Registered Nurse Resume Examples

With the consistently high demand for qualified nurses and a multitude of job opportunities in hospitals, clinics and nursing facilities, now could be a good time to start looking for a new nursing role. Our registered nurse resume examples can show job seekers how to effectively word and format a resume, down to the specifics of their professional summary, skills and work history sections. Read on below to learn how we can help you create a personalized, truly standout resume for each registered nurse position to which you apply.


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What Is a Registered Nurse?

Registered nurses administer hands-on care to patients in many settings including clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ offices. They collaborate with physicians, nursing assistants and other medical professionals to diagnose illnesses and treat patients. Registered nurses also help educate patients on a variety of health issues. Becoming a registered nurse requires post-high school training. Some nurses obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing while others get a diploma or other credential from an accredited nursing program. All registered nurses must maintain an active license to legally work in the medical field.

What Makes This a Great
Registered Nurse Resume Example?

Registered nurses work directly with patients and administer medications and treatment orders, so your resume should present your technical medical knowledge and your customer service experience. Use our registered nurse resume examples for advice on properly formatting and wording your resume. Here’s how our resume examples can help:

  • Samples of professionally-written content: This resume example effectively uses content crafted by our expert resume writers, such as “offer care to up to 10 critically ill patients,” to describe past job duties. Use our resume examples as guidance in writing the critical sections of your resume, using strong details and specific metrics.
  • Suggestion for appropriate format: This job seeker wisely chose a to write the above resume in a chronological format to highlight their lengthy work history. Use our examples to discern the most appropriate format for your own resume, whether it be chronological, or the more skills-focused functional or combination styles.
  • Recommended template choices: This example utilizes a traditional resume template that demonstrates the job seeker’s professionalism without sacrificing the appealing use of color. Every job seeker should be sure to pick a template that’s appropriate for their particular industry, role or work culture.

3 Registered Nurse Professional Summaries Examples

Your resume’s professional summary should succinctly summarize your work experience, skills and top achievements. Use our registered nurse resume examples for inspiration when writing your own professional summary. You also have the option of using our builder, which provides pre-written content created by our team of resume writers. Here are three examples of professional summaries for a registered nurse resume:

  1. Registered nurse with over seven years of emergency room experience. Specialized training in pancreatic surgery, intensive care and pediatric illnesses. Current nursing license with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  2. Bilingual pediatric registered nurse with 15+ years of experience in neonatal care units of large, urban hospitals. Strong leader with an aptitude for managing teams of 10-15 nursing assistants. Knowledge of pediatric medication administration, training and management.
  3. Reliable, ethical registered nurse with 10+ years of experience working in hospitals, doctors’ offices and nursing homes. Strong background in hospice care. Proven ability to build positive relationships with other medical professionals and patients.

3 Registered Nurse Work Experience Section Examples

Rather than simply listing old job responsibilities in your resume’s work experience section, you should describe your achievements — with metrics — to make your document stand out. Use our registered nurse resume examples for help with wording and formatting, or use our resume builder to craft those custom bullet points. Here are three work experience section examples that our builder might create:

  1. Received a chemotherapy administration certification after attending the appropriate training. Provided comprehensive inpatient care to over 100 chemotherapy patients receiving treatment for cancer.
  2. Attended daily rounds for approximately 20 patients, while accompanying and collaborating with doctors and other specialists.
  3. Regularly performed diagnostic tests, including blood work and disease screenings, for clients between the ages of 5 and 85.


Top Skills for Your Registered Nurse Resume

Many large hospitals use applicant tracking software to identify qualified job seekers. Use both our registered nurse resume examples and resume builder to optimize your document with words hiring managers in the medical field want to see. Here are some hard and soft skills that might enhance your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Lifesaving interventions
  • HIPAA standards and compliance 
  • Patient education
  • Meditech and Cerner EMR tools

Soft Skills

  • Clinical skills
  • Patient relations
  • Medical team collaboration 
  • Active listening

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Registered Nurse FAQs

How do I write an application letter as a registered nurse?

When writing an application letter to gain employment as a registered nurse, you need to showcase your clinical skills while also demonstrating how you will complement the nursing staff and address the employer’s needs. Introduce yourself succinctly in the first paragraph, describe your qualifications in the second paragraph and show interest in the organization and highlight how you will solve the employer’s problem in the subsequent paragraphs.

Is it better to work at a hospital or nursing home as a RN?

Whether it is better to work in a hospital or nursing home as a registered nurse depends on the needs and desires of the job seeker. However, if money is a concern, you might want to consider a job in a hospital rather than a nursing home. Registered nurses in hospitals typically earn a higher salary than nursing home workers.

Can you become an RN in two years?

Some registered nurses obtain a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. However, it’s possible to become a registered nurse by completing an associate degree in nursing or a qualifying diploma program. These programs typically take two to three years to complete. Therefore, it is possible to become a registered nurse in two years of study.