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Because of the consistent demand for their services, barbers are busier than ever. For that reason, right now could be a good time to ramp up your search for your next barbering position. LiveCareer’s barber resume examples help you understand how to format and word your resume to catch the attention of employers. Study our examples to learn how to write, design and format a personalized resume for each job application you submit.


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What is a Barber ?

Barbers typically work in a barbershop, salon, hotel or spa, and they provide hair and skin care services to enhance a client’s appearance. Specific duties include analyzing skin and hair to recommend proper treatments, discussing hairstyle options with clients and cutting, washing, dying and styling hair. Some barbers also perform facials and shaving services. Barbers usually cut the hair of male clients, but some offer services to female clients too. Some established barbers own their own businesses and have additional duties including hiring and supervising employees and managing inventory and payment records.

What Makes This a Great
Barber Resume Example?

If you are searching for a new barber position, our barber resume examples are a great resource as you learn to write your own resume. Here’s how our barber resume examples can help:

  • Examples of professionally-written content: Our barber resume examples show you how to use the proper wording as you create the critical sections of your resume. For example, the above resume uses well-written phrases, such as, “delivered superior training and leadership to teams to boost performance” to illustrate the applicant’s professional impact. Study our resumes to see how it’s done, or use our builder for pre-written content suggestions, written by our team of certified resume writers, for each section of your resume.
  • Resume format options: The job seeker in the above resume example chose a combination format to highlight his career progression and strong skill set, including time management and product knowledge. If you are an entry-level or highly-experienced barber, you might consider a functional or chronological resume format, respectively.
  • Job-appropriate templates: The resume example above is effective, in part, because it uses a resume template that is easy to read and visually appealing, thanks to a pop of color. Creative templates such as this will work well for most barbers, but a traditional template may be best if you’re applying for a job in a high-end hotel or spa.

3 Barber Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is one of the most important sections of a resume because it tells employers why you are the best individual for the position. Use our barber resume examples as inspiration when writing your own professional summary to catch the attention of hiring managers. Here are three powerful barber professional summaries for you to consider:

  1. Certified, meticulous barber with experience performing high-quality cuts and hairstyles on male clients. Proven track record of customer satisfaction and effectively resolving customer complaints. Background managing daily business operations, selling hair products and supervising teams of 10-20 stylists.
  2. Customer service-oriented barber with 5+ years of experience working in high-end hotels and salons. Extensive knowledge of modern hairstyles and trends, hair color chemicals and proper sanitation. Proficient in QuickBooks and SalesForce.
  3. Creative, knowledgeable barber with 15+ years’ experience using various types of barbering techniques and equipment. Proven track record of building solid relationships with clients. Excellent finger dexterity and able to stand for long periods of time.

3 Barber Work Experience Examples

The work experience section of a resume is the place for detailing your previous employment information. It should include your responsibilities, accomplishments and skills learned. Use our barber resume examples as a resource when writing your own work experience section or use our builder, which offers pre-written content to help you fill out this critical resume section. Here are three strong entries to consider as you craft your work experience section:

  1. Examined the hair texture, length and condition of approximately 50 clients every week to determine appropriate treatment options.
  2. Performed high-quality haircuts, colors and trims to over 40 clients each week.
  3. Increased salon product sales by 10% in one year by consistently upselling hair care products to clients.

Top Skills for Your Barber Resume

Many top salons and barbershops use applicant tracking software (ATS) to identify job seekers that have applicable skills and experience. Our barber resume examples use the hard and soft skills hiring managers look for in top candidates. Use them as a resource to write a solid skills section on your resume.

Here are some hard and soft skills to consider for your barber resume:

Hard Skills

  • Trimming and shaping
  • Client retention 
  • Male skin care knowledge 
  • Equipment sanitation

Soft Skills

  • Active listening 
  • Service orientation
  • Collaboration
  • Oral communication

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Barber FAQs

What are some benefits of being a barber?

One of the main benefits of being a barber is consistent demand. No matter where you work in the United State, there are people who need hair-cutting services. This demand will never go away because most men get haircuts regularly, sometimes every week. Another benefit is a pleasant work environment. While barbershops may be busy, barbers work with clients individually and as a team to spread out the workload.

What are the job duties of a barber?

Barbers offer hair and skin care treatments and advice to primarily male clients. They also sell hair products, sanitize equipment and perform administrative duties. Barbers who own their own barbershops have more managerial duties including supervising employees, marketing, handling customer complaints, processing payments and maintaining client records. The main role of a barber is effectively interacting with clients, so good interpersonal skills are key.

Do barbers make a good living?

The salary of a barber depends on many factors including years of experience, location and education level. Barbers typically make more money if they open their own barbershop. Barbers in cosmopolitan areas may also make more money, as they can charge more for services and clients may be prone to tip more. Barbers can often increase the amount of money they make by expanding their client list or the services they offer.