Tow Truck Driver Resume Examples

The market for tow truck services globally is worth nearly $7 billion as of 2018. Competent, smart truck drivers must take on the challenging job of a tow truck operator to safely transport vehicles on the highways and streets.

LiveCareer’s complete tow truck driver resume examples are here to help applicants write a personalized resume that lands them a job. Job seekers can see the ease of use and step-by-step guidance these comprehensive examples offer or get more direction from our Resume Builder. In just a few minutes, you can create a well-written resume customized for each opening using industry-specific work details, skills and qualifications from our builder’s generated content.


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What is a Tow Truck Driver?

A typical day for a tow truck driver involves loading, operating tow machines, inspecting devices and driving a heavy-duty vehicle. Tow truck drivers work various shifts, sometimes even overnight. They drive tow trucks to broken-down motor vehicles, sometimes on highways, and secure the car safely to the truck. They may also transport multiple vehicles on a special tow truck trailer to car dealerships and repair shops. They must ensure they follow all safety regulations and requirements, and secure all fasteners and hooks on their truck before driving. They may also have to log trips and vehicle information.

What Makes This a Great
Tow Truck Driver Resume Example?

Job applicants seeking career fulfillment have to appeal to the top employers with a stellar resume. LiveCareer makes this challenging task simple. Job seekers can get countless ideas from our thorough tow truck driver resume examples like the one here. Here’s what our tools do:

  • Job-specific content: Finding the right wording for your resume is critical to getting noticed. Our tow truck driver example shows you how to incorporate eye-catching words and phrases like “keenly aware of traffic regulations.” Or, use LiveCareer’s Resume Builder, which suggests pre-written content, crafted by our team of certified resume writers, to fill in every section of your resume.
  • Resume format options: The combination resume format,  like this example, is a smart choice for mid-career professionals who want to show off both their strong skill set and an impressive work history. This resume shows a solid work history  in truck driving and an overview of industry-specific skills, such as hydraulics and flatbed experience. Job seekers with more or less work experience should consider another resume format.
  • Single out a fitting resume template: A professional resume template is critical to getting noticed over other applicants. The example’s resume template is clean but colorful, perfect for a job seekers who wants to show a little personality. For job seekers applying to jobs at more conservative companies, consider using a more traditional resume template.

3 Tow Truck Driver Professional Summary Examples

A well-written professional summary makes a tow truck driver applicant stand out. Our tow truck driver resume examples provide a starting point for coming up with possible wording and phrasing. To write a summary that gets attention from a hiring manager, you can also use LiveCareer’s helpful Resume Builder, which will suggest tow truck driver professional summary statements like these:

  1. Motivated tow truck driver with 15 years of truck driving experience. Knowledge of vehicle mechanical systems and tow operations. Consistent clean record of driving with an impeccable safety history.
  2. Diligent tow truck driver with experience recovering vehicles. Ability to stay calm and focused in stressful situations with car owners. Extensive knowledge of the region’s of highways, roads and neighborhoods for driving within a 100-mile radius.
  3. Competent tow truck driver with six years of experience towing multiple vehicles long-haul. Capable of working independently and being consistently on or ahead of schedule. Committed to following all safety rules and laws on the road.

3 Tow Truck Driver Work Experience Examples

The largest part of most resumes is the work experience section. To generate this essential section, get guidance from the tow truck driver resume examples. You also have the option of utilizing our Resume Builder for pre-written content suggestions that you can then customize to meet your needs. Here are three sample bullet points for a tow truck driver resume:

  1. Attached the tow truck mechanism to consumer vehicles needing service or repair after breaking down on the highway.
  2. Transported an average of 15 vehicles per day to a car dealership’s service shop.
  3. Operated a large multi-vehicle tow truck on long-haul routes for an auto manufacturer.

Top Skills for Your Tow Truck Driver Resume

Tow truck drivers need to display certain qualifications on their resumes. The tow truck driver resume examples give you recommendations to fill your resume with employer-approved skills. Here are eight top tow truck driver hard and soft skills hiring managers often ask for from applicants.

Hard Skills

  • CDL license
  • Load bar set-up
  • Hook and chain operation
  • OTR driving

Soft Skills

  • Patience
  • Physically fit
  • Integrity
  • Attention to detail

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Tow Truck Driver FAQs

Can I drive a tow truck with a regular license?

Since tow trucks are usually heavier vehicles, most states require drivers to have a commercial driver’s license. The federal regulations require that drivers towing more than 26,000 pounds obtain a CDL. There are different classes of commercial driver’s licenses. Many tow vehicles fall into Class B for a CDL. This requires a separate driving test from the regular license.

How do I become a tow truck driver?

People who want to be a tow truck driver first usually get some sort of job training from another driver. Once they have experience and understand the basics, they must get a commercial license to operate a tow vehicle. Some community colleges and commercial driving schools offer classes for tow truck driver skills and training for taking the driving test.

What are the duties of a tow truck driver?

Tow truck drivers are responsible for retrieving and moving vehicles for customers or businesses with a tow truck. They need to know how to secure a damaged vehicle to the tow truck without further damaging either vehicle. They also have to know how to safely transport vehicles on the truck to their destinations. They must understand and comply with all road safety regulations and maintain a clean driving record.