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Working as a security manager offers an opportunity to protect others. If you are a person who enjoys playing by the rules and maintaining regulations, this could be a fulfilling career for you. LiveCareer’s security manager resume examples show you how to write, design and format a compelling security resume that will improve your chances of landing the job you want.


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What Is a Security Manager?

A security manager oversees and directs the security functions of an organization. This can include physical security, access control, employee safety and protection of facilities and assets. This role may involve planning and supervising the activities of other safety personnel. Some positions require creating and implementing security plans, standards and policies. Sixty percent of security manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Another 15% of employers expect a master’s degree and 15% will accept an associate degree.

What Makes This a Great
Security Manager Resume Example?

Our security manager resume examples are written by certified resume writers who know what hiring managers look for in top candidates. Study them as you write your own. Here are a few benefits of using our examples:

  • Security-specific resume content: Writing a great resume is easier when you have a blueprint. Our security manager resume examples are written by our team of certified resume writers to show you how to write a professional summary, skills and work history sections. Copy them as-is or adapt them for your unique needs. Or, use our Resume Builder for pre-written content suggestions for every section.
  • Format choices: Selecting the right resume format is critical to highlighting your most significant qualifications and experience. This mid-career job seeker chose a combination format, which places his skills and work history center stage. LiveCareer offers chronological, functional and combination format options for job seekers of all professional levels.
  • Template options: Enhance your resume with a resume template that matches the culture of the organization to which you are applying. In the example, the job seeker chose a subtle design with a bluish-gray header and a conventional layout. It’s a versatile choice for a variety of security jobs.


3 Security Manager Professional Summaries Examples

Your professional summary is your first chance to impress hiring managers with your resume. Write your own using LiveCareer’s security manager resume examples as guides. Alternatively, use our Resume Builder’s easily modified suggestions. Here are three examples of professional summaries that you could craft using our builder:

  1. High-performing security manager with over 15 years of experience in corporate security operations. Strong understanding of the physical security and safety needs of modern organizations. Detail-oriented team leader with a focus on delivering consistent results.
  2. Multitalented security manager capable of meeting both physical and digital security needs. Dedicated team member who has contributed to three organizations’ operations over the past six years. Excellent emergency management skills and proficient in security needs analysis.
  3. Results-focused security manager who has worked in retail security for two years. Attentive professional with a proven understanding of facility and asset security needs. Proficient in alarm system and facilities management software.

3 Security Manager Work Experience Section Examples

Your work experience is part of your unique history as a security professional. LiveCareer can help you write a more compelling work history using our security manager resume examples. Copy our content directly or modify it using your own personal metrics. Here are three additional examples to consider for your security manager resume:

  1. Ensured compliance with relevant physical and digital data protection regulations and standards.
  2. Planned and implemented foot and vehicle patrols for six-person team covering a 25-acre facility.
  3. Investigated security breaches and other incidents, using data to update and improve practices and procedures.


Top Skills for Your Security Manager Resume

Employers are trying to find security managers with highly relevant and desirable qualifications, which is why your skills section is so critical. LiveCareer’s resume examples show you some sought after skills, or consider options from this list for your security manager resume:

Hard Skills

  • Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Visio
  • Symantec
  • Human resources management systems

Soft Skills

  • Team leadership
  • Service orientation
  • Social perception
  • Emergency decision-making

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Security Manager FAQs

What are the duties of a security manager?

Security managers’ duties include creating and implanting the security practices and policies of an organization. They also help to investigate and resolve any security-related incidents. Frequently, they serve as a leader during emergency management and may be the main point of contact for emergency services. Security managers ensure the safety and security of personnel, facilities and assets.

How much money does a security manager make?

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2018 wage data, security managers earn a median wage of $107,480 per year, equivalent to 2080 hours at $51.67 per hour. This is a little more than the miscellaneous managers job category in the census data, for which the average salary is $97,169.

What makes a good security manager?

Success as a security manager requires skills such as team management, security analysis, emergency response management and decision-making. Additionally, it requires the ability to gather information from security incidents and use that insight to improve practices and procedures. Insight into common security faults can be valuable. Security management also sometimes has to resolve conflicts between others.