Dental Hygienist Resume Examples

Part of the challenge of writing a resume involves knowing what to include that will draw attention from employers. Applicants need to mention specific skills that hiring managers look for, and our dental hygienist resume examples demonstrate exactly what a good document should look like and incorporate.

The number of hygienist jobs in 2018 was 219,800, and a good resume can help you join this workforce. The following information, along with LiveCareer’s Resume Builder, provides step-by-step guidance so you can quickly compose a resume just like the examples. You are also able to customize your document so it fits each available position.


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What is a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygienists perform a variety of duties that relate to a patient’s oral health. They clean the teeth by removing plaque, stains and tarter; they take X-rays of the mouth; and they assess the general health of the teeth and gums, and report it to dentists for further examination.

During the course of a visit, a dental hygienist typically uses power tools, hand tools and lasers. The majority of jobs require a minimum of an associate degree although some employers require a bachelor’s degree.

What Makes This a Great
Dental Hygienist Resume Example?

When trying to land the ideal dental hygienist job, many applicants struggle with what a professional resume should look like. Our resume examples demonstrate what to include in an effective document. Here are some ways studying our dental hygienist resume examples can help you compose a strong resume:

  • Strong resume content: Our examples show you firsthand how to use strong language and keywords in your professional summary, skills section and work history. In the resume example above, phrases like “periodontal evaluation” and “EMR charting” convey that the applicant is familiar with common dental terms and has the right experience. If you need more assistance, our Resume Builder will recommend pre-written text suggestions for your resume for you to use verbatim or customize to your needs.
  • Appropriate format choices: The applicant’s experience level should always determine the resume format they choose. The example above uses a chronological format, which emphasizes the applicant’s stellar work history. If you are an entry-level applicant, you might consider a functional format or a combination resume format.
  • Design ideas: When choosing the design, or template, of your resume, keep the employer in mind. In a very conservative dental practice, you’ll want to choose a more subdued resume template, like the above example. In contrast, a more colorful resume template may be suitable for a pediatric office.


3 Dental Hygienist Professional Summary Examples

An effective resume should start out with a strong professional summary because it is the first thing a recruiter sees. The summary showcases the most important and relevant information for each job opening. Use our examples as inspiration or take advantage of our Resume Builder’s text suggestions. Here are three professional summaries you could create using our builder:

  1. Dental hygienist with more than 10 years of experience in fast-paced offices. Great patient educator about effective at-home oral hygiene habits. Organized, efficient and detail oriented. Qualified to work with patients of all ages, including children.
  2. Friendly dental hygienist with strong interpersonal skills. More than 15 years of experience working with pediatric patients. Proficient at communication with ability to inform dentist of potential issues while easing the patient’s anxiety and stress. Solid background working in high-volume environment.
  3. Patient-focused dental hygienist with five years of experience. Skilled at teeth whitening and sealant placement. Empathetic professional who is able to alleviate patients’ fears and concerns. Bilingual, enthusiastic and passionate about dental hygiene education.

3 Dental Hygienist Work Experience Examples

Be as specific as possible when composing the dental hygienist work experience section. You may use the resume examples as inspiration or utilize the pre-written content from our Resume Builder to fill out this section. You can use the content as-is or change it, such as adding metrics, to personalize it for your resume. The following are some examples of strong work history content:

  1. Treated an average of 10 patients a day; evaluated dental records and recorded new medical histories; maintained digital X-rays and executed cleaning treatments.
  2. Conducted periodontal probing to determine gum health; performed 20 annual oral cancer screenings a week.
  3. Proactively scheduled patients for their next six-month visit; educated denture wearers on effective at-home care.

Top Skills for Your Dental Hygienist Resume

With the help of our resume examples and builder, you do not have to worry about choosing the right qualifications. Here are some industry-specific skills you might consider adding to your dental hygienist resume.

Hard Skills

  • Scaling and root planing
  • CPR
  • Voice-activated perio charting software
  • X-ray positioning

Soft Skills

  • Strong collaborator
  • Compassionate with ability to calm scared patients
  • Excellent communicator
  • Good problem-solver with ability to develop personalized care plans

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Dental Hygienist FAQs

How do you get your dental hygienist license?

The first step is to finish the required education, which is an associate degree for most positions, at an accredited college. After completion, the graduate must seek licensing, which occurs through the state. Each state has its own requirements, and license maintenance requires a certain number of continuing education hours every year.

How long is school for a dental hygienist?

If the student pursues an associate degree, programs usually take two to three years to complete. It takes four or more years to obtain a bachelor’s degree. In school, students learn about oral-related subjects, such as anatomy, periodontics, medical ethics and electronic health records. Students also partake in labs to improve hands-on skills. The final step includes clinical internships, in which the students practice on actual patients.

What qualities should a dental hygienist have?

Dental hygienists should exhibit a variety of important skills. Their personal qualities should include critical thinking, dexterity, customer service, compassion and attention to detail. In addition, they must master clinical abilities such as removing plaque, examining gums, applying fluoride treatments, performing screenings and taking X-rays. Since a dental hygienist may also assist the dentist with certain procedures, being able to communicate clearly and work as a team is important.