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Opportunities for all types of management positions are expected to increase in the coming decade, so it’s essential to know which qualifications hiring managers will want to see on your resume. Take a close look at our supply chain manager resume examples to help you quickly create your own personalized document for every management opening that interests you. Allow our resume writers to supply you with useful insights and best resume-writing practices.


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What is a Supply Chain Manager?

Supply chain managers lead or coordinate a company’s warehousing, buying, producing and distributing to boost customer experience, accuracy and safety. Managers often use special software to map out and keep track of product shipping routes, manage company inventory and handle procurement. Their jobs require them to study and streamline supply line methods to best meet a company’s supply chain needs. Because of the job’s fast-paced nature, supply chain managers may work under a great deal of stress and anxiety.

What Makes This a Great
Supply Chain Manager Resume Example?

We know it can be tough to achieve career fulfillment without first finding a job you’ll truly enjoy. To overcome this common obstacle, we recommend studying our supply chain manager resume examples. Learn how to use templates, professionally written example text, different formatting options and more to gain an advantage over other applicants:

  • Expertly-crafted phrases: Make your resume shine by taking cues from our certified resume writers. In this example, their use of lines like “major financial benchmarks exceeding financial targets by 18 percent for my past employers” lets employers know the job seeker focuses on specific metrics rather than vague estimates.
  • Format options: If you just earned your bachelor’s degree in systems engineering, business or supply chain management, consider using the skills-focused functional resume format. I’ve you’re a veteran of the field, a chronological format can highlight the nuances of a long work history.  If you’re mid-career with several years of experience, use the combination resume format, like in the example above.
  • Template selection: The resume template you choose dictates its unique style. In this example, subtly colored headers clearly define the different sections. This template showcases the cleanly organizational sense of a supply chain manager while making it easy for hiring managers to locate key details.

3 Supply Chain Manager Professional Summary Examples

Both our resume examples and resume builder feature professionally written content to help kickstart your supply chain manager work history section. Decide whether you want the content to remain as is or adjust it to your specifications by adding metrics. Here are some bullet-point examples:

  1. Coordinated with 14 team members to refine supply chain management strategy using perspectives related to finance, marketing, sales, quality assurance and other essential areas.
  2. Studied inventories daily to decide how to best lower waste output, boost inventory turns and optimize customer experience.
  3. Created standard costs lists and predicted material costs using performance metrics.

3 Supply Chain Manager Work Experience Examples

Our resume examples are designed to inspire excellence in every section of your supply chain manager resume, including the professional summary. For even more direct guidance, our resume builder can walk you through each step of crafting this section and the rest of your page. Here are three examples of professional summaries you might find in the builder:

  1. Focused supply chain manager with five years’ experience working in wholesale trade. Skilled in product life cycle management, business relationship development and understanding client needs. Desire to shift to work with the federal government and look for opportunities to implement the latest logistics and supply chain software.
  2. Newly graduated professional with a degree in supply chain management. Background working as dispatcher in a logistical support role. Currently working on earning two certifications from the Defense Acquisition University. Interested in working with smaller warehousing companies.
  3. Proactive supply chain manager focused on solving problems before they arise and maximizing customer service for all past employers. Managed team of three clerks and two dispatchers. Excel at pinpointing areas of improvement in logistical function and minimizing time required to ship goods without compromising driver safety or regulations.

Top Skills for Your Supply Chain Manager Resume

With help from our resume examples and builder, you no longer have to worry whether your resume shows the skills hiring managers desire in a supply chain manager. Use the skills the builder offers, write your own or combine the two. Take a look at these examples to understand what to include:

Hard Skills

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Financials
  • Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management 
  • Purchasing software
  • Master scheduling software

Soft Skills

  • Efficiency
  • Time management 
  • Service orientation 
  • Negotiation

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Supply Chain Manager FAQs

What does a supply chain manager do?

Supply chain managers oversee warehousing, production, distribution, delivery and acquisition of products. They help build and sustain business relationships with clients and suppliers, and they work to understand specific client needs. Software systems help these managers perform their job duties, allowing them to plan and track product movement. Supply chain managers have several alternate titles, including materials requirements planning manager, global consumer sector vice president and solution design and analysis manager.

How do I become a supply chain manager?

A majority of supply chain managers (67%) have a bachelor’s degree, while a smaller percentage (19%) have master’s degrees. It is not uncommon for managers to work with a post-baccalaureate certificate. Supply chain managers may complete a higher education program at specialized colleges, such as a polytechnic university or a technical institute. Attaining certification may help managers qualify for certain positions and offer advancement opportunities.

Which certification is best for supply chain management?

According to the Institute of Supply Chain Management, a nonprofit professional supply chain management organization, Certified Professional in Supply Management and Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity are two certification designations for supply chain managers. The best certification depends on individual career goals. No matter those goals, obtaining certification from a trusted and widely recognized organization is always a good idea.