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Staffing coordinators are hiring experts who make sure employers have the employees they need. These HR professionals view their recruitment-related responsibilities through the lens of their employer’s hiring needs, industry regulations and more. They ensure new hires are brought into departments that need them, and that they’re qualified to be brought on board.

Our staffing coordinator resume example, written by certified resume writers, was crafted to help job seekers write a strong resume for this industry-spanning role. While the exact title for this position may vary from employer to employer, in 2019, the number of overall human resource specialists in the United States was a whopping 666,500.


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What Is a Staffing Coordinator?

Staffing coordinators measure hiring needs, recruit employees, monitor worker performance, and continue to document staffing issues accordingly. Their solutions must comply with both company policy and employment. In addition to ensuring adequate staffing levels are met, they also facilitate relationships between external parties and employees, and assist colleagues in human resources to explain work requirements and schedule training sessions for new hires.

According to a 2018 report from DATA USA, the average salary for this type of human resources worker is $69,077.

What Makes This a Great
Staffing Coordinator Resume Example?

Each of our resume examples are crafted by a team of resume experts who know what recruiters look for in candidates. Our staffing coordinator resume example in particular will show you how to create a resume that will instantly grab the attention of a hiring manager.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages our examples can offer you.

  • Professionally written content: Our certified resume writers build each of our resume examples around industry-specific keywords, such as “onboarding” and “candidate screening” in the example here. Follow these as models for writing your own resume or take advantage of our Resume Builder’s pre-written content suggestions, which are fully customizable.
  • Helps select the right format: Selecting the resume format that fits your experience level is essential to writing a strong resume. The example above uses a combination format, which is a more skills-focused option best suited for applicants with a moderate amount of experience. More experienced candidates might opt for a chronological format, and entry-level candidates might be best served by a functional format.
  • 3. How to select a template: Submitting a resume with a design that meshes well with an employer’s brand or culture is another way to show you’re the right one for the role. Our Resume Builder offers a broad selection of resume templates, with fitting options for staffing coordinator positions at any company.

3 Staffing Coordinator Professional Summaries Examples

Your professional summary is typically the first part of your resume a recruiter will read. Here’s your chance to feature your most notable and relevant career highlights to encourage your reader to continue reading the rest of the page.

Here are three solid examples of professional summaries that might catch a recruiter’s attention:

  1. Dedicated staffing coordinator with five years of experience efficiently supervising employees and coordinating with external vendors. Experienced sourcing recruits via social networks. Multitasker that can efficiently and simultaneously fulfill multiple department’s hiring needs. Highly enthusiastic team player with conflict-resolution expertise.
  2. Self-motivated and creative staffing coordinator with a decade of experience. Possess strong leadership and management skills. Proven success in managing two major marketing companies’ hiring needs through overhauling recruitment strategies, increasing job fair and trade show presence.
  3. Staffing coordinator skilled with MS Office, ADP, data entry and online research. Adept at organizing training programs and becoming familiar with team-specific staffing needs while adhering to company policy. Played important role in developing effective communication flow between various departments’ hiring managers; reduced average new-hire onboarding process by three days.

3 Staffing Coordinator Work Experience Section Examples

Your work experience section should describe your previous job duties in terms of measurable achievements relevant to the role to which you’re applying. Learn how to frame your own work experience this way by reading our resume examples or borrowing pre-written content directly from our Resume Builder.

Here are three work experience examples you can also use as inspiration for your resume:

  1. Tracked and measured productivity of 125 employees, better outlining staffing needs and reducing recruitment budget by 12%.
  2. Prepared monthly employee schedules, scheduled payroll and communicated information related to office programs, benefits and more to all incoming staff.
  3. Bolstered company’s recruitment strategy through expanded social media presence, doubling both brand awareness and candidate application rate within six months.


Top Skills for Your Staffing Coordinator Resume

Recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to track specific resume terms and automatically eliminate unqualified candidates. Our Resume Builder’s pre-written content can help optimize your resume to include more of the hard and soft skills a recruiter or ATS will look for.

Below are some examples of skills you might list on a staffing coordinator resume.

Hard Skills

  • Generating staffing reports
  • ADP
  • Budget management
  • MS Office


Soft Skills

  • Calm under pressure
  • Organizational skills
  • Multitasking
  • Team management

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Staffing Coordinator FAQs

How can I make my staffing coordinator resume stand out from the competition?

In a staffing coordinator resume, hiring managers look for organization and planning skills. A staffing coordinator usually works in an HR department and executes upon company hiring policy. You might mention your understanding of KPIs, customer-service skills, interviewing skills, or hands-on experience with applicant tracking software.

What are the personality traits of a staffing coordinator?

To best make sure staffing coordinators help their employers meet hiring goals, they should be well-organized, able to multitask, and have excellent negotiation skills. They should also be empathetic, discrete and have the ability to smoothly resolve conflicts with employees, management or external vendors.

Should I mention certifications on my resume?

Any degrees or industry-relevant certifications can go a long way in differentiating you as being more qualified than other applicants. Academic degrees should be listed in your education section, and any other licenses or certifications can be listed in their own section nearby.