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When seeking employment as a security guard, knowing what to add to your resume will improve your chances. LiveCareer’s security guard resume examples, written by our team of certified resume writers, show you what recruiters look for in top candidates.  Study our examples to learn more about the content your should add and how to format and design your resume.


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What Is a Security Guard?

Security guards are trained professionals responsible for protecting an organization’s assets. This includes not just monitoring physical property but also safeguarding its secrets and saving lives. To accomplish this, security guards fulfil corporate front desk duties instead of a secretary, patrol college campuses in marked vehicles and provide armed protection when banks transport money. Security officers need a high school diploma or equivalent to be hired. However, many security professionals have a college degree.

What Makes This a Great
Security Guard Resume Example?

LiveCareer’s security guard resume examples are written by professional resume writers who know what recruiters look for in candidates for security guard roles. Study our examples to learn how to craft your own. Here’s how our examples can help:

  • Crafting content: Studying this security guard resume example allows you to see the keywords and phrases that hiring managers seek. Study them to learn how to fill out the vital sections of your resume, including the professional summary, skills and work history sections. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which suggests pre-written content for every section of your resume. Use it as-is, or customize it to make it your own.
  • Strong resume formats: Choose a resume format that highlights your strongest credentials. The chronological format of this example emphasizes the job seeker’s long and impressive work history. For entry-level or mid-career professionals, a functional or combination resume format, respectively, should be considered.
  • Template selection: Security guards do serious work and often navigate hostile situations. For that reason, professionalism is critical. This resume example shows a resume design that is clean and polished and suitable for a variety of employment opportunities. For more conservative or colorful design, peruse our library of templates.

3 Security Guard Professional Summaries Examples

Our security guard resume examples provide professionally-written summaries for your resume. Use them as they are or customize them to meet your needs. Here are a few additional professional summary suggestions to consider:

  1. Navy veteran who completed two tours overseas and still enjoys working near the water. Worked as a patrol officer at shipyards along the Pacific Coast and offered security services aboard a senior cruise ship. Eager to secure another new and exciting security guard position at sea.
  2. Emerging security professional who spent the past three years serving as a bouncer at popular bars and various private events. Clients rely on my height and build to intimidate troublemakers into leaving without the need for confrontation or aggression. Currently seeking opportunities as part of an armed private security detail.
  3. Experienced security guard with 25 years of experience in various security positions. Worked as a gaming surveillance officer for the past 10 years in Las Vegas. Looking forward to pursuing more opportunities in the casino and gaming industries.

3 Security Guard Work Experience Section Examples

Our resume examples show you how to craft a work experience section and how to incorporate metrics to make it eye-catching. Here are three additional examples to consider for your security guard resume:

  1. Monitored a corporate A-class building in Atlanta from the basement garage to the roof of the 55-story building.
  2. Assisted elevator engineers with monitoring the temperatures of mechanical rooms during off hours.
  3. Generated incident reports for qualifying events with photos, descriptive details and 100% accuracy for potential legal use.


Top Skills for Your Security Guard Resume

Security professionals have jobs that require both technical skills and a human touch. This is why it’s critical to have a good mix of hard and soft skills on your resume. Use our security  guard resume examples for inspiration, or pick and choose from this list of sought-after skills:

Hard Skills

  • Weapons safety
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Report writing
  • Access control

Soft Skills

  • Listening skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Self-motivation

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Security Guard FAQs

What are the main duties of a security guard?

Security guards hold many different positions, known as “posts,” at the places they work. Each post has a set of job duties known as “post orders.” Here are duties most posts have in common:

  • Identify potential risks and sources of those risks to eliminate them before disaster strikes.
  • Execute disaster plans put together by the client in the post orders for each post.
  • Provide accurate information to tenants or visitors when requested.

What is the role of security?

Security guards assume the general responsibility of manning the post supervisors assign them to and protecting clients and their property from physical threats. However, how far the role of protection goes depends on the post orders and the company culture. For instance, many security post orders emphasize observing and reporting but restrict officers from engaging with assailants or putting their lives in danger in any other way.

What is a good objective for a security resume?

Contemporary resume writers now use professional summaries instead of resume objectives. Even so, many professionals prefer to use this form of introducing themselves to recruiters. Ensure your objective highlights what you bring to the table and what your goal is.

Here is an example: To use my firearms expertise, conflict resolution skills and 10 years of experience in the military to provide armed protection at your organization.