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Get Expert Writing Recommendations for Your Photography Resume

Your resume serves as a snapshot of your professional experience. It’s the first chance you have to paint a picture of the experience you’ll bring to the table in your next photography job. That means that writing a stand-out resume is critical to getting your resume into the spotlight.

LiveCareer’s Resume Builder offers users pre-written words and phrases crafted by certified resume writers to help fill out every section of your resume. Use the text as is, or customize them to fit your needs.

Here are six examples of resume content our builder might suggest for your photography resume:

  • Implemented time-saving methods, which enabled photo lab to run more efficiently
  • Retouched, refocused and enlarged photos according to customer specifications
  • Interviewed 30 clients per month to determine photography preferences and requirements
  • Inspected proofs to ensure quality of prints, adjusting and retouching as necessary
  • Handled cameras operating at several thousand frames per second
  • Shot product photography and portrait shoots in controlled lab, field and remote environments

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Photography Resume

  • Do use metrics to enhance your resume. Metrics strengthen your resume. Photographers can use metrics to highlight the number of creative projects you’ve done or how many children you have photographed in a certain time frame. Quantify as much as possible as numbers tend to catch the eye of recruiters.
  • Do customize your resume for each application. Your resume should be modified for each role to which you apply. Many photographers have the ability to do several types of work — for example, portraits, live action and digital media. Depending on your other skills and experience, you may qualify for multiple roles. Study the job ad and emphasize the skills and experience it lists.
  • Do keep a running list of your experience. Many photographers do freelance, volunteer or contract work with multiple companies simultaneously. Keep a current list of all these opportunities plus dates, tasks and accomplishments. This lets you easily identify skills and experience relevant to your application, making it easier to customize your resume by bringing the most relevant assignments to the forefront.
  • Don’t depend on your portfolio to do the heavy lifting. Portfolios are a must for most photography jobs. Your resume needs to be strong, too. Recruiters might not have the background to judge your candidacy based on a portfolio so cover your bases with strong application materials.
  • Don’t include irrelevant information. If you’re applying for a pet photography job, you may want to list a recent class you took on the subject. However, you might want to delete it for a role focused on food photography. Use the real estate on your resume wisely by providing only the most relevant information.
  • Don’t stick with the same resume format throughout your career. The functional resume format you used right out of college is likely not appropriate 20 years later. Rather, a combination or chronological resume may better suit your purpose. However, do gear your resume toward the photography job at hand. If you’ve worked as a digital content manager for 10 years but seek seasonal work as a wedding photographer, functional could still be a good choice.

Beat the ATS with These
Photography Resume Skills

Many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to score, rank and choose which job candidates to interview. An ATS scans resumes for industry-specific skills and keywords. If it doesn’t contain the right keywords, it’s unlikely that a human being will ever see your resume.

LiveCareer’s Resume Builder suggests the most sought-after skills for your photography resume. Some of these ATS-friendly keywords might include:

  • Breaking news coverage
  • Print advertisements
  • Special effects, color correction
  • Canon Mark II proficient
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Photo preservation knowledge
  • Equipment setup and maintenance
  • Light manipulation
  • Cataloging
  • Digital content development
  • Product lighting

Photography Resumes for Every Professional Level


Photography Assistant

This resume example for a photography assistant is presented in a functional resume format. Functional resumes are great for applicants with limited professional experience since they emphasize skills and training over work history. In this example, the skills section is grouped into three categories: setting up, shooting and studio maintenance, while work history gets a slot near the bottom of the resume, just above education.

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Wedding Photographer

This photography resume example uses a combination resume format, which is great for applicants with a good amount of work experience. Applicants with several years of experience often use them because they highlight both work history and skills. The example lists skills such as light manipulation and retouching near the top in bullet points. Work history goes right below, but makes up the largest section of the resume. The applicant has the space and experience to tie specific jobs to accomplishments, such as interviewing 30 couples per month and earning 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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Digital Content Manager

Applicants with managerial or executive-level experience such as this digital content manager often choose a chronological resume format to show off their stellar career trajectory. Chronological resumes chart a solid work history, while skills take a back seat. A professional summary above the work experience section offers a snapshot of the applicant’s expertise and experience. Metrics such as “developed 20 successful online sales operations” and “managed all facets of business operations” testify to the applicant’s leadership abilities.

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Recommended Photography Cover Letter

If you find this sample helpful, we have many more photography cover letter examples.

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Statistics and Facts About Photography Jobs

Median hourly and annual wages


Photographers $34,000
Photographic process workers and processing machine operators $29,180
Camera and photographic equipment repairers $40,620
Self-enrichment education teachers $38,720
Reporters and correspondents $41,260
Camera operators for television, video and motion picture $54,570
0 50k 100k


Photographers $16,35
Photographic process workers and processing machine operators $14.03
Camera and photographic equipment repairers $19.53
Self-enrichment education teachers $18.62
Reporters and correspondents $19.84
Camera operators for television, video and motion picture $26.24
0 $20 $40

Source: O*Net

Number of projected job openings (2018 to 2028)

  • 49,000

    Self-enrichment education teachers

  • 11,800


  • 11,700

    Ophthalmic medical technologists

  • 11,100

    Art, drama and music teachers, postsecondary

  • 4,400

    Reporters and correspondents

  • 2,000

    Photographic process workers and processing machine operators

  • 1,700


  • 1,100

    Cartographers and photogrammetrists

  • 400

    Camera and photographic equipment repairers

Source: O*Net

Typical education level required

  • Win

    Camera and photographic equipment repairers

    High school degree or post-secondary certificate

  • Badge

    Reporters and Correspondents

    Bachelor’s degree

  • Win


    High school or associate degree

  • Doctoral Degree Icon

    Art, drama and music teachers, postsecondary

    Master’s or doctoral degree

Source: O*Net

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