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Get Expert Writing Recommendations for Your Cosmetology Resume

If you are looking to launch or advance your cosmetology career, LiveCareer’s Resume Builder will guide you step-by-step through the process. Our team of certified resume writers have crafted pre-written text suggestions specific to the beauty industry to make the process of creating your cosmetology resume fast and easy.

Here are a few examples our resume builder might recommend for your cosmetology resume:

  • Developed essential hair styling and color optimization skills
  • Styled hair for five large events a year including annual fashion shows and hair expos
  • Maintained clients’ treatment records and designed long-term care programs for returning customers
  • Consulted with two to three new clients per day, asking appropriate questions to understand needs and expectations for hair color, style and care
  • Adhered to spa policies pertaining to chemical usage, cleaning, sanitizing and equipment/tools maintenance
  • Worked with suppliers to identify cost-saving opportunities, resulting in 15 percent reduction in expenses

6 Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Cosmetology Resume

  • Do list your relationship management experience. Cosmetology is a business that relies on establishing relationships with clients. A solid rapport results in repeat customers and success for both the cosmetology professional and the salon owner. Describing your ability to grow a customer base is sure to impress a potential employer.

  • Do include all your cosmetology-related skills. As well as having substantial experience in hair design, you could also be an acrylic nail application master, a professional wig cleaner or an accomplished waxer. List all the areas of cosmetology in which you excel to make an impression.

  • Do promote your salesmanship. While consulting with clients and styling hair may be the main job of a stylist, sales is another important skill to play up in your resume. Being able to educate clients on the benefits of adding products and services is a huge boost for a business. Using data and metrics to articulate your success in this area will help a potential employer see your value as a salesperson.

  • Don’t ignore the details. Simply listing yourself as a hairstylist isn’t enough to convince a hiring manager to give you the job. If you schedule appointments, consult with clients, or wash, cut, color and style hair, list all those achievements in detail. The better you describe what you do, the more you increase your chance of getting the job.

  • Don’t undersell unique skills. If you have a knack for a particular cosmetology skill, such as correcting bad color or cuts, emphasize that capability. Or, if you are bilingual, add that skill. The extra skills that you bring to the table will catch the eye of hiring managers.

  • Don’t forget to include your education. This means more than just listing your degree. If you have special training in the latest treatments or techniques in your field, include that on your resume. Demonstrating a desire to stay informed can help you in your job search by indicating to hiring managers that you are a professional who will continue to grow in the position.

Beat the ATS with These Cosmetology Resume Skills

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that scans resumes for a list of desired keywords set by the employer. To save time and money, an increasing number of hiring managers in the cosmetology industry send all resumes submitted online through one of these ATS systems to eliminate unqualified candidates. If your resume doesn’t contain the selected keywords, it won’t even make it to the hiring manager.

LiveCareer’s Resume Builder identifies the critical cosmetology skills employers seek, which increases your chances of getting your resume in front of a recruiter. Choose from the skills identified by our expert resume writers, and add your own to personalize your resume. Here are some examples of skills our builder might recommend for your cosmetology resume:

  • Cosmetology
  • Hairstyling
  • Client retention
  • Salon product sales
  • Nail services
  • Colorization
  • Salon safety and sanitization
  • Hair expos
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Laser hair removal

Cosmetology Resumes for Every Professional Level


Apprentice Hairdresser

This entry-level job seeker has some experience working in salons as a sales receptionist and an apprentice hairdresser. Because of his minimal cosmetology background, he uses a functional resume format to highlight relevant skills like styling, communication and organization.

His summary statement focuses on the apprenticeship he’s about to complete at a high-end salon and other related work skills. This resume also points out his competency handling salon front office duties, like greeting clients and scheduling appointments, and his ability to do basic hair cutting, styling and coloring. Build my Resume


Medical Aesthetician

This job seeker is applying for a mid-career cosmetology position and has six years of experience as a medical aesthetician. She uses a combination resume format to bring attention to both her professional expertise and her skill set.

This resume shows that the job seeker has continued to move up with each position during her career, beginning by assisting the spa manager with operations and continuing to her current role performing procedures. She highlights the skin care services she provides and managerial skills necessary to advance in the cosmetology field. Build my Resume


Spa Owner

This executive-level resume uses a chronological resume format to concentrate on the job seeker’s 13 years of experience in the spa industry. It emphasizes her background with exceptional customer service and spa operations, as well as her ability to manage people and cut costs while still providing outstanding services. The chronological resume format she has chosen is perfect for detailing her education, skills and work history, including a professional summary.

The resume features the job seeker’s ability to grow a repeat client base, and her marketing and budget management skills. This demonstrates her accomplishments and what she can offer her next position. Build my Resume

Cosmetology Cover Letter

If you find this sample helpful, we have many more cosmetology cover letter examples.

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Resume Success Stories

Statistics and Facts About Cosmetology Jobs

Industries with the Highest Paying Cosmetology Jobs

Funeral home, Cemeteries & Crematories $39713
Barber Shops $28507
Health & Personal Care (except drug) Stores $27312
Amusement & Recreation $25165
Source: DataUSA

States with the Highest Cosmetology Employment Level

California 33568
Texas 28020
Florida 26800
Pennsylvania 24460
New York 23650
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Gender Cosmetology Workforce Composition

Female 91.4%

Male 8.57%

Source: DataUSA

Race and Ethnicity Data for Cosmetology Job Seekers

White 74.2%
Black 11.8%
Asian 6.31%
Other 4.7%
Two or More Races 2.49%
Native American 0%
Source: DataUSA

Popular Cosmetology Job Titles

  • Barber Stylist
  • Beautician
  • Master Cosmetologist
  • Hairdresser
  • Hair Stylist
  • Manager Stylist

Source: O*Net

Cosmetology Education Level Required

Post-Secondary Certificate 79%
High School Diploma or equivalent 21%
Source: O*Net

Average Age for Cosmetologist

Average Female Age 39.3% years old
Average Male Age 41.8% years old
Source: DataUSA

Projected Job Growth for Cosmetology Jobs (2018–2028)

Employment, 2018 766100%
Projected Employment, 2028 830000%
Overall Growth 8% average
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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