Taxi Driver Resume Examples

Ready to shift your driving career into a higher gear? Look no further than our taxi driver resume examples, which show you the job skills and qualifications hiring managers seek most in taxi drivers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts faster-than-average job growth for this field through 2028, so give yourself the best chance of taking advantage of that surge by studying our resume examples to see exactly how to write a document that will help you land the job you want.


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What is a Taxi Driver?

Taxi drivers pick up passengers and drive them to various destinations, making it necessary for them to know local streets, landmarks and popular locations. Drivers calculate fares with a meter that runs during individual trips. Passengers can call a dispatcher to summon a cab to their location, but drivers usually drive around seeking city passengers. Before striking out on their own, taxi drivers usually have to complete one to two weeks of training, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Makes This a Great
Taxi Driver Resume Example?

Our taxi driver resume examples show job seekers how to write a document that will catch an employer’s attention and get you the job you deserve. Our examples show you how to accomplish three important elements of resume writing, including:

  • Examples of compelling content: Polish your submission’s skills section, work history and professional summary with sought-after keywords and phrases by studying our resume examples. Or, use our Resume Builder to take advantage of our pre-written text suggestions, written by certified resume writers. Use these recommendations as-is or customize them to meet your needs.
  • Format examples: Pay close attention to your resume’s format. This resume example utilizes a combination format that is perfect for a mid-career taxi driver since it emphasises both a strong skill set and ample driving experience. Entry-level taxi drivers or those who have decades of experience should consider a different resume format.
  • Template choice: Your resume’s design should fit your industry and reflect your style as an employee. This example pairs a clean, cool presentation of information with a bold, colorful header that’s full of personality. LiveCareer’s Resume Builder offers a selection of professionally-designed resume templates and will recommend resume designs based on your field.

3 Taxi Driver Professional Summary Examples

Allow our resume examples to act as a starting point for drafting your professional summary, or use the builder to create a wholly original summary of your own. Here are three professional summary examples that our Resume Builder might recommend for a taxi driver resume:

  1. Taxi driver with three years’ experience and a six-year customer service background. Knowledgeable of local restaurants, landmarks, tourist attractions, bars and clubs and the fastest routes to the airport. Committed to safe, enjoyable rides for all passengers.
  2. Well-experienced taxi driver with a clean driving record and history of loyal passengers. Skilled at putting passengers at ease and arriving at their destinations on time. Dedicated to keeping car interior clean. Able to perform basic auto repairs in the event of a breakdown.
  3. Taxi driver with four years’ experience driving limousines. Respectful and friendly to all passengers, ensuring that they have a relaxing ride. Familiar with operating various taximeter and communications equipment.

3 Taxi Driver Work Experience Examples

Use our taxi driver resume examples to inspire you as you sum up your work history, or turn to our Resume Builder for pre-written text suggestions that you can modify to fit your personal experience by adding metrics and other specifics. Here are three job history examples that the builder might suggest for a taxi driver resume:

  1. Adhered to the latest state driving laws and regulations while ferrying passengers.
  2. Picked up passengers waiting at cabstands at airports, train stations and hotels.
  3. Keep thorough records of miles traveled each day/week/month.

Top Skills for Your Taxi Driver Resume

Wonder no more if your resume has the skills recruiters want. Our resume examples remove the guesswork by showing you the exact skills recruiters look for to give you a better chance of landing the taxi driver job you want. Add your own specific skills, use those that the builder offers or combine the two.

Here are some hard and soft skills you might consider adding to your taxi driver resume:

Hard Skills

  • Mobile location-based services software 
  • Auto repair
  • Electronic money transactions
  • Specialized vehicle equipment

Soft Skills

  • Time management 
  • Customer service
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Active listening

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Taxi Driver FAQs

How much do you make being a taxi driver?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that in May 2018, the median salary for taxi drivers, chauffeurs and ride-hailing drivers was $25,980. The highest 10% of the group made more than $40,360, while the lowest 10% earned less than $19,240. Taxi drivers earn tips, so consider that when determining how much you may earn.

How much does a taxi plate cost?

The cost of taxi medallions differs according to geographic location. In 2018, medallions in Boston regularly sold for $40,000. Taxi medallion transfers in Chicago in February 2020 averaged $25,413. New York medallions have historically been considered the most valuable, but the introduction of ridesharing companies has greatly lowered medallion prices.

Is taxi driving a career?

Commonly, taxi drivers work evenings and weekends, but hours vary. It is up to the individual driver to decide if they want to work part- or full-time, leaving time for other work or pursuits. Some drivers purchase a taxi to start a cab service as opposed to leasing a taxi.