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For businesses that ship products to their customers, there’s a need for a reliable freight carrier who can maintain accuracy and timely delivery of their goods. Mishaps or miscommunications, delays in delivery, or freight damage can cost them big time. Therefore, they rely on freight brokers to find a reliable carrier for the transportation of their goods.

To land the role you want in a competitive field, job seekers need a strong resume. Study LiveCareer’s freight broker resume example to learn to see exactly what a stand-out resume looks like.


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What is a Freight Broker?

Freight brokers act as middlemen between shippers and freight carriers. A freight broker’s primary role is to assist the shippers in finding a reliable freight carrier to transport their products or goods. A freight broker also has to oversee the movement of goods from their place of origin to their destination and ensure that the handoff between the carrier and shipper goes smoothly. However, freight brokers don’t take possession of the shipments.

According to Statista, the market penetration for freight brokerage in the U.S. stood at 19%. Another study shows the freight brokerage market will grow 4.4% during the next five years, making it a field with many opportunities for job seekers.

What Makes This a Great
Freight Broker Resume Example?

A strong resume should show a recruiter what you’ll bring to the table if you are hired to stand out from the competition. Our freight broker resume example was written by a certified resume writer who understands what hiring managers in the field look for in top applicants. Here are three ways our examples can help you build a strong resume:

Here’s how our resume example can help:

  • Best-in-class, professional content: A freight broker needs to be highly organized and efficient to excel in the role. Your resume must highlight these essential qualities to catch a recruiter’s interest. Study them to learn how, or, for more help, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written text suggestions for every section of your resume. Use them as-is or customize the text to suit your needs.
  • Selecting the right resume format: The freight broker resume example uses the combination resume format, which is perfect for highlighting the applicant’s work experience and impressive skill set and works well for a mid-career professional. Senior or entry-level candidates may choose a chronological or functional resume format to highlight their skills and qualifications better.
  • Appropriate resume design: Choose your resume design to match the company. While freight brokers work across industries, the field is fairly conservative, which means that a more traditional resume template, like the example above, would be appropriate for most roles. For more creative resume templates, peruse our library of resume designs.

3 Freight Broker Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary of a resume is the first thing a hiring manager reads. For that reason, writing an impactful one is critical. You should make sure your professional summary is an impactful one. Our freight broker resume example, written by a certified resume writer, shows you how.

Here are some additional summary examples to consider:

  1. Dedicated freight broker with excellent networking and communication skills. Eight years of experience in the logistics and shipment industry, with a reputation for recommending the right shippers and trucking companies for the job. Proficient in performing duties such as shipment tracking, answering customer inquiries, delivering marketing material, and preparing financial reports.
  2. Efficient transportation and freight broker with a proven track record of client satisfaction. Skilled in material management and inventory reconciliation. Excellent organizational skills and a strong eye for detail when it comes to tracking shipments accurately.
  3. Skilled freight broker with an entrepreneurial mindset and excellent interpersonal communication skills. Proficient in handling multiple clients while creating relationships for more than a decade in the industry. Excellent customer service skills and ability to communicate.

3 Freight Broker Work Experience Examples

Your work experience is a crucial element of your resume. A great one should show a recruiter in concrete terms how you contributed to a previous employer’s success. To show the impact of your work, it’s important to include data and statistics to illustrate your measurable achievements.


Our freight broker resume example shows you how. Or, study these three work experience examples for inspiration:

  1. Provided detail-oriented customer service to 350 clients, including offering recommendations for reliable shipping partners, information on cost per mile, and route suggestions.
  2. Determined the most budget-friendly shipping partners and routes for shipments which resulted in a 15% increase in profits for the client, shipper and firm.
  3. Increased customer base by 30% and increased freight revenue by 22% within 15 months.

Top Skills for Your Freight Broker Resume

Many top companies use applicant tracking software (ATS) to identify applicants with applicable skills and experience. To have your resume successfully pass through an ATS and into the hands of a recruiter, applicants for freight broker roles must have the right mix of skills on a resume.

Study our dispatcher resume example, above, for ideas or choose from this list of sought-after hard and soft skills for your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Verifying coverage
  • Contract management
  • Routing orders
  • Approving spot requests

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Negotiating and organizational skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Relationship building

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Freight Broker FAQs

What educational qualifications are required to become a freight broker?

A bachelor’s degree in business, logistics, supply chain management, transportation or another related field is preferred by recruiters. A master’s degree in a related field can also add more weight to your resume. However, if you have adequate field experience, some companies can hire high-school graduates for introductory freight broker roles.

When does a freight broker become important to any business?

If a company is looking at improving its shipping experience and process, then a freight broker can help reduce costs by optimizing the supply chain. Freight brokers are also important during seasonal business when you need to process a large quantity of product in a short period. Finally, freight brokers have processes in place to manage a smooth flow of goods. A good freight broker can ensure your shipments are delivered on time with the cargo intact.