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Bussers are at the heart of the restaurant industry. They keep both the front and the back of the house clean, comfortable and well-stocked. Since the role demands communication with both the kitchen and servers, the best bussers are expert collaborators. In fact, nearly 70% of bussers cite teamwork as an extremely important skill for performing their jobs. If you’re ready to look for a new busser role, LiveCareer’s busser resume examples can help you pinpoint the skills and qualifications you need to get hired. Study these examples to see what hiring managers look for in top candidates.


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What is a Busser ?

A busser makes servers’ jobs easier by allowing them to focus solely on the restaurant’s clientele. Bussers clean and set tables, remove used dishes and glassware, refill diners’ water glasses and clean up spilled food and drinks. At some restaurants, they may also communicate with the kitchen to help servers bring food to the table or refill soft drinks. Predictably, large cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are home to the most busser positions, while popular tourist destinations, including Hawaii, report the highest average wages for bussers.

What Makes This a Great
Busser Resume Example?

Let LiveCareer’s busser resume examples guide you on your path to career fulfillment. Study them to for these crucial elements as you write your own document:

  • Industry-specific text: This resume example shows the keywords and phrases that recruiters look for in a busser candidate, including how to incorporate metrics (“Able to clear and set a table in less than 5 minutes,” “150-table dining establishment”) that help recruiters better understand this applicant’s unique qualifications. Our builder offers pre-written text suggestions throughout the resume writing process. Use the recommendations as-is or edit them with your unique accomplishments.
  • Appropriate format: For this job seeker, the combination resume format is a perfect fit. Her work history is detailed to show off her experience but this format also highlights her wealth of skills, such as her table-setting speed and resourcefulness. For entry-level or more senior-level applicants, another resume format might better suit your experience level.
  • Choice of template: Document design counts in the restaurant industry. This resume example utilizes strong lines and subtle pops of color, which would be perfect for a casual dining restaurant. If you are applying in a more conservative environment, such as a country club, LiveCareer’s Resume Builder can help you choose a more appropriate resume template. The builder also allows you to switch between templates for free.

3 Busser Professional Summary Examples

Appearing at the top of the document, the professional summary is what recruiters read first on a resume. Make yours count by using LiveCareer’s busser resume examples as inspiration. Our resume examples offer sample summaries that you can use to reflect your experience and strengths by adding metrics and other descriptive details.

Here are three examples of professional summaries for your busser resume:

  1. Energetic busser with four years of experience in the vibrant Chicago food scene, including two Michelin Star-winning restaurants. Experienced with upscale dining and discreet clientele. Exceptional time management and organizational skills.
  2. Personable busser with three years’ experience in family-friendly dining establishments. Experienced with large parties of 12 or more. Skilled at quickly cleaning and sanitizing tables. Fluent in Mandarin.
  3. Attentive busser with two years of experience in casual dining. Trained six-person bussing staff at 75-seat restaurant. Adept at setting up and breaking down tables. Positive attitude and dependable team player.

3 Busser Work Experience Examples

Studying LiveCareer’s busser resume examples is helpful as you write your own document, especially when it comes to writing your job history. Use the examples as inspiration or use our Resume Builder for pre-written bullet point suggestions. Use the suggestions as-is or customize them with your own metrics to showcase your unique experience.

Here are three busser work history entries our builder might recommend:

  1. Assisted banquet servers with events involving as many as 300 guests.
  2. Collected glasses, utensils, dishes and linens for 122-seat family restaurant and reset tables to maximize turnover.
  3. Served as dependable “go-to person” for questions on 16-person bussing staff.

Top Skills for Your Busser Resume

Our certified resume writers know what restaurant industry recruiters are looking for. Below are hard and soft skills to consider adding to your busser resume. Use these suggestions to craft your own or check out the builder’s recommendations:

Hard Skills

  • Cleaning and resetting tables
  • Refilling beverages
  • POS operation
  • Dining area arrangement

Soft Skills

  • Fast learner
  • Strong communication skills
  • Dependable team player
  • Organized

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Busser FAQs

What are the duties and responsibilities of a busboy?

Bussers ready tables for dining and remove dirty glasses, dishes and utensils during the meal. After service, they thoroughly clean tables and chairs and reset them for the next party. They also replenish water glasses during dining and may refill soft drinks as well. In the event of spilled food or beverage, bussers handle cleanup. Their overall goal is to allow the server to focus solely on dealing with customers’ questions, requests and concerns.

How do you describe a busser on a resume?

The effective way to describe a busser position on a resume is using tangible terms that give recruiters a concrete idea of how you can contribute to a restaurant. Use metrics to quantify your hard work. Instead of simply writing that you “Cleaned tables,” write that you “Cleaned tables in a busy, 118-seat bar and grill.” These specifics provide a clearer picture of your experience — and show your keen attention to detail.

How do I become a busser?

Neither education nor experience are requirements to become a busser. They couldn’t hurt, of course, but if you’ve never bussed tables before, it is unlikely to be an issue for many dining establishments. You do need to be able to stay on the move and on your feet for long periods of time, however, as well as demonstrate a willingness to learn on the job and cooperate with a team.