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Working as a pharmacy manager can be a rewarding step up for a pharmacist. It is a chance to take on new responsibilities and lead a team. While filling a pharmacist position already requires much academic preparation, being a pharmacy manager is a fulfilling endpoint for all of that hard work and education. Let LiveCareer’s pharmacy manager resume examples make that journey easier. On this page, learn more about our resources and allow our professional summary, skill section and work history samples to get you started.


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What is a Pharmacy Manager ?

Pharmacy managers oversee the daily operations of pharmacies. They manage interns, technicians and other pharmacists. They also ensure the smooth and efficient running of the business. This can include coordinating inventory, recordkeeping and finances. Their responsibilities vary depending on the size and busyness of the pharmacy.

In many cases, pharmacy managers also function as pharmacists, so they must attain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. As managers they may also benefit from earning a Master of Business Administration or a public health degree.

What Makes This a Great
Pharmacy Manager Resume Example?

Becoming a pharmacy manager is an excellent opportunity for pharmacists to take on new responsibilities. Use our pharmacy manager resume examples to inspire and guide your resume writing process. Our examples can assist in multiple ways:

  • Professionally-written content: Creating a compelling resume is easier when you have expert-crafted examples to follow. With phrases like “Trained six pharmacy interns and two newly hired pharmacy technicians” in the example above, you can trust LiveCareer to point you toward having the best-sounding professional summaries, skill sections and work histories possible.
  • Resume format guidance: Your resume format should always highlight your most impressive, relevant qualifications. This job seeker opted for a chronological format to show off their many years in the field. No matter your level of experience, LiveCareer can show you the ins and outs of chronological, functional and combination formats.
  • Template examples: The right resume template can make you immediately look like a good fit for the organization and position. The example job seeker selected a simple and conventional layout with small red highlights at the top. It is a great choice for traditional fields like healthcare.

3 Pharmacy Manager Professional Summary Examples

Impress employers by highlighting your most desirable qualifications in your professional summary. LiveCareer’s pharmacy management resume examples show you how to write a more persuasive and effective summary, and our resume builder can further help you create your own. These are three examples of professional summaries the builder might recommend:

  1. Hard-working pharmacy manager with two years of experience running a retail pharmacy and more than eight years working as a pharmacist. Knowledgeable team leader with practical organizational skills. Strong customer service abilities and excellent knowledge of and communication about medications.
  2. Multitalented pharmacy manager who has worked in a hospital setting for more than 10 years. In-depth understanding of pharmacy procedures and optimal operating practices. Experience directing teams of up to eight technicians, interns and pharmacists.
  3. Reliable and professional pharmacy manager with a proven track record of organized and consistent operations. Over six years of experience as a pharmacist in a retail setting. Comprehensive knowledge of the key practices and policies of successful pharmacies.

3 Pharmacy Manager Work Experience Examples

Your unique work history sets you apart from other pharmacy manager applicants. LiveCareer’s pharmacy manager resume examples show you how to create a compelling work history. Our resume builder can also directly walk you through creating one, including how to add your own specific, measurable achievements. These are some examples of such bullet points:

  1. Hired and managed a team of nine pharmacy technicians, interns and pharmacists.
  2. Improved pharmacy inventory system, achieving a 10 percent reduction in order turnaround time.
  3. Delegated responsibilities and arranged schedule for large staff in a state hospital pharmacy.

Top Skills for Your Pharmacy Manager Resume

Employers know what skills they want to see in pharmacy manager applicants. LiveCareer leads you in identifying your most relevant and noteworthy skills with our pharmacy manager resume examples. Take from our suggested skills, create your own with our resume builder or use a combination. Sought-after pharmacy manager skills like these can improve your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Pyxis MedStation
  • Knowledge of over-the-counter and prescription medication regulations
  • TTP LabTech comPOUND

Soft Skills

  • Responsibility delegation
  • Motivational leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization

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Pharmacy Manager FAQs

What is the role of a pharmacy manager?

A pharmacy manager oversees the daily operations of a pharmacy. This typically includes managing personnel, coordinating inventory, setting and enforcing procedures and otherwise ensuring smooth and efficient operations. The role can also involve coordinating with other healthcare professionals and insurance representatives. In many cases, the pharmacy manager also acts as a pharmacist. This is especially common in smaller retail pharmacies.

What is the salary of a pharmacy manager?

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report salaries specifically for pharmacy managers, it does track the median wage for pharmacists in general. In May 2019, this was $128,090 per year. The highest 10 percent earned an annual wage of more than $162,900. The lowest-earning group received under $88,400. Even the lowest-compensated pharmacists earned significantly more than the median for all occupations ($39,810 in May 2019).

How many years of college do you need to be a pharmacy manager?

In most cases, pharmacy managers need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree so they can act as pharmacists as well. This usually requires four years to complete following an undergraduate degree (a total of eight years). Some accelerated programs only take three years. Furthermore, some schools offer a combined undergraduate/doctoral program that require as little as six years for both degrees.