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What is a resume profile?

A resume profile sits near the top of your resume and introduces yourself to the employer by listing your most relevant skills and qualifications. It should consist of one to five sentences that concisely describe the best skills, qualifications and experiences that make you suitable for a particular job.

What is the difference between a resume profile, a resume summary and a resume objective?

“Resume profile” is an umbrella term for what the resume industry refers to as a resume summary and objective.

To make it simpler for job seekers, we classify resume profiles by two approaches: resume summary and resume objective.

Most job seekers tend to write a resume summary since it’s the approach recruiters expect and offers a straightforward overview of the candidate’s experience.

Resume profile summary example

“Dedicated English teacher with 10 years of experience in specialized public schools and private institutions. Proven record of maintaining the highest education standards in school district and guiding students to achieve the highest scores in standardized testing and college admission exams. Organized, adaptable and committed to challenging students in appropriate educational environments to thrive.”

Although less common, the resume objective is another resume profile approach that focuses on the applicant’s career goals and how they can employ their skills.

Resume profile objective example

“Licensed elementary teacher specializing in Special Education and training in Speech and Language Pathology. Eager to join a school where I can implement creative pedagogical strategies that accommodate students’ diversities and enhance the education experience. Skilled in classroom management and pre-school education.”

Resume profile summary examples for various jobs

If you’re looking for resume profile examples, you’ll expect examples with a resume summary strategy like those below. You can also find more resume profile summary examples by clicking each job title or heading to our resume examples library.

Accountant resume profile

“Goal-oriented accountant with a record of accurate reporting and budget management. Bringing seven years of experience managing finances for various fine dining establishments, including payroll, budgets, expenditures, tax preparation and payments.”

Administrative assistant resume profile

“Diligent and organized administrative assistant with superior administrative skills and background in tech startups. Consistently meets and exceeds business targets while fulfilling customer demands. Independently manages clerical duties like routing correspondence and coordinating travel arrangements for six senior executives to keep business operations running smoothly.”

Barista resume profile

“Personable barista with advanced knowledge of coffee grinding, roasting and brewing practices and espresso machine maintenance. Fast worker that can handle preparing over 80 beverages per hour. Adheres to recipes to ensure consistency and creates original drinks.”

Cashier resume profile

“Cashier with extensive knowledge of cash register operations and handling complex transactions and client-related issues. Experienced at handling monetary operations of luxury goods stores exceeding the $300,000 weekly cash flow. Excellent collaborator and leader with training skills and experience.”

Construction manager resume profile

“Strategic construction manager with 12 years of experience of demonstrated success in large-scope projects. Expert in Procore construction software, quality assurance and industry best practices. Possess excellent leadership skills and project management knowledge to drive project progress and ensure client satisfaction.”

Cook resume profile

“Passionate cook with eight years of experience creating innovative menus for various restaurants in five-star hotels. Well-versed in cutting-edge culinary techniques such as emulsifying, foaming, gelling and sous vide. Possess experience leading large kitchens with over 80 waitstaff and kitchen crew.”

Customer service representative resume profile

“Client-focused customer service representative with proven skills in establishing rapport and promoting client trust. Contributed to launching a chat support program by training six new hires and sharing input for automated bot responses. Attentive, adaptable and super collaborator.”

Executive assistant resume profile

“Media-savvy executive assistant with a marketing and public relations background. 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry servicing various A-list clients. Responsible for overseeing and delegating PR strategies and product launches on social media for a social media market of over 25 million followers. Possess project management, digital marketing and business development skills and expertise.”

Graphic designer resume profile

“Graphic designer with four years of experience conceptualizing and executing branding creation for over 10 new business ventures and company rebranding projects. Skilled at creating logos, landing pages, packaging and labels. Also, possess experience in 3D printing and augmented reality (AR) design.”

Medical assistant resume profile

“Passionate and committed medical assistant with a record of excellent medical performance and team collaboration. Possess strong multitasking skills that enable me to prioritize workloads with minimal supervision. Goal-oriented healthcare professional that has proven history of assisting medical clinics with 80+ daily clients.”

Pharmacy technician resume profile

“Organized pharmacy technician with excellent knowledge of controlled substances and over-the-counter (OTC) medical treatments from working over eight years in national pharmacy chains. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment while maintaining efficiency and ethical patient treatment. Skilled at prescription data entry, third-party billing, inventory control and preparing and filling prescriptions.”

Technical project manager resume profile

“Technical project manager with superior implementation and project management skills. Attentive to detail, meticulous and skilled at supervising weekly milestones across multiple teams. Expert in Jira and Confluence Cloud Agile project management systems.”

Registered nurse resume profile

“Adaptable registered nurse (RN) with nine years experience in Level III Trauma Centers. Proven history of delivering top-of-the-line individualized patient care. Capable of maintaining composure in high-risk situations. Works well in fast-paced environment while ensuring communication across team members and ensuring safety protocols.”

Research assistant resume profile

“Dedicated Research Assistant currently pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology and formal education and advanced research experience in Biochemistry and Population Health. Skilled at conducting interviews, literature reviews and data analysis. Adept at implementing systems to organize and analyze data.”

Sales associate resume profile

“Dynamic sales representative bringing proven success in identifying prospects and converting leads into customers. Possess superb organizational and interpersonal skills and understands and anticipates client needs. Recognized for leadership and resourcefulness in meeting and exceeding sales and credit card sign-up goals.”

Sales manager resume profile

“Experienced sales manager with proven record of meeting sales goals in fast-paced, highly competitive environments. Adept at building enduring relationships with clients, vendors and company partners. Extensive knowledge of marketing and strategic planning to reach audiences that bring in over $170,000 in revenue.”

Software developer resume profile

“Meticulous software developer with ten five years of experience in development and testing. Focused on objective-oriented approaches to software development. Proven skills in HTML, JavaScript, R and Python. Excellent collaborator with top strengths in adaptability and accuracy. Brings programming expertise and superior interpersonal skills to leadership roles.”

Software engineer resume profile

“Goal-oriented senior software engineer with 11 years of experience. Effectively communicates complex technical objectives to non-technical stakeholders. Strong leader of various development teams in large-scale development projects. Fluent in multiple programming languages, including Python, Java and C++.”

Assistant principal resume profile

“Committed assistant principal with 10 years experience of teaching and administrative experience. Proven expertise in nurturing a positive school culture that promotes academic excellence and student collaboration. Skilled at interpersonal communication with students, teachers and parents. Effectively implements educational programs that meet students’ diverse learning needs.”

Bartender resume profile

“Charismatic bartender with over eight years of experience in the hospitality industry. Expert at creating various cocktails and other mixed drinks with a specialty for utilizing seasonal and local ingredients. Provides exceptional customer service in a fast-paced and demanding environment. Skilled at inventory management, keeping bar organized and clean, and creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for patrons.”

Warehouse worker resume profile

“Resourceful warehouse worker with five years of experience efficiently executing private warehouse operations. Skilled at receiving and distributing large quantities of merchandise, 8-wheel truck driving across state lines and handling box packages, crates and pallets.”

If you’re a job seeker with no experience, you will do well with resume profiles with no experience, also called resume objectives. You can find writing tips and over 15 examples in our resume objectives guide.

How to write a resume profile

The key to writing a compelling resume profile is choosing the most relevant skills and qualifications to include.

Usually, applicants will begin writing their resume profile by describing themselves with skills off the top of their heads. However, a more successful approach is to tailor it according to your desired role’s job description.

Follow these tips to ensure your resume profile is poised for success for each job application:

  • Write a different resume profile for each job.

    The golden rule of resume writing is to always tailor your resume for each job application. This rule is fundamental when writing your resume profile. Instead of writing a generic profile that’s “one size fits all,” maximize your chances of getting noticed by recruiters by showcasing accomplishments demonstrating you possess what an employer wants for that specific role.

  • Include keywords from the job description on your resume profile.

    The best way to convince employers you’re the right person for the job is to go to the job posting and pinpoint the skills, qualifications, years of experience and education the job requires. These resume keywords should appear on your profile whenever they accurately reflect your professional qualities. Recruiters will be on the lookout for these!

  • Include data-driven quantifiable achievements.

    One of the best things you can do to enhance your resume profile is to include at least one quantifiable accomplishment. For instance, instead of saying “successfully achieved sales,” share how you “exceeded sales goals by $15,000.” This validates your claims and allows employers to gauge how much you can do for the company within your role.

  • Follow a simple resume profile formula if writing is not your strong suit.

    You don’t have to face writer’s block when writing a new resume profile for each job. You can use this resume profile formula to ensure you include the essential information.

Formula for an effective resume profile

[Adjective that demonstrates a soft skill] + [job title] + [number] of years of experience in [area of expertise/industry]. Adept at [hard and technical skills]. Proven record of [a quantifiable achievement relevant to the role].

You can add any other valuable and relevant information to your resume profile.

Find ready-made resume profiles in our resume examples

Our resume examples come with pre-written resume profiles for hundreds of job titles. You can pick the resume example with your desired job and edit it with your information using our best-in-class Resume Builder.

Frequently asked questions

How to write a resume profile with no experience?

If you’re writing a resume with no experience, you should be focusing on a resume profile that shares your career objectives. Compensate for lack of work experience by including more of your skills, education and other qualifications like training and certifications on your resume objective.

How to write a profile for a resume?

The key takeaways for writing a resume profile are as follows:

  • Keep the resume profile brief, concise and between one to five sentences.
  • Highlight the skills, experiences and qualifications that best describe you.
  • Ensure you tailor your resume profile to each job application by including keywords from the job description.
  • Include at least one achievement you can describe with numbers, i.e., dollar amounts and percentages.
  • Use action verbs and concise language to prioritize the important information and eliminate filler words.

How to add a resume to your LinkedIn profile?

To add your resume to your LinkedIn profile, follow these steps:

How to show your resume to LinkedIn recruiters

  • Click the “Me” button on your LinkedIn navigation bar.
  • Select “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down menu.
  • On the left sidebar, click “Data privacy.” Then, scroll down to click on “Job application settings.”
  • Once there, you can upload your resume so recruiters searching on LinkedIn can see it.

How to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile

If you want your resume to show up immediately on your LinkedIn profile, you can use the “About” text box to showcase your resume. Simply save your resume as a txt file (you can do this for free in our Resume Builder), copy all the contents, and paste them into the About box. Remember that there is a 2,600-character limit between 357 and 625 words.

How to add your resume to your LinkedIn feed

You can also create a post, attach your resume, and upload it to your LinkedIn feed. You should accompany it with a post stating you’re open for work in XYZ area or industry.

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