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In 2018, there were approximately 9.08 million people participating in pilates training in the United States. As the popularity of specialized pilates training grows, instructors can choose from an increasing variety of employment opportunities. These include conducting group fitness classes in health clubs, wellness centers, resorts or even personal training in a client’s home.

Our pilates instructor resume example is written by certified resume writers, each with a deep understanding of what goes into crafting a strong resume. Study the example below to learn the most effective ways to write an excellent resume.


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What is a Pilates Instructor?

A pilates instructor is a certified fitness expert who helps individuals attain overall health, muscle tone and correct posture. Pilates instructors use their extensive knowledge of human anatomy to teach a wide range of exercises. These include floor exercises using mats or pilates instruments like the Reformer or Cadillac.

A pilates instructor coaches both individuals and groups, and may modify exercises to fit special needs. Pilates instructors must be passionate and well-trained, focusing solely on advancing a client’s desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.

What Makes This a Great
Pilates Instructor Resume Example?

Depending on its quality, a resume can make or break your chance at employment. Our pilates instructor resume example is written by certified writers who thoroughly understand what it takes to make an impression with hiring managers. Here are three ways our pilates instructor resume example can enhance your hiring chances:

  • Content crafted by experts: A well-written resume is a great way to make a positive first impression. Our team of certified resume writers knows exactly what recruiters look for in a strong resume. They emphasize the exact qualifications employers seek, like “curated high-energy playlists” in the example above. Both our examples and Resume Builder offer this type of excellent pre-written content for you to use on your own resume.
  • Finding which format suits you: Choosing the right resume format is essential when building a resume. The example here uses the combination format, which equally emphasizes a candidate’s work experience and skills. This format suits professionals who are mid-career or only possess a moderate amount of experience.
  • Choosing an appropriate template: Pilates instructors work with a wide variety of professionals, health clubs and fitness centers. Our Resume Builder allows you to choose between versatile template designs that can suit any company or facility you want to work with.

3 Pilates Instructor Professional Summary Examples

Strong professional summaries should immediately sell you to recruiters as a great potential hire. Study our pilates instructor resume example to understand how to keep your prospective employer engaged from the start. Here are three summary examples you can learn from:

  1. Certified pilates instructor motivated to help clients achieve fitness milestones. Six years of experience developing fitness programs to fuel physical and mental wellness. Empathetic and compassionate towards clients with weight and self-esteem issues.
  2. Dedicated pilates instructor with additional yoga and Zumba certifications. Passionate to build creative programs based on client needs. Weight management expert specialized in mat and reform pilates for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners.
  3. Motivated pilates instructor with 10 years of experience working with all age groups at multiple fitness studios in Hollywood. Driven toward educating individuals about nutrition and preventative healthcare. Excellent motivational and interpersonal skills.

3 Pilates Instructor Work Experience Examples

Recruiters are drawn to candidates that offer more than just the usual skills and qualifications. Study our pilates instructor resume example to learn how to craft a work history section that uses quantifiable metrics. Check out these three examples from our Resume Builder:

  1. Provided tailored fitness programs and positional adjustments to children of all skill and body types to promote wellness and health over a 10-month period.
  2. Established clear goals during fitness assessments to measure client progress. Offered promotions to increase class participation rates by 37%.
  3. Assess and guide clients on proper nutrition and exercise. Arrange bi-weekly inspirational counseling sessions to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Top Skills for Your Pilates Instructor Resume

The skills section of a pilates instructor’s resume should draw immediate attention from potential clients or recruiters. Our pilates instructor resume example has a wide variety of skills deemed necessary for applicants. Be sure to take cues from those mentioned below.

Hard Skills

  • Mat and reform instrument certifications
  • PR, AED certified 
  • Weight management expert 
  • Thorough understanding of Pilates method

Soft Skills

  • Empathy and communication
  • Motivated and passionate teacher
  • Organization and patience
  • Excellent time and managerial skills

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Pilates Instructor FAQs

How do you train to be a pilates instructor?

Practice is the first step to becoming a successful pilates instructor. The next is to choose between a certification in mat or reform pilates. You can also earn a comprehensive certification to appeal to a larger client base. This might mean enrolling in a 500+ hour training certification program recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance before you start teaching.

What are the traits of a good pilates instructor?

A good pilates instructor should be able to notice when a participant’s muscles are fatigued, and know when to change exercises. They should be able to modify exercises for each client rather than forcing each to perform it exactly. A good pilates instructor watches one’s form and alignment and helps to correct them if it’s wrong. Apart from this, a good pilates instructor should be consistent, flexible, knowledgeable and have a good rapport with clients.

Which are the best pilates training programs?

Some of trainings that might be useful in improving your skills as a pilates instructor are:

  • Mat instructor training
  • Comprehensive instructor training
  • Power pilates comprehensive program
  • Reformer instructor training