after service. Before a shift, they may put away that day’s liquor delivery and replenish bartending stations. During service, it’s the barback’s job to keep the bar clean and stocked, wash and dry glassware, refill ice and change kegs. Once the bar closes, the barback usually cleans glasses and restocks bottles once more and performs other end-of-service tasks such as mopping floors and taking out the garbage. Given the sheer number of bars located in large metropolitan areas, the highest concentrations of barback jobs exist in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

While being a barback usually requires little or no experience or education, it demands keen social skills and a lot of physical endurance. More than 80% of barbacks report that their job keeps them on their feet continually, and nearly 90% are in constant contact with bartenders and patrons throughout the average shift.

What Makes This a Great
Barback Resume Example?

LiveCareer’s barback resume examples are a useful tool in landing a barback role. When you’re ready to find a fulfilling job in the restaurant or  nightlife industry, our examples can help you hone the following elements of your own resume:

  • Choosing the right keywords and phrases. The barback resume above is a great example to study because it utilizes industry-specific keywords and phrases in each of its three key sections: skills, work history and professional summary. If you need assistance identifying these for your own resume, our builder suggests pre-written resume content at each step of the writing process. Use the suggestions verbatim or personalize them by adding your own metrics.
  • Picking the right format. As this example demonstrates, the combination resume format is well-suited for a mid-career professional who wants his strong customer service and time management skills to be as prominent on the page as his work experience. An inexperienced job seeker may opt for a skills-forward functional resume format instead.
  • Selecting a template. In this resume example, this job seeker uses a creative template that complements the resume’s combination format. The clever use of colors and quadrants highlights each resume section almost equally instead of directing the recruiter toward one specific area. However, if you are applying for a barback position in a more conservative environment, like a country club, our builder will suggest more traditional resume templates.

3 Barback Professional Summary Examples

LiveCareer’s barback resume examples show you how to craft an appealing professional summary. You can use these models as inspiration, or use our builder, which will recommend more examples of prewritten professional summary text that you can then customize. Here are three examples of professional summaries like those our builder can recommend for your barback resume:

  1. Motivated barback with 10 years’ experience in hotel bars and lounges. Skilled multitasker and flexible team player. Experienced with banquet service and weddings. Fluent in English, Spanish and French.
  2. Outgoing grad with a hospitality degree from the University of Central Florida and four years’ restaurant experience. Certified food handler. Able to work in a fast-paced environment with good humor.
  3. Quick-thinking barback who works well under pressure. Skilled at developing friendly yet professional relationships that turn customers into loyal patrons. Managed a team of two barbacks and four bussers at a popular campustown bar and grill.

3 Barback Work Experience Examples

It doesn’t matter if your work history is lengthy or brief — LiveCareer’s barback resume examples can help you create a document that gets you noticed. If you need more help with this critical section, the builder will suggest pre-written work experience bullet points as you write your resume, which you can modify to fit your unique professional past. Here are three suggestions our builder might make for your barback resume:

  1. Maintained weekly inventory for four bartending stations, walk-in cooler and liquor cage to assist manager with ordering.
  2. Collaborated with bartender to create two new cocktails that became permanent additions to the menu.
  3. Cleaned all glasses, dishes, flatware, counters and tabletops for a busy 95-seat bar.

Top Skills for Your Barback Resume

LiveCareer’s barback resume examples highlight the skills that recruiters want. Take the guesswork out of what to include or leave out by using our builder’s suggestions, adding your own skills or employing a combination of both.

Consider adding these hard and soft skills to your barback resume:

Hard Skills

  • Cleaning glassware
  • Liquor inventory management
  • POS operations
  • Sanitary food-handling procedures

Soft Skills

  • Guest service excellence
  • Dependability
  • Attention to detail
  • Manual dexterity

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Barback FAQs

How much do barbacks make per hour?

How much a barback makes per hour depends on a variety of factors, including the bar’s size and location. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, the median hourly wage for a barback was $10.71 per hour. The top 10% of barbacks earned a median wage of $15.50 per hour, while the bottom 10% took home $8.51 per hour. At many bars, barbacks also split tips with bartenders.

How do I become a good barback?

In general, a good barback is someone who has a positive attitude, can work in a fast-paced environment, thinks quickly and is physically fit enough to regularly lift and move bottles, boxes and equipment. Neither age nor education are as important as an eagerness to learn. Being a barback is usually a stepping stone to bartending, and barbacks may occupy the role for as long as a year and a half before advancing.

What are the duties of a barback?

A barback is the bartender’s right hand man or woman. They keep the bar stocked with everything from liquor and clean glasses to napkins and lemon wedges. Barbacks tidy up the bar counter itself and may also clean up spills, both drinks and food, throughout the bar. They typically refill ice chests and change kegs, and it’s also their job to grab anything the bartender might need from the back of the house.