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Whether you are ready to move up or are changing careers, our office manager resume examples highlight the job-specific qualifications and skills that employers look for when hiring.

Using our examples plus our Resume Builder will show you what recruiters look for in an office manager resume and then walk you through the resume-writing process step-by-step to quickly build a customized resume for each position you seek.


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What Is a Office Manager?

Office managers coordinate, plan and direct activities, enabling an organization to run smoothly. These positions typically require a bachelor’s degree and less than five years’ work experience. In a small company, the business office manager may manage all support services, while in a large corporation, several layers of office managers may exist. They can specialize in different areas, such as operations, IT, facilities and health services and clerical. An office manager often recommends changes to policies and procedures, supervises administrative staff, oversees services for several departments and coordinates with department heads.

What Makes This a Great
Office Manager Resume Example?

If you’re looking for a new job as an office manager, crafting a resume that highlights your skills and experience is critical to land a competitive role. Whether you have years of experience or are new to the role, our office manager resume examples can show you how to demonstrate that you are the best fit for the job and help achieve your goal. Specifically, our office manager resume examples can help you in the following ways:

  • Offers expert writing recommendations: Written by certified resume writers, our resume examples show you the type of language that is most likely to get your office manager resume noticed. Then, to build your own strong resume quickly, use our Resume Builder which offers pre-written phrases crafted by those same certified resume writers. Use the text suggestions as-is or as inspiration for writing your own.
  • Suggests the best format: Not all resume formats are created equal. To ensure your most pertinent information is easy for recruiters to find, it’s critical that you choose the right resume format for your level of experience. The resume example above utilizes a combination resume format, which is perfect for a mid-career professional who wants to show off both their work experience and a robust skill set. Entry-level or senior level office manager applicants should consider resume formats that will better suit their professional level.
  • Shows examples of suitable templates: The industry and role for which you are applying to determine which resume template is most appropriate. Office managers work across fields, which means that you may want to have resumes in a variety of templates. Our builder makes it easy to create a conservative template for a role in finance, or another traditional industry, and another for a creative field like advertising. The template used in the example above is straightforward with just a touch of color, making it a versatile choice.

3 Office Manager Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary at the top of an office manager resume is your chance to grab the reader’s attention immediately by presenting your most critical skills and achievements. Use our office manager resume examples for inspiration or let our Resume Builder make recommendations for your professional summary. The fully customizable examples, written by our expert resume writers, draw attention to your expertise and help you move to the next phase. Below are three professional summary examples that our builder could recommend for your office manager resume:

  1. Focused, dedicated office manager with superior administrative skills and a solid background in IT and infrastructure. Perform tasks such as preparing reports, drafting and routing correspondence. Provide telephone support and other clerical duties as needed, maintaining efficient operations.
  2. Confident office manager with exceptional knowledge of medical office management. Detail-oriented communicator adept in training, developing and leading multidisciplinary teams. Key strengths in customer management systems operation and implementation, relationship-building and adaptability.
  3. Seasoned office manager offering 10 years of experience in administrative and leadership positions. Well-versed in accounting practices and Hubspot use. Highly dependable leader who works effectively with cross-functional teams for service and operational excellence.

3 Office Manager Work Experience Section Examples

The right wording in the work history section of your resume is critical for advancing your career. Recruiters don’t want to see a simple list of your past responsibilities. They want to see the impact your work had on an organization. Use our resume examples to craft your work experience section or let our Resume Builder suggest job-specific pre-written content. Then personalize each entry by adding metrics. Here are three examples you might add to your resume.

  1. Oversaw office inventory activities, including ordering and requisitions, stocking and shipment receiving for busy 150-person office
  2. Optimized and organized bookkeeping and payment collection systems
  3. Communicated with up to a dozen company clients daily to answer inquiries about appointments and billing


Top Skills for Your Office Manager Resume

Our resume examples show you how to focus your document on the skills recruiters want. By adding the right mix of industry-specific hard and soft skills to your resume, you have a higher chance of getting past an applicant tracking system and into the interview chair.

Here are some hard and soft skills you might consider adding to your office manager resume:

Hard Skills

  • Data management
  • Documentation and control
  • Workflow planning
  • Bookkeeping

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Team-building
  • Delegation
  • Organizational skills

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Office Manager FAQs

What are the job responsibilities of an office manager?

An office manager is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly. This position coordinates and organizes office operations for efficiency, and may hold a diverse range of responsibilities. An office manager develops protocols for inter- and intra-office procedures and streamlines processes. Typically, this role also includes delegating duties and office staff supervision. The office manager supports administrative and executive staff, making the ability to work independently a priority.

Is an office manager a secretary?

Although an office manager may perform secretarial duties in a small office, the two positions differ in scope and responsibility. A secretary performs receptionist duties and provides administrative support to executives and office managers. An office manager guides and supervises staff, including secretaries and delegates tasks to help meet business goals and objectives.

What qualifications do you need to be an office manager?

In small organizations, a high school diploma may suffice. In large companies, office managers often have an associate or bachelor’s degree and post-secondary training. However, more than education, experience is essential for this position. Managers must understand office dynamics, processes and software programs. Multitasking, organizational and decision-making skills are necessary for success. Depending on the company, ordering inventory, hiring employees, supervising staff and coordinating internal communications may be part of the position requirements.