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According to Forbes, Salesforce is the world’s leading provider of CRM (customer relationship management) software. The company offers its platform to clients to use for sales, marketing, IT services and more. The demand for this software is growing immensely due to the rapid digitalization and customer-centric approach of businesses.

Salesforce provides several certifications, one of them being Salesforce administrator. These experts maintain this platform and resolve related issues. So you can learn more about the qualifications needed for this role, our certified resume writers have crafted a Salesforce administrator resume example to show you what recruiters want to see. Below you’ll learn how we’ll help you write a job-winning resume.


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What is a Salesforce Administrator?

Salesforce administrators are Salesforce-certified advisors with in-depth knowledge of the company’s CRM products. They understand and fulfill organizational needs by getting the best performance out of the software. Responsibilities of an administrator include maintaining the CRM platform, resolving technical problems, staying updated with its latest tools and functions, and making the software easily usable.

This software platform is used by companies of all types, from start-ups to multinational corporations. More than 150,000 companies use it to operate and grow their business. The demand for CRM products is growing, and Salesforce is leading with a 19.5% market share as of 2018.

What Makes This a Great
Salesforce Administrator Resume Example?

Our certified resume writers know what recruiters look for in a resume. That means our Salesforce administrator resume example can show you precisely how to demonstrate your skills and qualifications on your own resume.

Here is how our examples can guide you in writing your own document:

  • Professional pre-written content:Professional-sounding writing with job-specific keywords can be a huge boost to your resume. This Salesforce administrator resume example, for instance, uses sought-after phrases like “integrate third-party apps,” “user account maintenance” and more. Our Resume Builder can also provide you with additional, valuable keywords and other pre-written content from our expert writers.
  • Learn how to format your resume:Your resume’s format should highlight your achievements and skills in the most flattering manner possible. The example above uses a combination format, as it places the applicant’s impressive skills above their modest amount of work experience. A more experienced candidate would benefit most from a chronological format, and entry-level applicants are best suited for functional formats.
  • Select a template that suits your industry:Salesforce administrators can pursue jobs in industries ranging from hospitality to banking and more, and our builder offers suitable designs for each. Consider using a vibrant-colored template when applying to a fashion company, or selecting a simpler resume template when applying to more traditional or conservative workplaces.

3 Salesforce Administrator Professional Summary Examples

A professional summary is your chance to show off your most compelling qualifications right away to catch a recruiter’s attention. Our Salesforce administrator resume example shows you how to write this kind of captivating summary, and our Resume Builder can offer additional guided help.

Below are three examples of summaries we might recommend for your resume:

  1. Salesforce administrator with 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and in-depth knowledge of market behavior and user requirements. Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator with Advanced Administrator credential. Excellent problem-solving skills and experience managing IT teams of eight or more.
  2. Senior-level, e-commerce-focused Salesforce administrator. Proficient in design and optimization of dashboards and workflows; specialize in Einstein Analytics, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications. Comfortable working in a deadline-driven environment with track record of submitting 70% of deliverables pre-deadline.
  3. Motivated salesforce administrator with seven years of experience in financial services. Plan and implement marketing dashboards for three separate sales teams. Experienced in Marketing Cloud, Marketo and Salesforce SteelBrick. Hard-working team player with good data management skills.

3 Salesforce Administrator Work Experience Examples

The work experience sections of our Salesforce administrator resume example demonstrates what kinds of past achievements will catch a recruiter’s eye. Use this example as inspiration when writing your own resume or use our Resume Builder for more pre-written content, which you can customize with your own measurable accomplishments.

Our builder might recommend these three examples for your work history section:

  1. Optimized workflows and dashboards by gathering feedback from various teams;  helped lower customer acquisition cost by 5%.
  2. Undertook internal survey and analyzed feedback to fine-tune dashboards, yield more customized reports and enhance user accessibility.
  3. Successfully implemented holiday sale campaign by integrating Marketo with Salesforce CRM; saw sales increase of 20%.

Top Skills for Your Salesforce Administrator Resume

It’s essential to include the right set of specific skills on your resume when applying to any job. That’s why our team of certified resume writers includes the most sought-after skills on each resume example. Here are skills recruiters want to see on a Salesforce administrator resume:

Hard Skills

  • SteelBrick CPQ
  • Marketo 
  • MS Excel
  • Troubleshooting

Soft Skills

  • Active listening
  • Excellent communication
  • Time management
  • Collaboration


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Salesforce Administrator FAQs

Do Salesforce administrators need to have work experience?

Most importantly, Salesforce administrators need certifications showing they have the technical knowledge required to use Salesforce optimally. This is true for every industry that uses this software. Additionally, these administrators need to be knowledgeable of the industries they want to work in. This means it’s preferable, but not necessarily required, to have direct experience in the industries to which they apply.

What are the advantages of a Salesforce administrator certification?

Salesforce is the global leader in the CRM software market. The scope of Salesforce products is enormous, and so is the use of its certifications. Its growth is bound to increase with the growing adoption of cloud-based products. It is a beneficial future skill, and being certified boosts your chances of getting a new job across multiple industries. Many employees get the certification as a supplementary skill for career enhancement in their present company.

Is it necessary to have a technical background to become a Salesforce administrator?

You are not required to have a technical education to be eligible for the Salesforce administrator certification. It’s recommended that you have some operating experience of the Salesforce platform before applying for the certification exams. You may prepare for this test by accessing free resources available on Trailhead and other online resources like articles, blogs and forums.