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Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000,
Professional Summary
Superintendent Customer Support, Human Resource Supervisor, Personnel Manager Active DoD security clearance Twenty-one years of successful management and leadership experience with a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives. A pragmatic and focused individual recognized for "making seemingly impossible situations work." A proven and verifiable record, producing higher performance standards and enhancing productivity during a period of shrinking budgets and manpower Proficient at using Microsoft Office Professional, Internet Explorer, MilPDS, and other HR databases Superb verbal communication and multitasking skills; Typing skills of 60 words per minute Knowledge of automated personnel systems Driven
  • Types 60 WPM
  • Critical thinking
  • Project planning
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Professional phone etiquette
  • Database management
  • Articulate and well-spoken
Work History
02/2011 to Current Superintendent Gothic Landscape | East Palo Alto, CA,

  • Supervises twelve military, oversee fourteen civilians providing personnel program support for 9.9K Active Duty members across six wings for largest Force Support Squadron in Air Combat Command 
  • Led installation in-processing, executed 10K initial Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) updates; gained 1.2K personnel Enrolled, dis-enrolled and troubleshoot queries for the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)
  • Played critical role in Government shut down; led flawless resistance of 5K+ CACs for Military/Civilian personnel;Accepted and executed 120 U.S.Citizenship & Immigration Services naturalization requests
  • Process indebtedness claims to include dependent paternity; Created ID cards/Retrieved ID cards and Destroyed TESLIN identification cards; Disposed of Common Access Cards (CAC) by mailing expired/invalid CACs to appropriate facility
  • Counseled/enrolled 500+ personnel in Family, Veterans & Servicemen's Group Life Insurance Policies; Processed official parcels opened and distributed to appropriate sections or office personnel ensured information was updated in the Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS)
  • Responsible for the continuing education, training, and certification of new and experienced personnel leading over 40 in-house training sessions; RAPIDS/DEERS verifying official; led flawless re-issuance of 300+ CACs for all US military and Mission Critical DoD Contractors/Civilians
  • Updated accession data, oversaw incoming allocation briefs and managed Sponsorship Program; scheduled newcomers for the installation newcomer's orientation; Performed in-processing actions including: arrival/overdue arrival confirmations)
  • Directed four Line of Duty (LOD) investigations procedures; $2M in entitlements paid to family members without delay; processed reports of investigation, inquires and forwarded packages to HQ AFPC to become a matter of record 
  • Dedicated 40 hours to conduct report of survey; investigated/tracked 69K missing computer equipment and belonging to high tempo squadron
  • Managed leave requests; Review/Certify/Distribute permissive TDY requests; Acts as focal point for actions pertaining to personnel and their dependents - Active Duty and Retired
  • Processed marriage and divorce personnel requests; update name/SSN/sex/birth/religious denomination change requests;
  • Process reimbursement for adoption application and submit to Defense Finance and Accounting Indoctrinates unit commanders, first sergeants, and DET/OL chiefs on Family Care Programs objective
  • Administers dress and appearance program Force Management Acts as liaison for AFPC Evaluation Branch policy and processes supporting AD, guard and reserve personnel   briefs to senior leadership on changes to announcements of Base Level Delivery Model Information (BLDSM) programs affecting 9.4K assigned personnel; oversees systems updates and order processing and Case Management Systems
  • Managed 17 Management Assessment Products (MAPS) and Transaction Register (TR) for trend analysis Executed Enterprise Information Management SharePoint use; standardized Military Personnel Systems products delivery base wide Processed low-cost Permanent Change of Station position number updated; realigning 418 requirements valued at $25M in assets Directed Unfavorable Information Files, adverse action program; oversaw 225 UIF/Article 15/HR updates--enabled 25 CCs to execute discipline Retirements & Separations Process administrative discharges; Process requests for Appellate Review Leave; Perform preliminary normal separation actions; Process separation request (approved or disapproved); Process suspended discharges related to Probation/Rehabilitation (P&R)
  • Process vacated suspension related to P & R; Obtain leave balances from FSO for each member separated or discharged; Retrieve ID Cards (shared responsibility with the Customer Support Element) Retentions Process high year tenure (HYT) extensions
  • Initiates and performs quality reviews on extensions and re-enlistment documents including Special Reenlistment Bonus;
  • Process commanders Career Job Reservation (CJR) override requests; distribute reenlistment eligibility roster (Selective Reenlistment Program Roster); Process SRP actions; process enlistment/reenlistment/extension/extension cancellation documents; Update Reenlistment/Promotion Eligibility Status codes Identify and validate authorization for an Initial Enlistment Bonus (IEB)
  • Process extension for Medical Hold and Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB)/Physical Evaluation Boards (PEB); Process DJMS status reconciliation roster (shared responsibilities with Customer Support Element and Force Management Element); Manage office administrative communications, documentation, form requirements and distribution; Protect all personal data, as required by the Privacy Act of 1974.; Perform transaction register (TR) actions.
  • Developed company personnel policies, standard operating procedures and employee handbooks.
02/2006 to 02/2010 NCOIC, Career Development United States Air Force | City, STATE,

  • Supervised three Airmen; led Squadron first ever Unit Personnel Management and Unit Manning Document Training for Commander and First Sergeant Manages personnel action for the Commander's Support Staff (CSS) and provides customer service for over 380 assigned military personnel Manages performance reports and urinalysis program.
  • Maintains personnel files for fitness improvement programs, unfavorable information files and personnel information files.
  • Oversees numerous other CSS functions to include dental appointments, duty status changes, Personnel Concept III (PC III) Military Personnel Data Systems, Subsistence In Kind/Basic Allowance for Subsistence, leave, Date Eligible Return Overseas DEROS elections, publication, reenlistments, sponsorship, performance feedback worksheets (PFW), promotions, forms, personnel equipment issue
  • Led newcomer in-processing, retirement, PCS out-processing and urinalysis programs Monitors suspense actions and tasking ensuring timely coordination and completion at wing, group and squadron level Managed Personnel Records Display Application (PRADA); plans, organize and directs customer service assistance programs for 11.6K military service and family members;
  • Communicates AF Personnel initiatives to base senior leaders; responsible for staff's career development training Maintains personnel files for fitness improvement programs, unfavorable information files, personnel information files; oversees 20 personnel programs to include performance reports, urinalysis, duty status changes and in-processing 
  • Organized Commander's call; coordinated with base agencies for support, Military and Civilians made aware of AF base policies and changes Taught evaluations, feedback and assignment actions at Airmen's leadership seminars, filling 24 month gap of Professional Military Instructors
  • Advises personnel on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) actions in Accordance With Air Force Instructions & Regulations; Responsible for supervising and managing staff in upgrade and on the job training
  • Authorizes and performs quality reviews on PCS orders and amendments to ensure entitlements are received; Verifies all documents are received for PCS order before final order is forwarded to higher Headquarters Counsels all departing members on Joint Federal Transportation Regulations on weight allowances and transportation entitlements
  • Verified lawful dependents under DEERS are placed PCS orders and are cleared to travel Constructs and maintains a File Plan as a Records Custodian Manager; Initiated/guided relocation process and prepared relocation folder for individuals selected for reassignment
  • Counseled personnel on virtual Military Personnel Flight (Vmpf) briefing requirement; provided clear instruction on Overseas Continental US/Continental US travel entitlements; Prepares PCS/NATO orders 
  • Processed assignment appointments and updated weekly Transaction Registers; validated assignment applications, transmitted to Headquarters Personnel Center for update and conducted out-processing briefings; Focal point for medical Assignment Availability Code update
  • Processed AFPC assignment allocations including prisoners and patients; Validated request for release from assignment levy;
  • Process request for assignment cancellation/declination statements; formulate replies to assignment processing discrepancy inquiries; Process/update assignment availability codes and assignment limitation codes; processed Voluntary assignment application (shared responsibilities with HQ AFPC);
  • Process HQ USAF/MAJCOM nominations of individuals for special duty assignments; processed AFPC-controlled special duty assignments; Processed senior officer assignments; Processed request for Secretary of the Air Force Waivers
  • Managed overseas tour data; Process request for Command Sponsorship; Process Concurrent Travel (CCTRVL) request.
  • Update overseas tour data; Process Dependent Student Travel Request; processed assignment notifications; provided departure notification listing to base agencies for separating, retirement and PCS
  • Conducts relocation processing procedures, accomplished required relocation updates for PCS and training; Managed virtual out-processing account (receive request for addition/deletion, change in level of access)
  • Updated and ensured data accuracy of HRS using standard MAPS/Data Reconciliation provided by AFPC or local Discoverer to review the officer and airman data for error or incompatible conditions (for example, duplicate AFSC, skill or grade mismatch, missing or overdue officer upgrade actions, erroneous conversion actions, missing prerequisite AFSC (shared responsibilities with customer support element, force management element and AFPC
  • Managed Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) for those bases without a Nuclear program (shared responsibility with HQ AFPC)
02/2000 to 02/2006 Commander Support Staff HQ Air Force Personnel Center Randolph AFB | City, STATE,

  •  Manages higher headquarters processing of officer and enlisted involuntary separations for the entire Air Force, monitoring the status of such activities with Major Commands (MAJCOMs), Numbered Air Forces (NAFs) and Military Personnel Flights (MPFs)
  • Oversee the process of officer involuntary separations as a result of non-selection for promotion; verified the need for and calculated recoupment amounts for officer involuntary discharge actions
  • Interprets Air Force Instructions (AFIs) and policy pertaining to Administrative Separation of Airmen; Administrative Discharge Procedures for Commissioned Officer and Separating Commissioned Officers 
  • Reviewed and prepared involuntary discharge packages for compliance and forwards to Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council (SAFPC) for secretarial decision; updates MilPDS and monitors and analyzes transactions for accuracy Provided accurate counseling to MAJCOMs, MPSs and individuals regarding involuntary separation procedures and officers' eligibility for transition benefits, separation pay and complicated recoupment issues
  • Co-authored revision of Promotion Release Instructions resulting from FY01 legislative changes; Processed over 700 officer/enlisted applications under the FY04 Force Shaping Program; assisted with Stop Loss waives, coordinated with MPFs and MAJCOMs with members transition to civilian life 
  • Updated and processed 8.7K officer and enlisted separations under the Air Force Shaping Program Phase I and II, AF met FY05 end of strength goal; tracked 108 application for Blue-to-Green, forwarding to SAFPC seamless process meeting FY06 end strength goal 
  • Processed Training Allocation Notification Rips; processed formal training quotas; prepared and processed Squadron Officer School (SOS) Advised members on personnel procedures; Process officer professional education; Process school declinations; 
  • Established ADSC for officers using Tuition Assistance and updated the Air Force Automated Education Management System (AFAEMS) (shared responsibility with HQ AFPC)
  • Processed applications for undergraduate navigator/pilot/space training, USAF test pilot school, and fighter intercept weapons school and counsel individuals accordingly; Process subject matter expert and board member TDYs; Define training requirements and liaison for members and school house; Rack and stack NCOA eligibility; Reviews and inspects records; coordinates with the Commandant of disqualifications and waivers.
  • Advised leadership on $35K budget; justified fallout monies/procured vital items--ensured zero mission degradation
  • Responsible for management of key commander's program including Weight Management, Cycle Ergometry, Leave Intro and Newcomer's Orientation; performs Personnel Concept III (PCIII) functions in the Commander's Support Staff office for over 300 assigned personnel Manages PC-III transaction registers,
  • Responsible for all personnel action including reenlistments, promotions rosters, Weighted Airmen Promotion Systems (WAPS) testing, assignment selection and notification actions, coordination of sponsors, and in-and-out processing actions
  • Maintained leave number database; continuity with conjoined Commander's Support Staffs, ensuring standardization and accountability; monitors suspense actions and tasking ensuring timely coordination and completion at wing, group and squadron level.
02/1999 to 02/2000 Personnel Manager United States Air Force | City, STATE,
  • Developed company personnel policies, standard operating procedures and employee handbooks.
  • Developed and facilitated all new-hire orientations.
  • Conducted employment verifications and investigations.
  • Built a comprehensive employee recruiting strategy.
  • Oversaw daily office operations for staff of 4 employees.
  • Composed and drafted all outgoing correspondence and reports for managers.
  • Oversaw inventory and office supply purchases.
  • Complied annual recommendations for end of fiscal year budgets.
  • Ordered and distributed office supplies while adhering to a fixed office budget.
  • Coordinated domestic and international travel arrangements, including booking airfare, hotel and transportation.
02/1997 to 02/1998 Commander's Support Staff Rep United States Air Force | City, STATE,
  • Maintained integrity of general ledger, including the chart of accounts.
  • Analyzed monthly balance sheet accounts for corporate reporting.
  • Cooperated with engineering, manufacturing and corporate accounting to verify that quality standards were met.
  • Supervised accounts receivables clerks, team of five.
  • Compiled financial reports pertaining to cash receipts, expenditures and profit and loss.
02/1993 to 02/1997 Quality Actions Specialist United States Air Force | City, STATE,
  • Supervised and coordinated projects for external auditors and examiner evaluations.
  • Communicated audit results to upper management through written reports and oral presentations.
  • Reported internal control issues to management and supplied comprehensive recommendations to mitigate the associated risks.
  • Oversaw daily office operations for staff of 2 employees.
Expected in Current Bachelor of Science | Sociology Ashford University, Clinton IA, GPA:
Expected in 1 2013 Certified Contracting Officer Rep Course, Acquisition Management Integration Center, 2014 Records Custodian Training, 2013 Casualty Assistance /Search and Recovery Training | , , GPA:
  • Continuing Education in Sociology
  • Emphasis in Childhood Development
Expected in 1 2013 Associates of Applied Science | Human Resources Community College of Air Force, , GPA:
    Human Resources
  • 4.0 GPA
Expected in 1 2007 Joint Senior Non-Commissioned Office PME Course, 2013 Site Security Manager, Rapids DMDC Course, 2012 Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (Supervisor Manager) | United States Air Force, , GPA:
Expected in Contingency Response Mission Orientation Course, 2000 Airman Leadership Supervisory Training, United States Air Force, 1999 Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution, 1998 Personnel Apprentice Course | United States Air Force, , GPA:
Expected in United States Air Force Basic Military Training Course, 1993 | , , GPA:
Expected in 2013 Associate of Applied Science | Human Resources Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell AFB, AL GPA:
Accounting, Administrative, AD, Air Force, Basic, benefits, budget, Concept III, conversion, Council, counseling, CSS, customer service, Customer Support, database, Delivery, documentation, filling, Finance, Focus, forms, forth, Government, HR, instruction, Insurance, Leadership, Mgmt, managing, Access, Office, 2000, 2K, weapons, Monitors, Enterprise, navigator, Personnel, Personnel Management, Policies, processes, Promotion, publication, quality, Reporting, requirement, secretarial, seminars, Supervisor, Supervisory, supervising, Transportation, trend, troubleshoot, upgrade

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Ashford University
  • Community College of Air Force
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Air Force
  • Community College of the Air Force

Job Titles Held:

  • Superintendent
  • NCOIC, Career Development
  • Commander Support Staff
  • Personnel Manager
  • Commander's Support Staff Rep
  • Quality Actions Specialist


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Certified Contracting Officer Rep Course, Acquisition Management Integration Center, 2014 Records Custodian Training, 2013 Casualty Assistance /Search and Recovery Training
  • Associates of Applied Science
  • Joint Senior Non-Commissioned Office PME Course, 2013 Site Security Manager, Rapids DMDC Course, 2012 Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (Supervisor Manager)
  • Contingency Response Mission Orientation Course, 2000 Airman Leadership Supervisory Training, United States Air Force, 1999 Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution, 1998 Personnel Apprentice Course
  • United States Air Force Basic Military Training Course, 1993
  • Associate of Applied Science

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