pizza maker resume example with 4+ years of experience

Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000,

Cheerful with 2 years of experience taking customer orders and preparing food. Well-rounded with skills in answering customers' questions, recording order information in POS system and and knowing menu items. Attentive to customer requests to complete orders correctly. Organized, aiming to fulfill fast food role within dynamic team. Excellent skills in customer service and skill with high attention to detail. Committed to providing friendly service and delicious products to keep customers coming back. Brings 2 years of experience to hardworking food service teams. Committed to maintaining clean, efficient kitchens and smooth food prep operations.

I am also skilled in Dental Assisting. Office, and chairside. I have sterilization training, as well as CPR. I would make a great administrative asset to your team.

  • Food processing
  • Ingredient preparation
  • Spoilage prevention
  • Kitchen organization
  • Grilling
  • Kitchen equipment cleaning
  • Stocking supplies
  • Stocking ingredients
  • Plating dishes
  • Organization
  • Project organization
  • Supervision
  • Inventory management
  • CCTV
  • Cleaning and sanitization
  • Customer service
  • Problem resolution
  • Planning and coordination
  • First Aid/CPR
  • MS Office
  • Team building
  • Communications
  • Team management
  • Operational improvement
  • Insurance billing
01/2019 to 08/2021 Pizza Maker Domino's Pizza | De Kalb, TX,
  • Maintained consistent quality and high accuracy when preparing identical dishes every day.
  • Answered guest questions, delivering most accurate and updated information available.
  • Complied with safety and sanitation guidelines to maintain health and well-being of customers and other staff.
  • Modified standard recipes to account for ingredient issues or customer requests, including allergen concerns.
  • Precooked garnishes such as bacon pieces for later use to top off fresh dishes.
  • Kept stations stocked and ready for use to maximize productivity.
  • Communicated with customer to provide menu offering details and assist with decision-making.
  • Instructed kitchen staff to work on clean surfaces and wipe down counters with company-approved cleaning products.
  • Built pizzas using proper amount of dough and quantities of toppings according to specifications.
  • Operated pizza oven and brick oven along with other kitchen equipment to prepare authentic Italian dishes.
  • Stocked and managed inventory items using First-In First Out (FIFO) method to use products prior to expiration and reduce food waste.
  • Created pizzas per shift by topping pizzas with ingredients per customer orders.
  • Created from-scratch pizza dough daily in large quantities following authentic Italian recipe.
  • Promoted pizza products and distributed promotional materials through Mod and Myself.
  • Assisted customers, including answering questions and preparing orders.
  • Provided customer service everyday by imputing customer orders, processing credit and cash transactions and responding to questions and concerns.
  • Organized food preparation stations and replenished supplies regularly.
  • Learned to prepare rotating list of new and seasonal items by attending training and applying new techniques.
07/2018 to 01/2019 Food Server Affinity Gaming | Sparks, NV,
  • Provided exceptional service to numerous customers per day at this establishment.
  • Assisted customers in selecting appetizers, entrees and desserts and recommended alternative items for food allergies and gluten intolerances.
  • Restocked nonperishable food items, condiments and napkins to keep pantry well-supplied.
  • Inventoried food supplies to determine needs and replenish stations.
  • Placed dishes, utensils and beverages on food trays for delivery to rooms and confirmed that individuals received ordered meals.
  • Welcomed incoming patrons and seated at optimal locations based on individual preferences and server balancing requirements.
  • Collaborated with host, bus person and cook to efficiently serve food and beverage options.
  • Responded quickly to customer concerns and inquiries and provided appropriate answers, escalating major issues to none immediately.
  • Worked with bar staff to obtain alcoholic beverages and refills for customers throughout restaurant.
  • Relayed orders and special requests to cooks, monitoring finished dishes for accuracy with preferences.
  • Reset tables between guests, including refilling condiments and wiping down all surfaces.
  • Prepared salads, appetizers and set up garnish stations to assist kitchen staff.
  • Checked on guests to verify satisfaction with meals and suggested additional items to increase restaurant sales.
  • Calculated charges, issued table checks and collected payments from customers.
  • Collected empty plates and glasses to minimize bussing requirements between customers.
  • Welcomed guests with personable attitude and smile, offering to bring beverage orders while reviewing menu options.
  • Completed final preparations of dishes and quickly delivered items to customers.
  • Set up tables and counters to prepare dining and serving areas.
  • Assisted kitchen staff with food counts by determining number of items required for complete service.
  • Prepared and served cold, hot and nuetral beverages to guests.
  • Designed custom private function and banquet packages for business dinners, sales presentations, club meetings, weddings and charity events.
  • Arranged place settings with fresh tablecloths, tableware and flowers to beautify table.
  • Requested photo identification from patrons ordering alcoholic beverages to verify legal age of consumption.
  • Answered phone inquiries to schedule and confirm reservations, record takeout orders and respond to service questions.
  • Maintained polite and professional demeanor to patrons to encourage inquiries and order placements.
  • Completed closing duties by emptying trash, safeguarding alcohol and polishing silverware.
  • Plated food and assessed plate presentation to maintain highest standard of food quality.
  • Presented patrons with menus and specials promptly after seating, following up to address questions before taking orders.
  • Performed walked throughs during service to monitor guest satisfaction and advise serving and bussing staff of specific guest needs.
  • Operated and maintained cleaning equipment and tools, including dishwasher, hand wash stations, pot-scrubbing station and trash compactor.
  • Explained menu options to guests, offered suggestions and took orders for food and beverages.
  • Confirmed customers' ages for alcohol service and discontinued service to intoxicated guests.
  • Met or exceeded sales targets on consistent basis with proactive promotional strategies and dessert mentions.
  • Completed thorough and accurate opening and closing duties to facilitate smooth restaurant operations.
  • Greeted newly seated guests quickly and efficiently.
  • Checked with guests to get feedback on food served, resolve issues, bring additional items and refill beverages.
  • Addressed concerns or complaints quickly to improve service and escalated more advanced issues to management for resolution.
  • Minimized customer wait times by efficiently taking and filling large volume of orders each day.
  • Reviewed identification for patrons before serving alcoholic drinks.
  • Communicated with event coordinators to verify appropriate and adequate accommodations for larger parties.
  • Educated guests on daily specials and appetizers, entrees, desserts and other menu items.
  • Maintained knowledge of menu items, garnishes, ingredients and preparation methods to assist guests with menu selection.
  • Prepared both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as specified by patrons, consistently delivering to tables or bar without spillage.
  • Washed buffet, restaurant and banquet items, including silverware, dishes, cooking utensils, equipment and displays.
  • Circulated within assigned areas to assess and address customer needs, effectively prioritizing tasks during peak hours.
  • Updated repeat customers on menu changes and new food and beverage offerings to maintain quality service relationships.
  • Communicated effectively with patrons to establish preferences and dietary restrictions and make food and beverage recommendations.
  • Cleaned dishes with detergent, rinsing and sanitizing chemicals-compartment sink.
  • Processed customers' payments and provided receipts.
  • Carefully transferred orders from kitchen and bar areas to tables and cleared plates as patrons finished food and beverage items.
  • Served plated dinners, buffet-style dinners and passed hors d'oeuvres for parties.
  • Applied safe food handling and optimal cleaning strategies to protect customers from foodborne illness and maintain proper sanitation.
  • Sent orders to kitchen staff by computer.
  • Greeted customers, answered questions and recommended specials, wine and desserts to increase profits.
  • Rearranged tables and chairs, located or rolled extra silverware and planned ahead to prepare for large groups.
02/2016 to 12/2017 Customer Service Associate Bad Dragon | Phoenix, AZ,
  • Reviewed account and service histories to identify trends and issues.
  • Supported customer service goals and enhanced relations through friendly, knowledgeable and positive communication.
  • Shared detailed information regarding [Product or Service] options to help customers make decisions.
  • Consulted with customers regarding [Product or Service] needs, addressing [Type] concerns.
  • Processed customer account changes, using [Software].
  • Educated customers on special pricing opportunities and company offerings.
  • Delivered fast, friendly and knowledgeable service for routine questions and service complaints.
  • Documented conversations with customers to track requests, problems and solutions.
  • Met and exceeded productivity targets by handling every interaction with top-notch customer service.
  • Provided excellent services for customers by following up on issues, [Action] and [Action].
  • Interacted with customers and retail buyers to follow-up on shipping statuses and expedited orders.
  • Set up and activated customer accounts to maintain QA satisfaction levels.
  • Aided senior leadership during executive decision-making processes and generated daily reports to recommend corrective actions and improvements.
  • Managed accurate and adequate cash stock and inventory balances.
  • Created and implemented process improvements to reduce workloads and bolster callback efficiency.
  • Achieved high quality marks on quality assurance evaluations through [Action].
  • Strengthened operational efficiencies by developing organizational filing systems for confidential customer records and reports.
  • Expressed appreciation for patronage, inviting and encouraging customer return visits.
  • Took special orders in person and over telephone, generating $[Amount] in additional revenue every month.
  • Capitalized on opportunities to enhance customer experiences and bring in repeat business.
  • Ranked in top [Number]% for customer satisfaction among [Number] competing [Job titles].
  • Answered [Number]+ inbound calls per day and directed to designated individuals or departments.
  • Worked with external [Type] representatives to address customer needs.
  • Diminished financial discrepancies and managed monetary transactions, including deposits and credit card transactions.
  • Recommended, selected and helped locate merchandise based on customer needs and desires.
  • Established membership loyalty, executing flawless customer retail account management.
  • Upheld privacy and security requirements established by [Type] regulatory agencies.
  • Achieved top satisfaction, retention and referral rankings on consistent basis.
  • Completed diverse tasks on daily basis to serve customer needs, including processing and issuing money orders, managing returns and exchanges, and logging daily shipments.
  • Determined accurate prices for [Type] customer services, consistently searching for deals and best prices for customers.
  • Evaluated benefits for each caller to determine service needs and address concerns.
  • Improved service quality and increased sales by developing strong knowledge of company's products and services.
  • Earned Top Seller for [Timeframe] through [Action].
  • Contacted customers about potential service upgrades, new [Type] services and account changes.
  • Performed store opening duties, including counting cash drawers and checking all equipment for proper functioning.
  • Informed customers about billing procedures, processed payments and provided payment option setup assistance.
  • Increased customer traffic count by [Number]% and retail sales by [Number]%.
  • Exceeded team goals and collaborated with staff to implement customer service initiatives.
  • Liaised between customers and retail buyers to expedite orders and meet customer demands.
  • Excelled in exceeding daily credit card application goals.
  • Routinely prepared and evaluated CRM reports to identify problems and areas for improvement.
  • Maintained [Number]% accuracy rate when preparing weekly [Type] and [Type] reports for management based on data from various sources.
  • Provided detailed monthly departmental reports and updates to senior management.
  • Collected, monitored and evaluated customer requirements to achieve desired delivery time and order fill rates.
  • Oversaw warranty counseling process to manage expense controls.
  • Increased customer satisfaction ratings [Number]% by effectively answering questions, suggesting effective solutions and resolving issues quickly.
  • Asked probing questions to determine service needs and accurately input information into electronic systems.
  • Implemented [Software] for [Task], resulting in [Result].
  • Investigated technical issues using knowledge base and personal experience to complete timely resolutions.
  • Improved productivity by providing CSR performance feedback for corrective action.
  • Ranked as most effective in [Action] out of [Number] representatives.
  • Managed needs of [Type] customers in busy [Type] environment alongside team of [Number] customer relations professionals.
  • Consulted with customers to determine best methods to resolve service and billing issues.
  • Evaluated customer account information to assess current issues and determine potential solutions.
  • Lead on- and off-site customer support teams across multiple time zones.
  • Served needs of as many as [Number] customers per shift, including collecting payments, tracking rewards and handling customer service issues.
  • Exceeded company productivity standards [Number]% on consistent basis, handling more than [Number]% of quota each day.
  • Cross-trained on [Type] and [Type] roles in order to provide skilled back-up for customer-facing teams.
  • Fielded customer complaints and queries, fast-tracking them for problem resolution.
  • Maximized customer satisfaction by handling more than [Number] customer email and telephone interactions each day.
  • Escalated customer concerns, store issues and inventory requirements to supervisors.
  • Exceeded [Timeframe] service goals while leveraging customer service, sales and employee management best practices.
  • Provided advice and front-line expertise to internal committees in order to improve team, service and procedural standards.
  • Escalated customer satisfaction ratings by offering valuable insights to customers needs and expectations.
  • Replenished shelves to maintain adequate merchandise levels.
  • Mentored junior team members and managed employee relationships.
  • Achieved high sales percentage with consultative, value-focused customer service approach.
  • Developed, implemented and monitored programs to maximize customer satisfaction and manage on-site customer service representatives.
  • Executed [Number] outbound calls each week to existing customers, resulting in [Number]% increase in sales.
  • Worked under strict deadlines and responded to service requests and emergency call-outs.
  • Kept detailed records of customer accounts, including actions taken, issues resolved and [Type] information.
  • Trained [Number] new employees each [Timeframe] in procedures and policies in order to maximize team performance.
  • Answered customer questions and addressed concerns, resulting in [Number]% reduction in complaint calls.
  • Prepared and sold broad range of customized merchandise to individuals and commercial accounts.
  • Translated services for [Number]-person team to serve [Language]-speaking customer needs.
  • Delivered service and support to each customer, paving way for future business opportunities.
  • Interviewed customers regarding [Type] issues and reported feedback to management team.
  • Developed [Number] new customer prospects or referrals each [Timeframe].
  • Cultivated impactful relationships with customers and drove business development by delivering product knowledge.
  • Prevented key account losses by researching discrepancies for corrective action.
  • De-escalated problematic customer concerns, maintaining calm, friendly demeanor.
  • Maintained up-to-date knowledge of store policies regarding payments, returns and exchanges in order to provide speedy and accurate service to each customer.
  • Assisted approximately [Number] customers each [Timeframe] with [Product or Service] questions.
  • Dispatched drivers to meet daily delivery needs for company customers.
  • Provided top quality control and eliminated downtime to maximize revenue.
  • Assessed customer needs and upsold products and services to maximize [Type] sales.
  • Updated [Type] system with order specifics and customer details, preferences and billing information.
  • Worked with [Job title] to develop customer service improvement initiatives.
  • Answered [Number] daily phone calls to resolve [Type] customer issues efficiently.
Education and Training
Expected in 05/2014 High School Diploma | Penn High School, Mishawaka, IN GPA:
Expected in | Dental Assisting Ross Medical Education Center, Mishawaka, Mishwaka, GPA:

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Penn High School
  • Ross Medical Education Center, Mishawaka

Job Titles Held:

  • Pizza Maker
  • Food Server
  • Customer Service Associate


  • High School Diploma
  • Some College (No Degree)

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