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Get Expert Writing Recommendations for Your Mechanical‌ ‌Engineering‌ Resume

The mechanics of building a resume can be confusing to some job seekers, but LiveCareer makes it simple thanks to our professional resume builder. Our builder recommends pre-written content written by certified resume writers to ensure that your resume contains the industry-specific language you need to get the attention of recruiters.

Here are some examples of what LiveCareer’s Resume Builder might suggest for your mechanical engineering resume:

  • Wrote error-free project support documentation
  • Identified systems inefficiencies through performance data analysis
  • Ensured design compliance with product specifications and standards requirements
  • Read and interpreted blueprints, technical drawings, schematics and computer-generated reports

8 Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Mechanical‌ ‌Engineering‌ Resume

  • Do choose the right resume format. Choose a resume format that is right for your experience level in the field of mechanical engineering. There are three basic formats: chronological, functional, and combination. Choose the one that is right for you based on your level of experience so that you are able to highlight the most appealing parts of your background. Scroll down for mechanical engineering resume examples to see which format is right for you.

  • Do note your people skills. While personalities vary and diversity in the workforce is a good thing, in mechanical engineering there doesn’t seem to be much place for lone wolf engineers. Teamwork is key, so showing your people skills and how you’ve fit well into team situations in the past will help potential employers see you as an asset.

  • Do mention your efficiency. Compromising on quality is not a good idea in mechanical engineering, but saving money and conserving resources when possible gives evidence of good design and good engineering — something recruiters want to see. Mention how you’ve helped previous employers save money and streamline operations.

  • Don’t forget to include personal projects. Mechanical engineering projects you’ve done on your own time can show not just your skill, but also your passion — and employers desire passionate workers! List these projects, how you did them, why you did them and what you accomplished. This is especially beneficial if you have limited professional work history in mechanical engineering.

  • Don’t rely on spell check alone. Making mistakes even in small details in mechanical engineering work can mean equipment failures, wasted resources and even potential injury or lawsuits. Don’t let grammar and spelling mistakes on your resume cast doubt on your eye for detail. Proofread your work several times and then ask a trusted friend to read your document with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Don’t forget to note your license and certifications. While perhaps not required in the job you’re applying for, listing credentials such as a professional engineering license or relevant specialty certifications will only strengthen your resume.

Beat the ATS with These Mechanical‌ ‌Engineering‌ Resume Skills

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) screen resumes to identify those with the right mix of skills and keywords. Those resumes that contain the right keywords get further consideration. Those that don’t are usually eliminated from consideration.

That’s where LiveCareer’s Resume Builder can help. By identifying the right mechanical engineering keywords and skills to put in your resume, using our builder can help you get through an ATS and one step closer to getting hired.

Here are some of the skills our builder might suggest for your mechanical engineering resume:

  • Read and interpret schematics, drawings and blueprints
  • CAD design software
  • Geometric dimensioning expertise
  • Resolve mechanical and thermal design problems
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Investigate and diagnose equipment failures

Mechanical‌ ‌Engineering‌ Resumes for Every Professional Level


Mechanical Engineering Intern

In this mechanical engineering resume example, the applicant has summarized why she is qualified for the job using a functional resume format. This format serves her well since she has limited work experience, but an impressive list of relevant skills to justify hiring her as a mechanical engineering intern. This resume example shows off how entry-level applicants can highlight their strengths and qualifications while downplaying their short work history. Build my Resume


Senior Systems Engineer

As a mid-career mechanical engineer, you likely have an impressive career progression to show on your resume as well as an arsenal of industry-specific skills. To show off all of your credentials, consider using a combination resume format. In the resume example above, the applicant starts with a professional summary and then lists his relevant skills to show recruiters what he has to offer right off the bat. This resume format also allows for a detailed work history, to help further convince recruiters that he has what it takes to get the job done. Build my Resume


Mechanical Engineering Manager

Applicants for executive-level mechanical engineering roles should use a chronological resume format to outline their extensive experience in the field. In this resume example, the job seeker uses the bulk of the real estate to showcase the highlights of his long career, allowing recruiters to see his impressive career trajectory at a glance. The skills and education sections follow, allowing hiring managers to scan for other key qualifications. Build my Resume

Mechanical‌ ‌Engineering‌ Cover Letter

If you find this sample helpful, we have many more mechanical‌ ‌engineering‌ cover letter examples.

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Statistics and Facts About Mechanical‌ ‌Engineering‌ Jobs

Popular Job Titles

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Design Maintenance Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Equipment Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, O*Net

Minimum Level of Education Required

  • Mechanical Engineer: Bachelor’s degree
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician: Associate degree

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Median Annual Income by Job Title

Mechanical Engineer$87370
Mechanical Engineering Technician$56250
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Outlook (2018-2028)

Mechanical Engineer4% average growth
Mechanical Engineering Technician3% slower than average growth
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Gender Diversity in the Workforce

Mechanical Engineer

Female 90.8%

Male 9.2%

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Female 80.5%

Male 19.5%

Source: DataUSA

Pay Disparities and Gender

Mechanical Engineer

Average Male Salary$88680
Average Female Salary$76611
Men Make$13.6 percent more

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Average Male Salary$59623
Average Female Salary$43122
Men Make$27.7 percent more
Source: DataUSA

Important Employee Characteristics by Job Title

  • Mechanical Engineer: Creativity; math, mechanical, listening and problem-solving skills
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician: Creativity, attention to detail; math, mechanical and communication skills

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Common Working Conditions

  • Mechanical Engineer: Work usually in offices with other team members; occasionally visit worksites to address problems or service equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician: Work usually indoors performing a variety of tasks, with possible exposure to hazards from machinery or toxic chemicals

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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