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Get Expert Writing Recommendations for Your Physical Therapy Resume

LiveCareer’s quality control resume examples show you exactly what a strong resume looks like. Written by certified resume writers, our examples demonstrate how to write, design and format a resume that will get you noticed.

When you are ready to write your own, use our Resume Builder, which provides pre-written writing recommendations created by professional resume writers. You can use these suggestions as they are or change them to match your needs.

Here are some examples of what our Resume Builder might suggest for your quality control resume:

  • Inspected products and workers’ progress throughout production.
  • Cleaned and removed biohazard waste and inventory within the laboratory to comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Used measuring tools such as gauges and tape measure to identify conforming parts during production.

6 Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Quality Control Resume

  • Do customize your language to the job ad. Tailor your resume to be as relevant as possible to the job listing. For example, if the hiring manager is looking for someone with “operational improvement” experience, use that term instead of “process enhancement.”

  • Do use metrics. Remember to show rather than tell on your resume whenever possible. To accomplish this, back your experience claims up with data and numbers. For example, consider including your average throughput for quality control or the percentage reduction in defects you achieved with process improvements.

  • Do choose the right resume template. Your resume template — or design — should reflect the culture of the company to which you are applying to. It should also match the job well. Many quality control jobs involve technical documentation and a relatively matter of fact mindset. Consider choosing a more conservative quality control resume design from LiveCareer’s library of templates.

  • Don’t use negative phrasing. Quality control workers often deal with defects and addressing problems. However, don’t focus on the negative on your resume. Instead, try to frame it to show how your contributions improved quality and reduced the number of defects. In other words, focus on the positive impact rather than the problems you found.

  • Don’t forget to proofread carefully. In every quality control job, attention to detail and the ability to identify problems are essential. Obvious grammatical and typographical errors on your resume don’t reflect well on your ability to manage quality in a professional setting. Make sure to proofread carefully.

  • Don’t overuse jargon. There is a lot of technical terminology in the quality control field. Be careful about what you include on your resume. Some terms are easy to understand such as “acceptance sampling.” Others are more challenging, especially acronyms such as “ANOVA.”

Beat the ATS with These Quality Control Resume Skills

More and more employers are using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automatically analyze and prioritize quality control resumes. An ATS parses the text of a resume and determines how closely it matches the keywords and phrases used in the job description. Resumes that don’t contain these keywords are eliminated.

LiveCareer’s Resume Builder can help you pass the ATS by providing industry-specific skills suggestions and pre-written content for your work history section. Here are a few examples the builder might make for your quality control resume:

  • Operational improvements
  • Program implementation
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Materials specification
  • ISO certification
  • Part inspection
  • Six Sigma

Quality Control Resumes for Every Professional Level


Quality Assurance Intern

This job seeker is early in her career. She chose a functional resume format that emphasizes her professional skills over her somewhat limited work history. She includes details about her teamwork, organization and problem-solving skills to call attention to her abilities.

Additionally, she includes specific numbers for each of her professional skills. For example, she writes that she communicated with a team of 10 developers. These metrics add extra weight to her resume and make it more persuasive. Build my Resume


Quality Assurance Manager

This mid-career job seeker selected a combination resume format. This includes a dated work history along with a summary of qualifications. Combination formats tend to be good for mid-career applicants who have noteworthy experience but who also want to emphasize their skills.

This job seeker indicates his experience in hiring and leading teams. These qualifications can help a resume for a management role stand out. He also notes the number of team members he previously oversaw. Build my Resume


Quality Control Officer

This job seeker is applying to an executive-level position. Her resume is in a chronological format. This places the primary emphasis on her work history. She also includes specific numbers such as monitoring 50 construction projects. These details highlight her ability to take on major responsibilities.

In her skills section, she mentioned highly relevant abilities such as knowledge of OSHA regulations and blueprint reading. These skills may help her stand out against other applicants. Build my Resume

Quality Control Cover Letter

If you find this sample helpful, we have many more quality control cover letter examples.

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Statistics and Facts About Quality Control Jobs

Median Pay of Quality Control Workers (2019)

Quality Control Inspectors $38250 per year
Industrial Production Managers $103380 per year
Operations Research Analysts $83390 per year
Construction and Building Inspectors $59700 per year
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Entry-Level Education of Quality Control Workers (2019)

  • Quality Control Inspectors: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Industrial Production Managers: Bachelor’s degree
  • Operations Research Analysts: Bachelor’s degree
  • Construction and Building Inspectors: High school diploma or equivalent

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Popular Quality Control Jobs Titles

  • Quality control Inspectors
  • Industrial Production Managers
  • Operations Research Analysts
  • Construction and Building Inspectors

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, O*Net

Outlook for Quality Control Jobs by Title (2019)

Quality Control Inspectors 18% decline
Industrial Production Managers 1% little or no change
Operations Research Analysts 26% much faster than average
Construction and Building Inspectors 7% Faster than average
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Racial Diversity of Quality Control Workers (2018)

Compliance Officers

White 76.58%
Black 10.7%
Asian 6.55%
Other 2.2%
Two or More Races 3.55%
Native American 0%

Industrial Production Managers

White 85.24%
Black 4.86%
Asian 5.58%
Other 3.02%
Two or More Races 1.26%

Operations Research Analysts

White 71.21%
Black 12.7%
Asian 9.39%
Other 1.56%
Two or More Races 4.59%
Native American 3%

Construction and Building Inspectors

White 82.7%
Black 9.39%
Asian 2.47%
Other 2.2%
Two or More Races 2.79%
Native American .473%
Source: DataUSA

Gender Diversity of Auality Control Workers (2018)

Compliance officers

Female 53.4%

Male 46.6%

Industrial Production Managers

Female 21.6%

Male 78.4%

Operations Research Analysts

Female 52.5%

Male 47.5%

Construction and Building Inspectors

Female 10.7%

Male 89.3%

Source: DataUSA

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