Finance Resume Examples

A financial systems analyst is responsible for implementing and maintaining financial software. The resume examples below have been created for financial systems analysts searching for new positions. Check out these resume examples for ideas on how to write an impressive resume catch the attention of employers and get hired sooner. Just click on any of the options to get started.

Auditor: Resume Example  

An auditor is responsible for reviewing and verifying an organization’s or client’s financial statements and fund management. This work includes investigating the relevance and reliability of the client’s financial assertions. Auditors usually perform this work quarterly or yearly.

To create a strong auditor resume, you must showcase your complex mathematical and analytical skills. To do this well, explain how you’ve evaluated detailed records and determined their alignment with management activities and compliance with tax laws in your previous positions.

Don’t stop there! You should also note your supreme record-keeping skills. Let employers know that you make meticulous observations and detailed notes for easy and thorough references. And finally, you’ll want to fill your skills section with any financial analysis or compliance software you’re familiar with.

Consultant: Resume Example 

In the finance industry, consultants collaborate with clients to strategize financial plans for savings, investments, retirement, and insurance. In this context, clients can be entire companies or individuals. Consultants also strive to develop a strong customer foundation.

To create a strong consultant resume, you must demonstrate a deep understanding of financial reporting. Employers need to know that you possess enough knowledge to offer the best recommendations for their clients.

If you’re available for travel, you should mention so in your skills section. Share any travel experience you have as well. If you prefer not to travel, avoid the topic.

Loan Officer: Resume Example 

A loan officer is responsible for evaluating (or recommending) approval of loan applications for clients. They also advise borrowers on the different types of loans and ensure that loan agreements are in line with national and state regulations.

If you want your loan officer resume to get a hiring manager’s attention, you need to use your past work experience and education sections to prove that you have deep underwriting knowledge and the ability to successfully win new business.

It’s also a good idea to detail your customer service and sales skills. Include this in your skills section and provide ample evidence in your work history section. Show that you are eager to promote your employer’s products and have a proven record of success.

Manager: Resume Example 

A manager oversees a team. Though their duties differ from industry to industry, managers are typically required to provide strong leadership, strategize budget, as well as hire and fire. They answer to a more senior official to make final calls on big decisions.

If you want to create a stellar manager resume, you need to illustrate your leadership skills. Let the story of your accomplishments show employers that you can make solid judgments and welcome a strenuous workload.

Also, you should showcase your delegating skills. Provide examples to explain how you spread the workload with the team. Don’t forget to emphasize that you reach general store goals and contribute to your employees’ professional development.

Personal Financial Advisor: Resume Example 

Personal financial advisors offer consultation to clients regarding everything from investments and insurance to mortgages and taxes. While most work in the finance or insurance industries, some are self-employed.

A strong personal financial advisor resume will demonstrate sound financial knowledge through the inclusion of licenses and certifications, a robust work history, and measurable accomplishments. For instance, think about how much money you’ve saved homeowners and list this as a resume highlight.

Additionally, you should also emphasize your customer service skills. Share the number of loyal customers you have and include the number of years they’ve utilized your services. If applicable, you can also share your networking achievements and how that has grown your client base.

Treasurer: Resume Example 

Treasurers work in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Their primary responsibility is to protect the organization from financial risk. To uphold this, they perform a variety of duties including financial transaction oversight, administering budget plans, overseeing company wide financial policy implementation, and reporting findings to the board.

An outstanding treasurer resume will emphasize your critical thinking, financial planning, and strong management skills. In your work history section, share quantifiable achievements that speak to your ability to maximize utilization of financial resources and to point out meaningful development opportunities.
Take it a step further by delving into your experience with compliance and tax law. This will tell employers that you are on top of budgetary projects and issues at all times.