Paramedic Resume Examples for 2024

Our professionally written paramedic resume examples can inspire you to write a compelling resume. Personalize these customer service resumes with your skills and experience to win the job!


Paramedic resume
summary examples

As the first piece of information a recruiter reads on your resume, your resume summary must quickly grab their attention and explain why you’re the perfect candidate.

Located just beneath your contact information and resume headline, the summary for a paramedic role should consist of two to four sentences that spotlight your unique customer service skills and accomplishments, functioning much like a sales pitch to highlight your key qualifications.

By focusing on your most relevant skills and experiences, you convey to prospective employers the value you could bring to their team.

Paramedics with over three years of work experience should use a resume summary. If you are a newer paramedic, either freshly graduated or with less than three years of experience, it is recommended to write an objective statement instead.

Next, we will look at examples of professional summaries for paramedics — one ineffective and one successful — to guide writing your own.

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Good example:

“An experienced paramedic with 5+ years of experience in emergency medical services, adept at responding to emergency calls, providing life-saving treatments, and transporting patients to medical facilities. Committed to delivering the highest level of patient care, focusing on safety, efficiency and quality. Proven track record of success in responding to over 1,000 emergency calls, with a 95% patient satisfaction rate.”

Why this example passes:

  • Feature quantifiable metrics to prove achievements: 5% patient satisfaction rate and responding to over 1,000 emergency calls.
  • Shows career length, 5 years.
  • Mentions employer-desired skills: providing emergency medical services and life-saving treatments.
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Bad example:

“Highly motivated individual with strong medical knowledge and excellent communication skills. Experienced in providing medical care in emergency situations. Looking to use my skills to help others in need.”

Why this example fails:

  • Doesn’t include any numbers that quantify paramedic’s performance
  • Uses vague descriptions and skills.
  • Doesn’t include years of paramedic experience.

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Paramedic resume work
experience examples

The most important part of a paramedic resume is the work experience section. To write a great resume, it’s important to nail this section. Bring your accomplishments to life by using resume action verbs to describe them. Here are a couple of paramedic job descriptions for resume examples:
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Good example:

Cottage Hospital I Aurora, ME I 8/2021-current

  • Provided life-saving medical care to patients in over 500 emergency situations as a paramedic for ABC Ambulance, achieving a 90% survival rate.
  • Utilized critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make quick and accurate decisions in high-pressure situations.

Why this example has life:

  • Numbers and statistics add detail and quantify the results this paramedic delivers: 90% survival rate and 500 emergency situations.
  • Good use of strong words and active language.
  • References specialized skills paraprofessional provides like problem-solving skills and training new paraprofessionals.
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Bad example:

Howard Hospital I Redmond, ME I 4/2023-present

  • Responded to medical emergencies.
  • Assisted with patient care.
  • Monitored vital signs.
  • Drove ambulance to medical facilities.

Why this example flat lines:

  • Lacks numbers or statistics.
  • Describes general tasks, not achievements or career highlights.
  • Uses active verbs, but doesn’t focus on results.

Paramedic resume skills examples

Here are 18 sample skills for paramedics:

  • Ambulance Transport
  • Emergency Response
  • Medication Administration
  • Care Plan Adherence
  • Wound Care
  • Treatment Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Safety Protocols
  • Patient Assessments
  • Emergency Diagnostics
  • Direct Patient Care
  • Patient Management
  • Medical Records Management
  • Patient Immobilization
  • Medical History Collection
  • Patient Transport
  • Vital Sign Monitoring
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

You should add hard skills, soft skills, and interpersonal skills to your paramedic resume. Include them in your professional summary, work experience blurbs and a dedicated skills section.

Examples of additional resume sections

A resume has five main sections: contact information, professional summary, work experience, skills and the education section. However, you can add different sections to your paramedic resume to show more achievements.

Here are some examples of optional paramedic resume sections that you could add to provide greater detail:

Examples of resume formats

The way you organize your resume is called a resume format. There are three resume formats: chronological resume, functional resume and combination resume.

The difference between resume formats is whether they emphasize your work history or skills section more prominently. The choice of format for your resume should be determined by your amount of work experience as a paramedic.

How to choose a resume format

Years of experience

Functional formats

  • Focus on skills.
  • Best for first-time paramedic who lack work experience.
  • Good for people re-entering workforce.
  • May omit dates in the work history section.
  • Skills listed above work experience.

Years of experience

Combination formats

  • Balance skills and work history.
  • Ideal for mid-career paramedic.
  • Suitable for career changers and people seeking promotion.
  • Skills next to or above work experience.

Years of experience

Chronological formats

  • Put the most focus on work history.
  • Best for paramedic with a long, steady career.
  • Most popular format.
  • Preferred by recruiters.
  • Work experience listed above skills.
Once you know the best format for you, it’s easy to pick a paramedic resume template. Templates are preformatted layouts created by design professionals to ensure your resume looks amazing!

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