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Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor
Home: (555) 432-1000 - Cell: - - -

Reliable and dedicated to working with staff to keep areas clean, organized and tidy. Knowledgeable about cleaning infection-prone areas such as bathrooms with care and attention to detail. Well-organized team player committed to management as well as fellow employees of Union Cellular's satisfaction. Will bring expertise in budget, inventory controls, schedule management and a 25+ year record of success working with people. Will supervise staff and offer adequate guidance to complete work before deadlines. Will conduct room inspections to confirm completion of cleaning and upkeep to established standards. Talented and passionate about leading my team to exceed expectations by keeping buildings disinfected, sanitized and looking and smelling freshly cleaned. Will contribute to positive work climate and overall team effort with pleasant attitude, dependable and on time. In the 14 months that I worked for Judy, I only took a total of 8 days off, so I will be very dependable and will work tirelessly to make Union Cellular buildings as clean and germ free as a building can possibly be.


Here is a list of the essential functions that were on the post for this job (marked by numbers), and under the functions, I will write the things (marked with an *) that I think make me the right person for this position.

1. Supervises work activities of cleaning personnel.

*I supervised staff at Benedicts and for my daycare also. For this job, I would work with each person in each building nightly to supervise cleaning of course, but to also make sure they're happy in their jobs. I believe strongly that in order to do a good job you need to not hate what you are doing. I would want them to also take pride in their work. I'll do my best to give them all of the tools they'll need to do their job at a level that makes me and upper management happy, but also so that they can be proud of themselves. For new hires, although I hope we can keep the personnel that we have now so we won't have to hire new people, but if we do lose anyone, I would teach them everything I possibly can to make sure they succeed.

2. Directs institutional custodial program to ensure clean, orderly and attractive condition of the establishment.

*As I wrote previously, I have been trained in sanitation. This knowledge is crucial when cleaning the breakrooms and the bathrooms, so nobody gets ill from cross contamination from the bathrooms to the breakrooms. I'll make sure I train not only new employees, but also the employees who are already cleaning the buildings.

*As for the orderly part, I will help each employee organize their work spaces as well as the breakroom supplies. Having a neat and organized working area, helps with not only productivity, but it helps boost your mood to not have to be frustrated because you can't find things when your surroundings are a mess. Of course when things are organized they also just look more attractive.

3. Establishes standards and procedures for the work of custodial staff.

*If standards aren't set, then there isn't anything to work towards, so I would set not just standards, but the very highest. I will work tirelessly to make sure of that. I will let the workers under me know when their cleaning isn't up to those standards, but I'll also let them know when they're doing a good job. That last part will go towards having good morale.

*If procedures aren't established, then there isn't a roadmap or trail to go by, so I am a firm believer in that.

4. Assigns staff their duties, and evaluates their work.

*I'm also a firm believer in this. It's hard to do a job well if you don't know what you are supposed to be doing. I would make a plan and assign the staff duties to make that plan come to fruition. Evaluating them will also be part of the plan. One of the ways my style and Judy's would differ is she never assigned our duties. She told me many times to just look around you and clean what is dirty. I asked her over and over to give me a list, but she never would. She would tell me when I asked that we were doing a wonderful job and she said she knew this because she was in the buildings at least weekly during the day and she never noticed anything we missed. That's totally problematic. There's no way she could track our performance during the day when employees are in the building, and once a week for a few minutes isn't nearly long enough. Also, she would never talk to us in person only through texts. In the 15 months that I worked for her, I never once saw her in person. If I'm hired for this position, I will do the exact opposite of these things. I will meet with my staff nightly in person, I'll have a duties list for each building, and I'll let them know how they're doing verbally and well as written in an evaluation letter that I'll implement. No matter how frustrating it was to work for Judy in some ways, I'm grateful too because I know how important it is to assign duties and also to be evaluated. If I'm hired, all of these negative things will help me immensely, because I'll know how it feels to not have a boss do these things.

5. Interviews, hires, and trains personnel and confers with supervisors for schedules to ensure adequate coverage.

*I've trained, hired, and interviewed employees when I worked and Benedicts and also for my daycare business, so I'm very confident that I would be able to do this without any trouble. The confers part is a very good idea. if we know that a meeting is scheduled for example then we can do things to help out beforehand and afterword to help.

6. Ensure building and grounds are clean and in orderly condition.

*I will work with the grounds crew to make sure the grounds are clean and safe for everyone. We wil keep the trash cleaned up around the buildings as well and leaves, dirt, and debris is swept away from building entrances to make it attractive. I had an inspector from the Department of Family Services who would inspect my yard to make sure it was safe and looked inviting for the kids to play, so I have some experience in keeping grounds look nice and making it safe.

7. Inventories stock to ensure adequate coverage.

*I have a lot of experience with this one form both Benedicts and my daycare. The stock was food for the kids, but also cleaning supplies and I had to make things last, so I can do the adequate coverage part too. Judy would also ask me to check our supplies when she was going to Salt Lake, so I have experience in this job doing inventory as well. She would also ask how many of each item I thought I would need to get me through until the next time she would buy supplies besides just asking what we were low on. I am very confident that I would be great at this.

8. Monitors and maintains custodial budget.

*I kept the daycare budget separate from our household budget, so I have some experience with budgets for a business. Also as far as maintaining goes, I have some experience in working for Judy cleaning the Union buildings. Vaughn and I try to use as little product as possible. We use cloth rags to clean windows and mirrors instead of paper towels. We only use the absolute smallest amount of cleaning products like toilet bowl cleaner, and other cleaning products. We also don't use a new garbage sack if there's only papers that are in it. I would train the others to also be very careful on the amount of supplies they use and I'll ask management as well as do some research on the subject to get ideas on other ways we can save money on supplies.

9. Evaluates the physical condition of buildings and makes recommendations for painting, repairs, furnishings, and relocation of equipment and space.

*I've been telling Judy when there's something that's not working or not working right and I already have ideas I would love to recommend being implemented in the two buildings I clean. When I go to the other buildings, if I get this job, I would ask the other employees what their recommendations would be, and I would have them report any future recommendations also. I would do inspections of the other buildings weekly or more if needed to make sure there are not any problems.

10. Organizes and directs employee training programs, resolves personnel problems, and evaluates employee performance and working relationship.

*I feel I'm very strong in training. Since we live so far from the larger towns where the trainings were given, I got my training credentials so that I could conduct the trainings myself. I had to contact the other providers and let them know when and where the training was and what the topic of the training was about. Since I got credit for the trainings too, I did a lot of them over the years, so I am very good at giving trainings because of that.

*As for the personnel problems, I had one employee working with me most of the time that I had my daycare, and I had quite a few when I worked at benedicts too, so I have skills from those situations. I took the concerns they had seriously and addressed and implemented where needed. I made sure I gave them a voice by always listening to their critiques and making sure they knew I would always be fair and kind in my reactions.

*An awesome working relationship between me and my staff is hugely important as well as their relationship with the other cleaning employees and the Union cellular employees as a whole as well as upper management. If things between any of these groups of people are tense, then their performance will take a hit, so it'll be my job to make sure all of these relationships are on very good footing. It'll be a tightrope walk, but I can navigate it successfully by listening carefully to complaints and act accordingly, but also I'll need to read between the lines to make sure everyone is happy and if they aren't happy, I'll need to find out what is upsetting them. Sometimes it might only be something in there personal life that's not going well and they are grumpy because of that and little things are bugging them that normally wouldn't . But I will need to get to know them personally to be able to make this distinction and the way I'll do that is working with them and watching them so I'll know the difference between a real problem and one that isn't so real, but I will still listen and talk through it with them too and help them to come to the conclusion that its not a big deal. I think I'm strong in this from working with so many parents over the 20 years of having a daycare. I had to get to know each one to be able to see if this was a real concern or if it was just a concern because they had a very rough day or week. If it was a viable concern, I would implement the changes needed to rectify it, but if it was just a bad mood or from being over tired, I would ask questions to show them the way to figuring out that it was just them being nitpicky and 95% of the time they would come to realize that it wasn't really a problem for themselves and they would tell me not to worry about it. The only way this works though is to get to know each person very well.

11. Maintains records and logs that track productivity.

*While I tracked productivity of employees under me in my daycare and at Benedicts in my head, I haven't ever recorded productivity in logs, so this would be an example of me learning from management or other department heads how to do things that I don't know how to do.

12.Investigates complaints regarding custodial service and equipment and takes corrective action as needed.

*Without critiques, we can never become the best that we can be. I want to take pride in the work I do and I would want the people working under me to be able to do that also, so I would welcome any and all complaints and I would work with the person that the complaint pertains to until the problem is rectified. I would do it in a positive way though. I wouldn't want morale to take a hit, because I think having a happy well adjusted crew is essential to being successful. If the complaint is about something that I haven't passed on to that person, or if I didn't pass it on in a way that was understood, I would hold myself accountable and won it. I would also apologize to that person since it was ultimately my fault and I would also make it known to management that it was my fault not the employees so that their record wouldn't take a hit. I think I would lose the respect of my crew if I didn't own up to the fact that it was my fault. I believe that respect between an employee and their boss needs to have respect, on both sides, in order to be completely successful. Trust also has to be high between them too and if I let them take the fall for something they would never trust me again.

*For the equipment part of this functions, I will follow the right channels and let the people know that is charge of the equipment in question know that there's a problem so the can take care of it. I've been doing this somewhat already. Vaughn and I take care of. If there's something that needs fixed, I would text Judy and she would let the maintenance know about it.

14. Coordinate activities with those of other departments.

*I'm very excited about this one. I'm sure you are all aware that there's a stigma associated with people who clean for a living and I very much want to change that perseption by being friendly myself and not afraid to engage with the people I come across. Hopefully my example will help the other cleaning employees also. I think keeping our heads down and not interacting with the other people who work for union during the day, makes it seem like we're ashamed of being a custodian. When I first started, I noticed that the employees looked through me, not because they thought I was inferior, but I think because the cleaning crew before me were taught by Judy to not speak to really not to even make eye contact with those around them. I'm sorry to keep complaining about Judy, but it drives my points home to use the good and bad in my past employments. I believe that if the employees under me, continue to feel inferior and ashamed, we won't be successful as a department I know this can be changed though, because I would not be ignored when I first started working for Judy. I went out of my way to get the attention of the employees that were still in the buildings when I got there and just smile or say hi to them Not long after they were saying hi first, so I know this is fixable. When I got the call about this job, he said the hours would be form around noon to 11:00, so I will have lots of employees to say hi to and lots of chances to break this perception. After all, confidence breeds happiness and self-worth is hugely important. There are lots of other things I can do to combat this besides being a good example. I would give them a voice by listening them when they have a problem and fixing it as much as is humanly possible. Also showing them that they're an important member of our team would be hugely beneficial to their self-confidence. As you can see I'm very passionate about that, but the function that this all relates to is working with the other departments. I think the other employees and departments should have a say in how and what they wont cleaned. I will work out a system whereby those who, for example want us to clean their desks differently than we are doing them now, can let us know that. They could also let us know if there is an upcoming meeting or event that needs special things done before and after.

15. Performs cleaning duties in case of staff shortage or emergency.

*I know how and what to clean for a lot of the buildings, but I would work alongside the employees in the buildings where I'm not as familiar with, so I can clean them in case I'm needed to

03/2020 to Current
Custodian Aspen Skiing Company, L.L.C. Aspen, CO,
  • Maintained accountability for building keys.
  • Wiped down various surfaces using approved cleaning products to prevent growth of bacteria and viruses.
  • Mopped and vacuumed floors and dusted furniture to maintain organized, professional appearance at all times.
  • Maintained janitorial equipment and performed minor repairs to extend machine life and avoid malfunctions.
  • Completed routine maintenance checks, notifying management of any needed repairs.
  • Mopped, dusted, deep cleaned bathrooms and removed trash to keep buildings in clean and orderly condition.
  • Handled and stored hazardous chemicals safely to prevent injury or illness.
  • Maintained building interiors with routine deep cleaning of high-traffic areas.
  • Checked and stocked inventory throughout facility to meet expected demands.
  • Picked up garbage to maintain grounds.
01/2000 to 02/2020
Daycare Owner/Operator Elsupermarkets Phoenix, AZ,
  • Executed administrative plan and procedures to define staff responsibilities, equitable workloads and supervisory roles.
  • Cultivated safe and happy child-friendly environment by implementing effective, sanitation and policies and procedures.
  • Recruited and trained top-quality support staff to maximize program success.
  • Achieved budgetary targets by monitoring expenses and resource utilization, cutting waste.
  • Maintained current knowledge of applicable codes and required procedures.
  • Created staffing and facility requirements to support educational offerings.
  • Interpreted government codes to meet safety and security codes.
  • Improved profit margins by streamlining operations and workflow.
  • Collaborated with others to discuss new training opportunities.
  • Achieved cost-savings by developing functional solutions to all types of problems.
11/1994 to 11/1999
Bakery Manager Benedicts Market City, STATE,
  • Minimized cross-contamination and infection risks by consistently following safe food handling procedures.
  • Coordinated product ordering, receiving and stocking.
  • Scheduled employees to keep all bakery shifts well-staffed for peak times and holidays.
  • Supervised staff.
  • Enforced staff performance and service standards to deliver consistent and positive customer experiences.
  • Motivated kitchen staff by establishing goals to increase productivity and quality.
  • Implemented surface and equipment schedules and standards to maintain clean, neat and sanitized kitchen.
  • Sought out and implemented methods to improve service and team performance to boost business sustainability.
  • Coordinated optimal guest relations from initial contact through final check-out to boost satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Interviewed, hired and supervised staff.
  • Prepared and led foodservice training programs to teach staff various tasks.
  • Kept food storage and preparation equipment in good working order to maximize safety and cost-efficiency of operations.
  • Oversaw and monitored food handling to encourage safety.
  • Trained employees on cooking techniques, safety standards and performance strategies.
  • Priced and ordered food products, kitchen equipment and food service supplies.
  • Worked with vendors to establish strong relationships and maintain proper inventory supplies.
Education and Training
Expected in 05/1987
High School Diploma:
Mountain View High School - Mountain View, WY,
  • I completed training in sanitation every year for the 20 years that I owned and operated Tiny Tykes Daycare. Also, the county health inspector would do unannounced drop in inspections 2 to 3 times a year where he/she would check my bathrooms and kitchen for cleanliness and and quizzed me to make sure I knew how to clean and sanitize properly. The Department of Agriculture would send an inspector four times a year to make sure I was sanitizing my kitchen correctly. I use these skills every night when I clean the breakrooms and bathrooms. If I was hired for this position, I would train the employees under me so they understood how to make sure these rooms in the buildings that they clean are sanitized properly.

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