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Writing cover letters can become a monotonous chore, especially when you’re job searching full time. Personalizing each letter can seem overwhelming, and you might be tempted to copy and paste a polished example instead of taking the time to write your own. When you’re facing a mountain of incomplete job applications, review our treasurer cover letter example and the following tips to make your climb a little less daunting.

  • Do be yourself. Use the cover letter as a chance to introduce yourself to the hiring committee, and present a true version of who you are.
  • Don’t be afraid to brag. Your goal is to represent how well you do your job. If, under your direction, last year’s capital campaign superseded the previous year by 10 percent, go ahead and say so.
  • Do tailor the letter to the position. Notice the skills outlined in the job description, and include firsthand experiences that align with those skills.
  • Don’t limit your options to cookie-cutter templates. Use a format that corresponds to the level of formality presented by the company’s website while also incorporating the creative use of charts or graphs to demonstrate your stellar budgeting skills.

Treasurer Advice

The cover letter examples below have been developed specifically for treasurer positions. The treasurer of an organization is responsible for controlling the pursestrings and watching over all aspects of financial management. These cover letter examples give you an idea of what a properly-written and formatted treasurer cover letter looks like, so it will be easier to create your own. Get started on your treasurer cover letter now!

Finance Treasurer Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Tips for

If you are looking for a job as a Treasurer, you need to learn some great job search tips and techniques. If you have trouble finding a job, here are some things that you should know.

  • Spend long days job searching. When you don’t have a job, searching for a job becomes your job. You should be out first thing in the morning looking for job prospects and you shouldn’t quit until dinner time. This will allow you to find more job leads and increase your odds of finding a job quickly.

  • Create an online profile or portfolio. If you have a job where a portfolio will help, you can create one online. When you turn in cover letters, be sure to include your portfolio link. You also need to create online profiles whether you have a portfolio or not. Your professional profile on Linkedin or a similar site will help you connect with professionals and find job prospects.

  • Turn in cover letters online. While you shouldn’t exclude your job search to online, electronically turning in your cover letter is important. Look for companies who are hiring and e-mail your cover letter to everyone you can find.

  • Don’t give up. Every company that has received your cover letter has received cover letters from dozens or even hundreds of others. No matter how qualified you are, it’s easy to be passed up. Make sure you don’t give up and keep up with your job search.

  • Check on your applications. Write down where and when you applied. Every time you submit your cover letter, add it to your notebook. A few days after turning in your cover letter, call the companies to follow up. It increases your odds of a manager pulling out your cover letter and looking it over. They like people who are tenacious and fight for a job. It shows that it’s important to you and you will work hard.

Finance Treasurer Cover Letter Sample

Treasurer Job Seeking Tips

If you are turning in your cover letter to companies as a Treasurer, you need to make sure that you have the best cover letter possible. Here are some important tips for creating a fantastic cover letter.

  • Start with a catchy professional summary. Begin your summary stating what you do and how many years of experience you have. Next, list a few important traits and why you would be an asset to the company.

  • Include your best skills. Your cover letter should have about 10-12 skills listed in two even columns. The skills need to be relevant to the job you are applying for and stand out. For example, don’t add something like having a valid driver’s license or owning a car. Include skills that will allow you to do your job better than the other applicants.

  • Properly format your cover letter. The section titles of your cover letter should be bold and stand out from the other text. Having borders around the headings will help them stand out, too. Also, make sure there is plenty of white space between the sections. It will keep your cover letter from being jumbled and difficult to read.

  • Use bullet lists to organize your information. Your skills and other information should be listed with bullet points. This will include most of your cover letter, other than the professional summary.

  • Don’t write your cover letter in first person. It sounds unprofessional and the hiring manager obviously knows who the cover letter is about. Begin your sentences with action verbs instead, such as “accomplished”, “worked” or “created”.

Finance Treasurer Cover Letter Example

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