Human Resources Assistant Resume Examples

If you want to break into the HR field, starting as a human resources assistant can be a great first step. With a median salary of $41,430 in 2019, these entry-level roles can serve as essential liaisons between management and employees in any organization.

Our human resources assistant resume example can show you how to write a resume that will help you get your foot in the door. Each of our resume examples are crafted by certified resume writers who understand what it takes to impress recruiters. Read on to learn more about how their expertly crafted examples can help move your career forward.


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What Is a Human Resources Assistant?

A human resources assistant coordinates with HR managers, employees and top-level management personnel to help carry out various HR-related policies. Their work may involve record-keeping, maintenance, employee payroll, approving leave requests, performance reports and much more.

Some employers require a bachelors’ degree from candidates to qualify for this role, while others only need a high school diploma supplemented with on-the-job training. The wide-ranging nature of this role provides human resources assistants with experience and skills they can apply to any number of HR-related career paths.

What Makes This a Great
Human Resources Assistant Resume Example?

A human resources assistant’s resume needs to not only survive the scrutiny of a hiring manager, but prove to the entire HR department that they’re qualified to join their ranks. Our human resources assistant resume example was crafted to demonstrate exactly how to impress recruiters in this way.

Here are three ways our resume examples help you build a better resume:

  • Professional-grade content: Our certified resume writers ensure that each of our examples include the kind of industry-specific terminology hiring managers expect to see, like “relationship building” and “talent management” on the resume above. You can borrow these terms for your own resume or include pre-written, customizable content suggestions provided by our Resume Builder.
  • Choosing an appropriate format: Choosing the correct resume format is vital to properly conveying your qualifications to potential employers. This example uses a combination format to focus equally on the candidate’s skills and moderate level of experience. If they were an entry-level applicant a functional format would be a better choice.
  • Selecting a fitting template: To best present yourself as the most fitting candidate for a job, the design of your resume template should reflect the company’s culture and the norms within their industry. As a human resources assistant’s role is more on the administrative side, using one of our more traditional templates would be a safe bet.

3 Human Resources Assistant Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary section sits at the top of your resume, meaning it’ll likely be the first part an employer reads. To impress potential employers, this section needs to impressively present your qualifications in a way that grabs their attention and urges them to read further. Take cues from our human resources assistant resume example, or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content.

Here are a three examples you can learn from before writing your own professional summary:

  1. Detail-oriented human resources assistant experienced in maintaining employee records, approving vacation requests, documenting and forwarding employee grievances to management and more. Team player with excellent communication skills.
  2. Human resources assistant with proven experience fielding requests from three HR managers and assisting in every stage of candidate recruitment. Adept in screening applicants, scheduling interviews and conducting employee background checks.
  3. Enthusiastic human resources intern experienced assisting HR staff at an industry-leading firm. Able to answer an average of 75 calls per day and field any recruitment-related questions. Employed communication and organization skills to manage interview appointments via email and adjust managers’ weekly interview schedules accordingly.

3 Human Resources Assistant Work Experience Section Examples

Our resume examples’ work experience sections demonstrate how to highlight your most relevant past achievements in previous roles. Follow our example or use our Resume Builder pre-written bullet points. The latter can be used as-is or customized with specific figures that measure your accomplishments.

Here are a few work experience examples you might find on an HR assistant’s resume:

  1. Actively managed database of employees across 11 branch locations, reducing worker request-processing time by 21%.
  2. Successfully coordinated with 125 employees across nine teams to conduct monthly online training programs.
  3. Assisted HR manager to brief recruits on compensation, perks and benefits packages; increased new-hire onboarding speed by 32%.


Top Skills for Your Human Resources Assistant Resume

Your resume’s skills section quickly tells employers which of a role’s required hard and soft skills you possess. Take inspiration from our examples when refining your resume’s skills, or directly borrow terms offered by our Resume Builder.

Below are some examples of hard and soft skills that belong on a human resources assistant’s resume:

Hard Skills

  • Powerpoint and Google Slides
  • Database management 
  • Note-taking
  • Payroll software


Soft Skills

  • Active speaking and listening skills
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Relationship building

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Human Resources Assistant FAQs

Is knowledge of computers necessary to be a human resources assistant?

Human resources assistants must have basic computer knowledge to excel in any industry. Creating and maintaining word documents and handling spreadsheets, for example, are parts of any HR assistant’s daily routine.

How can I improve myself to be a better human resources assistant?

To succeed in this field, you must constantly enhance your communication skills. Critical listening skills will help you better understand HR managers’ instructions, perform interviews and communicate with other employees overall. Earning a bachelor’s degree in human resources, along with any additional HR-related certifications, will also help you improve in these roles.

What are the departments I am likely to work with as a human resources assistant?

As a human resources assistant, you are most likely to work alongside staffing and recruitment professionals, or other administration-focused managers. You might also have duties related to employee training and development, employee relations, compensations and benefits, and more.