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Working as a bus driver can be a rewarding career, especially for those who like interacting with the public. According to O*Net, 81% of bus drivers report having constant contact with others. To get your ideal job, you need a well-written and persuasive resume. LiveCareer’s bus driver resume examples, written by our team of certified resume writers, show you what a strong resume looks like. Our examples show you, section-by-section, the best way to write, design and format a bus driver resume.


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What is a Bus Driver?

Bus drivers transport people in a variety of settings, including between workplaces, homes, schools, shopping centers and more. Buses may have routes that span state and national borders. Some drivers have regular routes while others drive chartered routes that may vary. Bus drivers also must help ensure the safety of their passengers. According to O*Net, 67% of bus driver jobs require no more than a high school diploma or equivalent, which makes this a lucrative career option for someone without a college degree.

What Makes This a Great
Bus Driver Resume Example?

Getting your ideal job as a bus driver is easier when you have a persuasive resume. LiveCareer can guide you to craft an interview-worthy application document using our bus driver resume examples. With our professionally written content, you can see exactly how to write your own. These are a few ways that our examples help you:

  • Professionally-written content: Writing a great resume is easier when you have inspiration. Using the professional summaries, skills sections and work histories in our resume examples as a guide, you’ll see how to write a resume that will appeal to recruiters. Or, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written text suggestions, written by our team of certified resume writers. Use them as they are or modify them with your data and metrics to better suit your needs.
  • Format selection: Selecting the right resume format is critical to emphasizing your more desirable qualifications. In the example, the job seeker chose a combination format, which features a robust work experience section and a skills section near the top, to put forward the applicant’s most impressive achievements. Very experienced or entry-level job seekers should consider a chronological and functional format, respectively.
  • Template choice: You should choose a resume template that suits the position and organization to which you are applying. The resume example above features attractive, blue accents and a well-organized layout, which make it a versatile design option. Job seekers who are seeking work as a bus driver with a very conservative employer, like a church or medical center, might choose a less colorful resume template.

3 Bus Driver Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is your first opportunity to impress employers with your resume. As a bus driver, it is a good chance to highlight key qualifications such as route types and equipment familiarity. LiveCareer helps show you how to create a more effective summary with bus driver resume examples. Our, use our builder, which will recommend pre-written professional summaries like these for you:

  1. Reliable bus driver with over six years of experience driving intercity routes. Adept at dealing with all types of passengers including public transit passengers and school children. Detail-oriented and safety-focused professional with a track record of timely and careful driving.
  2. Dedicated bus driver with a proven track record of safe, timely and passenger-friendly route driving. Strong relationship-building and customer service skills. Dependable professional with a passion for helping passengers.
  3. Eager bus driver with Class B Commercial Driver’s License and school bus endorsement. Strong customer-service mindset with over three years of experience working in people-oriented environments. Enthusiastic to apply people skills and driving abilities in a public transportation setting.

3 Bus Driver Work Experience Examples

Your work history tells the unique story of why you are the right applicant for the job. It gives you a chance to delve deeper into the types of routes you have driven and the experiences you have had as a driver. LiveCareer’s bus driver resume examples show you examples of powerful work experience entries. Here are three other examples for inspiration:

  1. Conducted daily bus inspections, following detailed checklist prior to operation.
  2. Assisted passengers in need with getting on and off the bus personally and by operating hydraulic ramp system.
  3. Collected bus fares and tickets from passengers upon boarding and departing.

Top Skills for Your Bus Driver Resume

Employers have certain skills they want to see from applicants. LiveCareer’s bus driver resume examples give you examples of the most relevant hard and soft skills for this role. Use our suggestions and add your own to create an impressive skills section. These are a few desirable bus driver skills:

Hard Skills

  • Bus operation
  • Safety inspections
  • Lift deployment
  • Dispatch radio

Soft Skills

  • Passenger service
  • Attention to detail
  • Oral communication
  • Friendly attitude

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Bus Driver FAQs

What qualifications do you need for a bus driver?

Most employers require that bus driver applicants have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Drivers often need a commercial driver’s license (typically Class B) to drive buses. However, there are some exceptions. New drivers often go through a training period of one to three months before starting to drive routes.

What are the duties of a bus driver?

Bus drivers pick up and drop off passengers. They drive routes that may be consistent or change depending on the needs of the riders. Drivers assist elderly, disabled or otherwise in-need passengers in getting on and off the bus. In many cases, they collect fares from customers and enforce safety policies. Bus drivers also help inspect their equipment to ensure safety.

How many hours a day do bus drivers work?

Hours worked can vary significantly depending on the type of routes driven. For example, local drivers often work five-day work weeks with eight-hour split shifts. Charter drivers usually don’t work split shifts but may work fewer days per week. In most cases, state and federal governments regulate the maximum number of hours a bus driver can work in a row.