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Security supervisors are just one of many first-line supervisor positions in the protective services industry. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these professionals make up just 3.86% of a large and growing industry. To help you get a job in this competitive field, LiveCareer provides security supervisor resume examples that show you what a strong resume should look like. Learn how to write, format and design a resume to get the job you want.


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What Is a Security Supervisor?

Security supervisors manage a specific shift or teams on that shift, depending on the size of the staff. These professionals are responsible for assigning security officers to specific posts and resolving issues that officers escalate. They also provide leadership and direction, particularly in the event of a crisis. The supervisor reports either to an assistant director or to the director of security. Security supervisors can find opportunities all across the country, though some locations pay better than others. Some of the highest-paying states in this industry include Georgia, California, New York, South Dakota, California and Alaska, according to the BLS.

What Makes This a Great
Security Supervisor Resume Example?

LiveCareer’s security supervisor resume examples, which are written by certified resume writers, provide guidance on every aspect of resume writing.  Here are three critical ways our examples can help in your writing process:

  • Security-specific content: Security supervisors do more office work than regular guards, which makes good communication abilities crucial. Demonstrate this quality with a well-composed resume. Our resume examples show you the most in-demand keywords and phrases hiring managers look for in a security supervisor resume. Or, use our Resume Builder, which provides pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Format selection: Choosing the right resume format is critical to showcasing your strongest credentials. This security supervisor resume example uses a chronological format to emphasize the applicant’s stellar work history and career progression. Other job seekers might consider a functional or combination resume format.
  • Template options: Professionalism is everything in security so in this resume example the job seeker chose a resume template that is clean and easy to read, with just a touch of color for impact. For those applying in very conservative environments, like a government office, a more subdued resume template might be more appropriate.

3 Security Supervisor Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary on a security supervisor resume offers the opportunity for applicants to introduce themselves to potential employers. If writing this from scratch feels nerve-wracking, get inspiration from the resume example, above, or use one of these three suggestions for your security supervisor resume:

  1. Experienced professional with six years of experience as a security supervisor. Special preference for working night shifts and proven ability to keep night shift crews active and alert. Currently pursuing a Certified Protection Professional designation.
  2. Military veteran who served for 15 years and completed three tours with the Marines. Held several leadership positions in the field and in recruiting offices. Proven ability to lead and to maintain composure even in high-stress situations.
  3. Emerging security professional, quickly promoted to lead officer after six months in first position. Served as lead officer and then security supervisor for a total of two years. Proven ability to lead large teams, schedule workers and meet client demands.

3 Security Supervisor Work Experience Section Examples

Of all the sections on your security supervisor resume, the work experience section is one of the most crucial. To write it effectively, look for guidance from the resume examples for the right language and ways to add metrics. Here are three additional examples to consider:

  1. Coordinated a security crew of nine officers during business hours at an A-class building with 40 floors.
  2. Assisted the director of security with scheduling and payroll on a weekly basis to ensure 100% accuracy.
  3. Edited daily reports created by CCTV surveillance officers to ensure clarity and accuracy.


Top Skills for Your Security Supervisor Resume

Having the right skills on your security supervisor resume is imperative to getting an interview. Having a good mix of hard and soft skills is critical and our resume examples show you how to balance them on your resume. Here are some additional skills to consider:

Hard Skills

  • Familiar with public safety laws and regulations
  • Security team management experience
  • Active shooter disaster response
  • Proficient in network monitoring software

Soft Skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Observation
  • Leadership
  • Diplomacy

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Security Supervisor FAQs

What are the main responsibilities of a security supervisor?

Security supervisors are responsible for the performance of the security officers on their shifts. They also need to ensure there is a security officer at each active post of the shift. Note that posts made active during business hours may  become inactive during overnight shifts. Security supervisors also lead the team in times of crisis and create detailed daily and incident reports.

How can I be a good security supervisor?

The traits employers desire in a good security supervisor depend on the post orders of the job. Interpersonal skills typically rank at the top of the list. Security supervisors need this skill to manage security officers, liaise with work crews and maintain diplomatic relationships with property management. Punctuality also plays a crucial role as most job sites do not allow security personnel to leave until replacements arrive and assume duty.

What is the duty of security?

It is the responsibility of security personnel to ensure the protection of lives and assets. Many people believe security guards offer active protection at a place of business. How true this actually is depends on post orders. Some sites do not allow security officers to do more than observe incidents, document them and radio for law enforcement assistance due to liability issues if they got hurt.