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Approximately 4.5 million patients in the United States used the services of home health aides in 2015. These patients need the unique qualifications of individuals dedicated to caring for others. Those individuals who might be seeking new home health aide positions can get job-specific guidance through our expert-crafted resume examples. Below you’ll find thorough explanations regarding how our example content can help craft each resume section, as well as other handy tools we.


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What is a Home Health Aide?

Home health aides deliver care to patients in either their homes or a specialized care facility. They track the record of care they provide for each patient and communicate information about patients to supervisors. During home care visits, they may offer personal care services, such as bathing and dressing, or deliver health care services such as changing bandages or applying ointments. According to the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, 72% of home health aide jobs get funds from public programs like Medicare or Medicaid, which reflects their large client base of elderly individuals.

What Makes This a Great
Home Health Aide Resume Example?

For many, the dream of career satisfaction is only fulfilled by having a great job. LiveCareer’s home health aide resume examples can provide ambitious people with a first step toward a brighter future in the healthcare field. Follow our examples’ lead for a greater chance of success in landing the right job:

  • Professional-level content from experts: Impressive qualifications won’t matter if the resume isn’t well-written. The above example paints a picture of a qualified home health aide with language like “Coordinated daily medicine schedules and administration for 20 seniors.” This and similar examples can demonstrate how to include powerful phrasing throughout the professional summary, work experience and skills sections.
  • Avoiding the wrong format: Effective resume writing starts with choosing the format that best conveys the applicant’s most relevant qualifications. This example uses the chronological format to detail the applicant’s 13-year history in the industry, starting with the most recent job.
  • Demonstrating available templates: The design of a resume matters to employers, even if only subconsciously. The template used in this example makes effective use of white space with minimal application of color to add visual appeal. The document is clear, easy to read and concise without being too distracting with busy graphics, making it appropriate for the healthcare industry.

3 Home Health Aide Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is one of the most important parts of a home health aide resume. Treat this like an elevator pitch detailing your most essential qualifications. Craft an impactful summary by first scanning our resume examples, or use our Resume Builder for more thorough writing guidance. Here are three examples of home health aide professional summaries that are comparable to the builder’s samples:

  1. Certified home health aide with more than 15 years of experience with patients. Deliver personalized, compassionate care to a large caseload of patients. Dedicated to improving the patient’s quality of life and building positive rapport.
  2. Versatile home health aide with a passion for providing top care to patients. Skilled at CPR, first aid and a variety of medical support tasks. Focused on offering considerate and supportive services to patients and families.
  3. Empathetic and detail-oriented home health aide with an eight-year background in healthcare. Experience with patients who are elderly, disabled, cognitively impaired and critically ill. Ability to effectively communicate care to families and the patient’s medical team.

3 Home Health Aide Work Experience Examples

The work experience section shows employers more directly whether an applicant is ready for a job. Reading over our examples is an effective way to generate ideas here, and our Resume Builder provides complete assistance with building a resume’s work history, even allowing customization with personalized metrics. Here are three examples of home health aide work experience responsibilities:

  1. Managed care for a caseload of approximately 20 patients and documented visits and services each day.
  2. Assisted with personal services for patients, such as bathing, getting dressed, washing laundry and grooming.
  3. Administered oral and topical medications to patients in partnership with their medical provider.

Top Skills for Your Home Health Aide Resume

Applicants should carefully choose the skills they list on their resume. Our Resume Builder helps job seekers pinpoint the most effective skills for the home health care industry. This tool allows users to create their own skills, use the suggested options or do both. Here are examples of hard and soft skills employers want from home health aides:

Hard Skills

  • Certified home health aide 
  • Wound care 
  • Infection prevention
  • Medical care documentation

Soft Skills

  • Neat and organized
  • Friendly and warm
  • Capable of lifting 50 pounds
  • Patient and understanding

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Home Health Aide FAQs

What are the duties of a health care aide?

Home health aides provide a variety of services to patients at home or in nursing care facilities. They assist with the patient’s daily routine, including washing up, dressing, grooming and directing personal hygiene. Health aides give patients companionship and personal interaction. They may check vitals, organize prescriptions and administer topical treatments. They also coordinate with other medical personnel regarding care.

Where can home health aides work?

A majority of home health aides work directly in the patient’s home, though some may work in nursing care homes or other community buildings that provide long-term or short-term care for individuals. These professionals work with home health service provider companies that coordinate services with the client, the family and the physician.

What is the difference between a health care aide and a nursing assistant?

The main difference between health care aides and nursing assistants is regarding medical care. Health care aides perform a large number of care tasks, but they don’t provide medical care or advice about medical conditions. Nursing assistants work alongside a nursing team and typically work in hospitals or doctor’s offices. They also do many different care tasks but focus more on administering medical treatments or collecting data for the patient’s health condition.