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Studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that many American adults could benefit from healthier diets and lifestyles. As findings like these result in an increased emphasis on health awareness, demand for dietitians has doubled.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dietitians recommend foods that help promote overall health. Our dietitian resume example can similarly help you build a strong resume to set you apart from other candidates. Study our expert-crafted examples to understand resume-writing dos and don’ts as you craft your own page. Read on below to learn more.


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What is a Dietitian ?

A dietitian is a certified health expert responsible for regulating one’s nutrition to prevent poor health and disease. Dieticians guide people based on their extensive knowledge of food to help improve patients’ quality of life through diet. Dietitians may work privately or within medical, food, sports or media-related industries. Their objective is to evaluate an individual’s health and customize a suitable dietary plan.

Dietitians closely monitor and treat clinical conditions like diabetes, food allergies, malnutrition and other eating disorders. They also develop food programs for different age groups via health services and nutritional facilities, where they educate people about healthy food choices. The number of dietician positions in the U.S. is projected to grow by roughly 8% over the next decade.

What Makes This a Great
Dietitian Resume Example?

A well-written resume is the first step toward landing your dream job. Our dietitian resume example is expertly designed and written, showing off the pre-written content crafted by our certified resume writers. Here are three ways our resume example can raise your chances of getting hired:

  • Professionally written content: Your resume determines a recruiter’s first impression of you. Our experienced writers will show you exactly how to highlight and emphasize your qualifications so you stand out to employers. For extra assistance, use our Resume Builder to add and customize even more of our pre-written content for your own resume.
  • Help choosing a resume format: A key aspect of every impressive resume is the way the information is organized. Senior-level candidates with many years of experience can use a chronological resume to show off their career achievements. This example uses this type of resume to emphasize the candidate’s work history. Alternatively, a functional or combination resume would work best for a less experienced candidate.
  • Choosing the right template: Your resume’s design can reflect whether or not you understand an employer’s workplace culture. This dietitian resume example’s template uses a clean and organized style to appeal to healthcare recruiters instead of alienating them with an overly simple or flashy design. Use our Resume Builder to choose a resume template that best suits the employer you want to work for.

3 Dietitian Professional Summary Examples

A well-written professional summary sells a candidate to recruiters while encouraging them to learn more. Our dietitian resume example can help you understand the dos and don’ts of writing an engaging professional summary. Here are three examples to help get you started:

  1. Certified healthcare professional with five years of experience as a dietitian. Dedicated to educating and building food programs based on client needs. Extensive clinical dietetics knowledge with a specialization in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  2. Dietitian with in-depth understanding of senior populations. Highly motivated with strong communication skills. Driven to create healthier alternatives for special-needs children. Additional three years of experience as a Food and Nutrition Educator in Paris.
  3. Results-oriented dietitian with over 11 years of experience educating clients in diabetes and eating disorders. Proven team-building and leadership skills to address organizational and patient-growth obstacles. Frequent speaker at the International Forum for Wellness and Eating Disorders.

3 Dietitian Work Experience Examples

Your resume’s experience section describes your most important contributions and responsibilities as a dietitian. Our dietitian resume example is written by certified resume writers who know precisely which kinds of measurable past achievements will earn you the job. Here are three professionally written examples our Resume Builder might suggest for this section:

  1. Motivated and empowered 42 clients to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals through accessible and personalized healthcare regimes.
  2. Assessed and coordinated nutrition care plans and provided health counseling; increased participant understanding and compliance by 23%.
  3. Closely monitored infants and adolescents with developmental disabilities and provided parents with weekly nutritional education on formula intake and diet plans.

Top Skills for Your Dietitian Resume

As a dietitian, the skills mentioned on your resume should instill confidence and trust among recruiters and facilities who might hire you. Our dietitian resume lays out a list of industry-specific keywords and skills that recruiters look for in applicants.

Hard Skills

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
  • Certified Medical Terminologist
  • Extensive understanding of human biology and food science
  • Certified renal nutritionist

Soft Skills

  • Advanced Leadership 
  • Excellent team-building skills
  • Strong research and technical skills
  • Time management

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Dietitian FAQs

What does a day entail in the life of a dietitian?

No one day is similar in the life of a dietitian. Typically, a dietitian might develop healthcare plans and assess a patient’s diet, health needs and aspirations. This includes nutritional counseling for each patient to learn how a diet would benefit them. They also accept new patients, screen their history, assess their medical condition to generate a plan that will help them meet their goals and prevent disease.

How do I write health achievements on my dietitian resume?

Strong resume achievements include precise percentages and numbers that easily appeal to hiring managers. In your experience section, quantify how your abilities helped patients or facilities achieve their goals. In addition to direct dietitian experience, you can also list experience as a school counselor or nutrition educator, if you’ve worked as one.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

A dietitian and a nutritionist are different in terms of day-to-day roles and educational qualifications. Dietitians work with clients within a particular, larger industry, while nutritionists primarily serve individual clients. A dietitian must meet certain educational requirements each year to maintain board certifications. While nutritionists in the United States are not as standardized as dietitians, there are many nutritionists who have advanced degrees.