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Get Expert Writing Recommendations for Your Pest Control Resume

Pest control workers are self-starters who need to show employers a range of skills, such as customer service, attention to detail and experience with volatile pesticide chemicals. LiveCareer’s pest control resume examples show you how to articulate these skills.

When it’s time to write your own, use LiveCareer’s Resume Builder, which provides pre-written content suggestions, written by our team of certified resume writers. Here are a few suggestions our builder might make for your pest control resume:

  • Applied basic mathematical skills to properly calculate fumigant needs for specific building size and exterior footprint.
  • Observed company safety guidelines and maintained tight timetables when applying chemicals, lifting heavy objects and operating equipment.
  • Factored in current climate and property specifications when preparing and applying chemicals.
  • Deployed physical baits, glue boards and traps to catch and eliminate interior pests.

6 Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Pest Control Resume

  • Do detail your soft skills. Customer service, problem-solving and communication are critical to being a successful pest control worker. In a resume, applicants can show off positive customer interaction experiences by highlighting their soft skills in addition to their technical skills.

  • Do highlight your ability to solve pest problems. A big aspect of a pest control worker’s job is to investigate potential infestations and eliminate the pest. Exterminators must use their deduction skills to piece together the evidence and make a conclusion about which pest caused the problem. Highlight special training in pest management or other areas.

  • Do show off your sales skills. Part of pest control is selling pest control services to customers. Pest control companies may also appreciate having employees with sales experience. Show off valuable sales skills by including quantifiable information about upselling, conversion rates, and other details about selling products and services for pest control.

  • Don’t forget to mention your physical stamina. Jobs in pest control require workers to use their physical stamina skills. Include material about abilities such as standing for long hours, lifting heavy objects, removing debris and working in tight quarters.

  • Don’t omit licenses and certifications in the field. In some states, pest control workers must have a license or certification to work in the field. Check out the state’s licensing board or certification bureau to determine if this is a requirement and include it on the resume.

  • Don’t overlook experience with the company’s specific pest services. Not all pest control companies deal with the same types of pests. It’s smart to customize your resume to reflect your experience with the business’ specialty services. Common pest control services may focus on rodents, cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs, termites or wild animals, or on the use of natural products.

Beat the ATS with These Pest Control Resume Skills

Using the right keywords and phrases on your resume is critical since many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to identify qualified applicants. The ATS searches for critical words to help pest management employers eliminate unqualified applicants.

Our Resume Builder helps make your resume ATS-friendly by suggesting the most sought-after industry-specific words and phrases. Here are some examples of the content our builder might suggest for your pest control resume:

  • Associate certified entomologist
  • Branch II licensed pest control technician
  • Clean driving record
  • Knowledge of the Department of Agriculture pest control regulations
  • Experience with termite inspections
  • Practice working with bedbug K9 units
  • Ability to enter crawl spaces for pest inspections

Pest Control Resumes for Every Professional Level


Pesticide Applicator

Applicants without a lot of experience but still striving for an entry-level job in pest control must use their skills to prove they are good hires. This applicant does this through the functional resume format, which puts a spotlight on skills for the industry and does not emphasize experience as much.

For the job of pesticide applicator, the applicant demonstrates marketable capabilities in pesticide application, landscaping and communication. Most of his experience is in landscaping, but he highlights his abilities in making a transition to pest control. Build my Resume


Commercial Pest Control Technician

This mid-career applicant wants a position as a commercial pest control technician. The format he uses to show off his best attributes is the versatile combination format. It features both skills and a strong background of experience in the industry.

He lists experience in commercial pest control, with skills in property pest inspections, evaluating damage and documenting treatments. He also has talents in working outdoors and upselling products to customers. Build my Resume


Pest Control Service Manager

For the most experienced applicants seeking positions in upper management, it’s important to show a strong background in pest control like this job seeker. He wants a job as a pest control service manager and has a resume in the chronological format to show his abilities.

His resume indicates a logical career progression from a specialist in pest control to a service manager. He has plenty of experience doing the standard pest control services and managing other staff members in the same role. Build my Resume

Pest Control Cover Letter

If you find this sample helpful, we have many more control cover letter examples.

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Statistics and Facts About Pest Control Jobs

Median Annual Wages of Pest Control Workers 2019

Exterminating and Pest Control Services $37210
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Diversity of Pest Control Workers 2018

White 78.5%
Black 9.6%
Other 5.94%
Two or more races 1.8%
Asian 1.06%
Native Hawaiian 1.1%
Source: Data USA – U.S. Census Bureau

Job Outlook for Pest Control Workers 2018–2028

Exterminating and Pest Control Workers 7% growth
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Popular Job Titles in Pest Control

  • Pest control technician
  • Exterminator
  • Pest control operator
  • Termite technician
  • Pest control chemical technician

Source: Occupational Information Network

Educational Requirements Statistics for Pest Control

Doctoral or Professional Degree 0%
Master’s Degree 1%
Bachelor’s Degree 9%
Associate Degree 10%
Some College, no Degree 27%
High School Diploma or Equivalent 44%
Less Than High School Diploma 7%
Source: CareerOneStop

Gender Composition in Pest Control Services 2018

Female 4.52%

Male 95.5%

Source: Data USA – U.S. Census Bureau

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