Child Care Provider Resume Examples

It may sound overly simple, but the best way to show hiring managers you’re the most qualified applicant is to include on your resume the exact skills and qualifications the employer is seeking. In 2018, there were 1,160,000 childcare provider jobs in the United States, and a good resume improves your chances of joining this sizable workforce. We provide childcare resume examples so you know how yours, and each of its individual sections, should look.


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What Is a Childcare Provider?

Childcare providers focus on the needs of children. Depending on the age of the child, duties may include feeding, dressing, supervising play, changing diapers, cleaning or assisting with homework. A provider often assists in the learning and practicing of basic concepts, such as sharing, treating others nicely and using good manners. Childdare workers may work in a childcare center or public school, run a business out of their home, or provide one-on-one care for one particular family. Most jobs require a high school diploma, although not all do. Some also require an associate degree.

What Makes This a Great
Childcare Provider Resume Example?

When you are looking for the perfect job, LiveCareer can assist in composing a resume that catches the eye of the hiring manager. Our resume example demonstrates what makes a strong resume:

  • Top-tier, pre-written content: Hiring managers want to see specific keywords and phrases that relate to the job. Include them in the professional summary, skills section and work history. Our resume examples’ expert-crafted, pre-written content demonstrates how to include phrases like “educational support” and “prepared after-school snacks.”
  • Formating guidance: Focus on the format, or organization, of the resume. This resume example’s combination format equally showcases the applicant’s skills and work history. This demonstrates that the applicant has the needed talents, such as classroom management and activities planning, and knows how to use them to be successful on the job.
  • Showing off our template selection: Using the right design template is also important to garner attention. Options include “Modern,” “Creative,” “Professional” and “Traditional.” This example uses a creative template, which is appropriate for a job working with kids. A traditional template is a good choice for more professional positions.


3 Childcare Provider Professional Summaries Examples

The first thing an employer is likely to read is the professional summary, so it needs to be a strong introduction of your most important and related qualifications. Use the resume example as a guide or use our resume builder to compose your own summary. Some potential recommendations include the following:

  1. Loyal childcare provider with more than 10 years of experience in a daycare setting. Excellent ability to create recreational activities that develop children’s behavioral and social skills. Effective communication skills with abilities to enhance children’s listening skills and discuss any issues with parents.
  2. Dedicated childcare worker with five years of experience running a home-based day care. Trustworthy with extensive practice caring for children between 2 and 5 years old. Focus on creativity-based learning while maintaining structure and discipline.
  3. Responsible childcare provider with three years of experience developing age-appropriate activities that are educational, fun and engaging. Caring and respectful of all types of children. Great supervising abilities while able to relate with children’s needs.

3 Childcare Provider Work Experience Section Examples

When it is time to create your work experience section, you can use our examples as inspiration or use pre-written content from our resume builder. You can use the content as it is or customize it with concrete metrics to match your experience.

  1. Supervised classes with an average of 10 children; maintained detailed and individual records of daily activities, such as meals, activities, naps and general behavior.
  2. Created daily classroom curriculum for preschoolers, addressing various learning styles; focused on developing the children’s emotional, behavioral and social skills.
  3. Communicated with parents about behavioral issues and determined best course of action based on each individual child; held monthly check-ins with each parent.


Top Skills for Your Childcare Provider Resume

When applying for the ideal job, it is imperative that you include the right set of skills. Use the builder’s recommendations for industry-specific skills or come up with your own. Here are some hard and soft skills you might consider:

Hard Skills

  • CPR training
  • Child Development Associate credential
  • Gateway for Early Educators training
  • First aid certification

Soft Skills

  • Flexibility in teaching curriculum
  • Strong ability to build trusting relationships
  • Conflict-resolution skills
  • Caring, kind and patient

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Childcare Provider FAQs

What does a childcare provider mean?

A childcare provider supervises and cares for a child, typically of a younger age. A provider may work in a center or school, providing care for multiple children at a time, or may watch a handful of children at their home. A childcare provider may also carry out work for one family, watching one or more of the children.

What are a childcare provider’s duties?

A provider has many duties, and they vary based on the age and needs of the child. For babies, duties include washing, changing diapers, feeding with a bottle, and putting the baby down for a nap. For older children, duties may include coming up with fun learning activities, cooking meals, helping the child clean up and playing with the child.

How many hours does a childcare worker work?

The hours of a childcare worker vary based on the specific job. Providers who work in a structured environment like a school or day care center may work full-time, such as eight hours a day. Many providers work part-time hours, and a day’s work may vary from a couple of hours so a parent can run errands to longer hours to accommodate the work schedule of the parent.