Auditor Resume Examples

Ready to apply for your next job but don’t know where to start? These auditor resume examples will help you write a top-notch resume so you can confidently tackle the job search.


Auditor resume
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Write an attention-grabbing
resume summary

Your resume summary will be the first bit of content recruiters read. Therefore, you’ve got to pack in impressive achievements in a concise way.

Your auditor resume summary should include accomplishments relevant to the role. For example:

  • Your years of experience
  • Two or three skills needed for the auditor position
  • Auditor certifications or CPA license
  • At least one career achievement that shows your expertise

Compare these two resume summary examples and look at the difference it makes when you follow our recommended strategy.

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Strong resume summary example:

“Auditor with five years of experience and CPA license offering vital research and data analysis skills. Well-versed in performing risk assessment procedures and internal audits related to consumer banking. Focused on improving business processes and compliance.”

Why this works:

  • Establishes the exact years of experience.
  • Includes the CPA license right at the beginning (strong selling point).
  • Mentions job-relevant skills like research, data analysis and business compliance.
  • Shares expertise in risk assessment and internal audits.
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Weak resume summary example:

“I’m a licensed auditor with a long career in accounting in the public and private sectors. After graduating from the University of San Francisco, I moved to New York, where I interned as a junior accountant on Wall Street. I’ve handled big audits throughout my career that have awarded me a reputation as an ethical and perfectionist accountant and auditor.”

Why this doesn’t work:

  • Wastes too much space narrating their career story without mentioning specific accomplishments.
  • Doesn’t specify their degree or any certifications and licenses.
  • Omits their years of experience despite saying their “long” career.

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Tailor your work experience
to fit the desired job

A sure way to get a call back from employers after submitting your resume is to make sure you showcase relevant work experience.Instead of listing your duties and responsibilities, focus on achievements demonstrating your unique skill set.

For instance, compare these two auditor work experience examples’ impact on a potential employer:

Auditor work history examples

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Strong work history example
(experienced auditor)

Auditor | 07/2017-03/2022

Miami-Dade Health System – Miami-Dade County, FL

  • Identified high-value audit findings that enhanced operations efficiency by 37% while maintaining the integrity of financial data.
  • Aided the audit manager in developing and administering department policies, procedures and audit methodologies.
  • Collaborated with external auditors to corroborate discrepancies and support external auditing functions.

Why this works:

  • Features specific accomplishments like assisting in policy development.
  • Quantifies their achievements’ impact with percentages.
  • Mentions auditing skills like audit methodologies and collaboration.
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Strong work history example
(auditor with no experience)

Audit intern | 11/2021 – 02/2022

PwC – Atlanta, GA

  • Designed and performed audit procedures of 15 client financials under supervision.
  • Utilized Microsoft Access and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to extract and analyze client data.
  • Used analytical skills to review internal control processes and flag any discrepancies.

Why this works:

  • Shows the number of clients the applicant audited during the internship.
  • Lists relevant technical skills like “Microsoft Access” and “AI tools.”
  • Flips the script of “no experience” by showing what skills and knowledge the intern acquired during the internship.
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Weak work history example

Auditor | 01/2022-Current

Deloitte – Miami, FL

  • Analyze spreadsheet data to ensure tax compliance.
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • Implement workflow optimization practices for audits.

Why this doesn’t work:

  • Lists generic duties any auditor is supposed to perform.
  • Lacks any professional achievement.
  • Omits any hard data that legitimizes the applicant’s successes.

More writing tips

  • Maximize your work experience’s impact and bypass the applicant tracking system (ATS) by including keywords from the job ad.
  • Always list your work experience in reverse-chronological order, meaning you put your most recent job first and work backward.
  • Every work experience entry must include the following:
    • Your job title
    • Company name
    • Dates of employment
    • At least three bullet points describing your achievements

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List in-demand auditor skills

Your skills section should comprise six to eight skills that best showcase why you’re the right candidate for that particular auditor role.

Browse the job ad for the required skills and add the ones that match your abilities. If you need more skills to fill this section, pick from this curated list of highly-requested auditor skills.

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Financial and regulatory consulting
  • Tax software
  • Document record-keeping
  • Project management
  • Financial statements
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Risk management
  • Business knowledge
  • Strong work ethic
  • Customer service skills
  • Data mining
  • Data analysis
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • GAAP accounting practices
  • Financial projections

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Build My Resume

Customize your resume
with additional sections

As long as you have all five mandatory resume sections, you can customize your resume with different sections for certifications, licenses, professional affiliations, languages, hobbies and more.

As an auditor, you’re likely to possess a couple of certifications, so this custom section is ideal.

Check out these auditor certifications examples and how you should add them to your resume:

  • CIA – Certified Internal Auditor
  • ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • CGAP – Certified Government Auditing Professional
  • CPA – Certified Public Accountant
  • CBA – Certified Bank Auditor
  • CGMA – Chartered Global Management Accountant

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Correctly format your contact
information and education

As a final step, check out these tips to format your contact information and education sections:

Contact information tips:

  • Write your name and cell phone number.
  • Include the city and state you live in.
  • Share your email address.
  • Don’t add your full street address (for safety reasons).

Education section tips:

  • List your degree, college/university and its location.
  • Adding the graduation date is optional since some employers can turn biased toward an applicant’s age.
  • If you don’t have much work experience, include relevant coursework or special projects in your education section.

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Impress employers with an auditor cover letter

You can increase your chances of getting called back for an interview if you write and submit a compelling cover letter with your resume.

A cover letter helps you by:

  • Providing more context to the achievements showcased in your resume.
  • Giving you more space to showcase other professional accomplishments.
  • Letting you form a personal connection with your employer by talking about your career goals and why you’re passionate about getting this job.

Writing a full page of content can be a lot of work. Still, we created our top-of-the-line Cover Letter Builder to generate a cover letter that uses the right keywords and skills that still sounds like you.

Our builder offers all this and more:

  • Pre-written content by resume experts that uses your writing style and voice.
  • Dozens of paragraph suggestions for the intro, body and conclusion of your letter.
  • Professionally designed templates and bundles for a matching resume and cover letter.
  • Option to include a paragraph that explains employment gaps.


What resume format should I use?

Depending on various factors like years of experience, amount of skills and your career progression, you will choose one of the three resume format you should use.

Chronological resumes are ideal for:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • Long and consistent careers in the same industry
  • Senior or executive positions

Functional resumes are ideal for:

  • 0 to 3 years of experience
  • Students or recent graduates
  • Applicants with an extensive and diverse skill set to prioritize

Combination resumes are ideal for:

  • 3-10 years of experience
  • Career changers or those applying for a promotion
  • Applicants that want to focus on skills and experiences equally

Can I copy-paste these resume examples?

Yes, within reason. To avoid employers thinking you’re guilty of plagiarism; we recommend you tweak these examples with one or two unique skills from the job description and your quantifiable data to personalize them.

What is the best resume template?

The best resume template is organized and visually appealing without taking attention away from your content. You can find over a dozen template styles designed by professionals that easily let you customize them with your favorite fonts and color combinations and organize all your content onto one single page in our resume templates library or our Resume Builder.

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