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Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Home: (555) 432-1000 - Cell: - - -
Professional Summary
Highly motivated Sales Associate with extensive customer service and sales experience. Outgoing sales professional with track record of driving increased sales, improving buying experience and elevating company profile with target market.
ELIS (USCIS Electronic Immigration System) EPMS (Enterprise Print Manager Service) FDNS-DS (Fraud Detection & National Security-Database System) IFRS (Intranet Fraud Referral System) NFTS(National File Tracking System) - National (AR-11, CIS, Claims-3) C-4 (Switchboard) SMART (Standard Management Analysis & Reporting Tool) LIFT- Lite (Local Inventory & File Tracker) Q-Flow(Information Customer System) NASS WEBTA 3.8.30 ESTAT (Electronic Statistical Automated Activity Tracker) NQP5 Safeguarding Secure Forms USCIS Handbook Certificate of Completion Safeguarding OSI Sensitive Property Certificate of Completion USCIS Computer Security Awareness Training TECS Security and Privacy Awareness Course DHS Basic Records Management DHS Electronic Records Management Security Awareness Training (SAT) USCIS Privacy Awareness Training Anti-Harassment Training Sexual Harassment by FCi Federal Social Engineering Active Shooter Training
  • Guest services
  • Inventory control procedures
  • Merchandising expertise
  • Loss prevention
  • Cash register operations
  • Product promotions
Work History
Bickford Senior Living , ,
Immigration Service Assistant General Dynamics , ,
  • West Palm Beach Field Office.
07/2016 to Present
Records Manager Bickford Senior Living Raytown, MO, United States
  • Hours per week: 40 Main responsibility involves scheduling naturalization ceremonies and acts as preparer of naturalization certificates in ELIS (USCIS Electronic Immigration System), EPMS (Enterprise Print Manager Service) and C-4 Switchboard databases.
  • Generates N-647, validation, certificate, country of origin reports prior to ceremonies.
  • Search, compare and edit applicant's names in National - CIS based on ELIS and C-4 Switchboard to make sure that the applicant's names are exactly the same in ELIS, C-4 and NATIONAL.
  • During naturalization ceremonies I take lead in checking in applicants, managing crowd control and communicating to applicants all necessary information after their citizenship.
  • Prepare and finalize approved N400 Petitions for Name Change, print certificates and assist in judicial oath ceremony in the Federal District Court at least once a month.
  • Responsible for closing out Naturalization Oath ceremony in C-4 Switchboard.
  • Responsible for creating destruction logs for void certificates and Permanent Resident cards.
  • Making sure all secured forms and seals are fully locked in my safe on a daily basis.
  • Serve as back-up to supervisors to ensure that all safes in Secured Forms safe room are locked and confirming the same in a daily report sheet.
  • Outstanding team-player with the naturalization team.
  • Spearheaded and assist in streamlining processes to improve work flow in Naturalization Oath Ceremonies.
  • Create and manage monthly reports in spreadsheet to show total number of applicants naturalized and countries of citizenship to supervisors, record manager, and analysts.
  • Assist in preparation and printing of N-600 naturalization certificates.
  • Responsible for laminating travel documents for applicants upon request of Immigration Service Officers.
  • Excellent communicator and leader representing Immigration Service Assistants before the Field Office Director's Quality Management Committee for West Palm Beach Field Office.
  • Active volunteer for several groups such as Social Committee, monthly breakfast club, Wellness and Health Group, CFC Federal donation campaign and other charitable and social endeavors to help promote work-life balance for all employees.
  • Assist in Q-Flow of applicants in front desk.
  • Inputs information in Q-Flow database for Info Pass appointments and making sure all interviews for N400, I-485 and I-130 applicants are processed in Q-Flow database.
  • Search and print FBI fingerprint and Name Check results for applicants in process for I-485 and N-400 applications using National/Claim/CIS system.
  • Assist in scheduling and preparing bundles for N400 and I-485 applications prior to Adjudicator's interviews.
  • Process name check request from adjudicators and ability to use National - Claims to search for fingerprint tracking and name check and print results for adjudicators and supervisors.
  • Note: Although I have not met the one (1) year time in grade as an Immigration Service Assistant, I fall into one of the exception of "having a law degree or L.L.B.
  • degree from an accredited law school".
  • I graduated with a law degree from the University of the Philippines which is an accredited law school/university from the Philippines.
  • I passed the Bar so I am a licensed lawyer in the Philippine Bar.
  • Also I used my law degree and worked as a litigation paralegal in several law firms for more than 15 years in Washington, D.C.
  • prior to working with the USCIS in West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Based on my legal background and education I have great understanding of the immigration laws and rules and I possess the ability to apply immigration laws to the facts of each case or application.
  • Outstanding bilingual translator.
  • Assisted several adjudicators and FDNS Officers in translating and writing in Tagalog language for applicants from the Philippines during their interviews and investigations.
  • Shadowed adjudicators in using ELIS system during interviews with applicants for N400, I-485 and I-130 applications.
  • Shadowed FDNS Officers in conducting bed checks, obtaining sworn statements during their investigations.
  • Collaborated, networked and assisted other special agents from CBP, ICE and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Supervisor: Ernest Diaz (561) 904-4290 Okay to contact these Supervisors: Yes for both.
Data Entry Clerk/Administrative Assistant D.R. Horton, Inc. , ,
  • USCIS West Palm Beach Field Office.
11/2015 to 07/2016
General Office Worker Attorney Resource Dallas, TX,
  • 26,250.00 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills: Provide timely support to FDNS Immigration Officers by inputting relevant information from files into the FDNS-DS Database based on a Request for Assistance (RFA), Public Safety Concern, National Security Concernsreferral sheets submitted by Adjudication Officers or any USCIS Service Centers.
  • Efficiently complete all DS Tabs and scan and upload all pertinent documents from case to the FDNS-DS database prior to Officer's review.
  • Input initial intake in the IFRS (Intranet Fraud Referral System) from all fraud referrals from Adjudicating Officers.
  • Played a major role in training and assisting SISO and Adjudicating Officers in creating new fraud referral in IRFS.
  • Responds to Adjudication Officers in trouble shooting in all issues with IFRS.
  • Overseethe efficient flow of referrals in IFRS to make sure that all Intakes and work is completed before deadline.
  • Create and maintain all the spreadsheets listing all active cases for all FDNS Officers and takes sole responsibility in the control, movement and organization of all files in FDNS Office.
  • Responsible in receiving, requesting and locating A-files in response to ISO's request for status of case from daily walk-in Applicants and initial all file request from FDNS Officers to all USCIS locations.
  • Prepare work folders for bed check site and work-related site visits by conducting research using several search engines and system queries in TECS/CIS/CLAIMS-3, AR11 (Applicant Address), CIS (9101, 9102, 9103, 9504 queries), research basic company information and MapQuestdriving directions to site locations and producing and organizing application forms, referrals, pertinent documents and driving directions in work file folder for all FDNS Officers.
  • Input fraud tip letters into the FDNS-DS Database.
  • Scan and upload fraud tip letters and documents to DS, open RFA query, research CIS and Claims-3 queries and update information in various Tabs of FDNS-DS system prior to submission to FDNS Officers.
  • Excellently coordinate and perform all administrative work such as assisting other governmental agencies such as FBI, Department of State, Homeland Security Investigations, Sheriffs of Palm Beach, Customs and Border Patrol, ICE-ERO special agents in producing copies of all pertinent documentsof applicants along with the Disclosure of RecordsStatement.
  • Plays a positive role in establishing and maintaining a smooth working relationship with Supervisors, Adjudication Officers, ISO's and ISA's by efficiently responding to request for updates of files.
  • Skilled team player and consistently exhibits positive attitudein daily work routine as proven in several Certificate of Achievement awards for displaying professionalism and always having a positive attitude such as the FL Brain Cancer 5K Award, Bright Idea Award for USCIS to Participate in Community as a Team - FL Brain Cancer 5K, Positive Attitude Award for gladly delivering N-400 bundles with a smile and very courteous and for working her bundles that are always well prepared, numbers are clear and files are always in order, Recognition of her willingness to assist without hesitation to her fellow employees, Shining Star Certificate in recognition of brightening everyone's day at the WPB Field Office, Team Player Award for outstanding teamwork performance, Betty Crocker Award for providing tasty treats to fellow employees, Coffee Concierge Award for making coffee to all employees and bringing coffee to our vision-impaired co-worker and Positive Attitude Award for motivating and exhibiting positive attitude towards co-workers in our daily power lunch walking.
  • Supervisor: Timothy Shavers, FDNS Supervisory Manager (813) 712-8693 or Gabriel Romero, FDNS Officer (561-904-4164 - work) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes - Records Department.
09/2014 to 11/2015
, ,
  • Salary: 24,000.00 USD Per Year Hours per week: 40 Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills: Naturalization (N-400).
  • Excellent and efficient work in bundling N-400 applications prior to Interview by performing quality control securitycheckfor file integrity, TEC hits, positive name check results and expired biometrics.
  • Outstanding ability and efficiency in processing and bundling N-400 applications in high speed with no errors of at least 15 minutes for a bundle of 8 N-400 files.
  • Proven ability to quickly generate a daily N-400 pick list from queue and export to excel chart ready for Q-Flow window to use early in the morning.
  • Efficient processing of retirement files after Naturalization.
  • Prepare and transfer all N-400 Retirements and Denials by accounting for the movement of files from our field office to other locations including inputting in NFTS, boxing and printing manifests to the National Service Center.
  • Excellent ability to daily send out N-400 Approved files and I-485 Approved Applications in high count and completion of work in short amount of time with no error count after reporting.
  • Knowledge of the "Q-Flow" system to check customers in, answer general inquiries, and assist in guiding the public to the right direction and trained to use the Scheduler software to schedule N-400, I-485 and other applications regularly adjudicated by the West Palm Beach field office.
  • Performed daily interfiling of documents into files.
  • Provided positive feedback in file room to improve code and file locations based on logic and practical applications for easier interfiling and location of files by all WPB users.
  • Completed accurate statistical and other required reports using DHS electronic systems like, NFTS, National, and IBIS databases.
  • Performing analysis on files, reports and information systems and databases to update information and maintain data integrity.
  • Received multiple Awards including a Positive Attitude Award from an adjudication officer for delivering N-400 bundles gladly, always very courteous and with a smileand presenting N-400 forms in clear and legible writing.
  • Other certificates of recognition will be provided.
  • Assist in preparing Naturalization ceremony packets.
  • Adjustment of Status(I-485).
  • Performed post adjudication review of all adjustment of status cases.
  • Reviews include making sure the application are properly annotated and processing sheets are correctly filled out, verify that proper stamps and signatures are affixed, and correctly dated and that files are closed in ICMS, before the files depart the office.
  • Responsible for reviewing forms I-751, and I-485 to establish the proper code of entry and adjustment and that proper adjustment code is used in cases which resulted in removal of condition.
  • Daily Mail Outs and Interfiling Work.
  • Performed all mail outs and interfiling on a daily basis.
  • Screen all files and review includes quality control to ensure that no files are forwarded to any service centers with open applications and all files are properly closed in ICMS.
  • Performing analysis of each file and if an application is open or no proper stamps and signatures are affixed and dated, investigation Adjudicating Officer to obtain proper stamps, signatures and date on the application.
  • Responsible for movement and transfer of files and accounting for the movement of files to other USCIS locations and conducting audits of files.
  • Regular use of National File Transfer System (NFTS) to ensure the proper transfer of files to different locations.
  • Routinely use National - AR-11 to check current address for undeliverable correspondence received, National - Claims to ensure that A-files are correctly related to applicants and beneficiary and regular use of Switchboard (C-4) to check status of different applications.
  • Performed interfiling work with Adjudicating Officers and Immigration Service Officers and locate files to properly interfilethe documents inside each file.
  • Process and print of Routing Slips for documents or file being transferred to different locations and boxing or packaging them to send out to different locations.
  • Assisted Records in performing regular audits in file room.
  • Count files for each shelf assigned or for each Section of field office and provide written totals to file room supervisor for final count in their audit.
  • Trained new Immigration Services Assistant.
  • Trained new federal employees in prepping N-400 bundles and desk auditing these files to their assigned shelving in file room.
  • Outstanding performer in bundling N-400 Applications and distributing N-400 bundles to Adjudicating Officers as I received Positive Attitude Awards consistently for positive, team player attitude and developing close working relationships with federal employees at the Records Department, Adjudication Group and ISO's.
  • Supervisor: Victoria Gardner, FCi Federal (954-677-7173 - work) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes.
07/2014 to Present
Concierge & Human Resources Assistant Caci International Inc. Cape Canaveral, FL,
  • Responsible in answering phones at front desk and transferring calls to different business offices, nurses' stations and residents rooms.
  • Create and print out badges from Passage Point for all visitors and print out reports at end of day.
  • Perform all other clerical responsibilities including private duty follow up, updating resident roster, mail, newspaper pick-up, meal tickets, movie tickets, birthday cards and other work given by Human Resources.
  • Assigned as Special Projects Coordinator responsible in training new concierge in their duties and responsibilities for new position.
  • Primarily responsible for auditing all employees at Traditions, Assisted and Independent Living in preparation for audits by the State of Florida Auditors.
  • Create excel database and input several categories for licenses and other human resources requirements for each employee.
  • Review and follow up with employees to fulfill all of their missing requirements for audit.
  • Supervisor: Alexandra Batiste, (561) 846-2743 (mobile) or work (561-471-5111 Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes.
03/2014 to 05/2014
Paralegal Caci International Inc. Schofield Barracks, HI,
  • Assist attorneys and litigation paralegal in drafting complaints & discovery, assist clients in responding to discovery, index & bates stamp documents to submit for disclosures & discovery, drafting different pleadings in court for several employment lawsuits based on unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, racial, gender, sex, disability discrimination, HIPAA law violations for three months/temporary basis when paralegal was on maternity leave.
  • Assist attorney in pulling exhibits for depositions and creating binders.
  • Call opposing counsel and set up depositions on witnesses.
  • Assist in answering phone calls from client, opposing counsel, and assisting clients regarding their cases.
  • Set up appointments for new client and telephone conference with attorneys.
  • Supervisor: Cathleen Scott, Esq.
  • 561) 310-1587 Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes.
02/2013 to 11/2013
Litigation Paralegal/Legal Secretary General Dynamics , ,
  • Assist attorney in drafting pleadings & preparing exhibits for e-filing before different courts such as U.S.
  • Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit, U.S.
  • Court of Federal Claims, S.D.
  • Ca., N.D.
  • Tx., U.S.
  • ITC, S.D.
  • Florida.
  • Q/C brief, create TOC and TOA, cite-check, bluebook and shepardize briefs before e-filing briefs or motions.
  • Responsible for handling all document production, q/c, bates-stamp and redact documents and managing all files electronically.
  • Monitoring several patent applications for clients, report to attorney and update master database.
  • Research and pull patents, opinions, docket reports and pleadings for several attorneys.
  • Responsible for conflict-checking for new clients.
  • Post blogs for attorneys into firm website.
  • Create PowerPoint presentations for attorney's seminars and training workshops.
  • Input time for litigation attorneys into Perfect Law software.
  • Print invoices for attorney's review and send out to clients.
  • Register attorneys to seminars, conventions, and training workshops, make all travel arrangements, print seminar materials and perform other administrative work for litigation partners and associates.
  • Book hotel reservations for clients for depositions and meeting with attorneys.
  • Supervisor: Jan Mahumed (202) 822-1100 Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes.
05/2000 to 11/2012
  • Prepared for and participated in trials.
  • Assembled trial exhibits and trial demonstratives.
  • Set-up and organized war rooms for during trials.
  • Provided research assistance to attorneys during trial and ensuring all trial exhibits were organized in binders for Judge, clerk, jury, witnesses and lawyers in court.
  • Cite-check, quote-check, fact-check, blue-book and shepardize briefs and legal.
  • Memoranda and organize exhibits for filing.
  • Ran TOC and TOA, review and edit.
  • Conducted research relating to factual background of adverse parties, judges and court rules for proper filing in court.
  • Prepared and assisted attorneys in filing all pleadings and supporting exhibits as well.
  • as discovery documents from inception to going to trial (file physically in court(s) and electronic as applicable).
  • Research and knowledge of federal and state local rules for filing of pleadings/discovery.
  • Assisted attorneys in completing client's responses to interrogatories, obtained documents from clients and bates-stamped and/or redacted confidential information and produced to defendants.
  • Assisted in deposition preparation by setting up deposition dates, pulled all data and documents for client and organized into a deposition binder for attorney.
  • Summarized deposition transcripts at lawyer's request.
  • Sending errata sheets to client and court reporter to obtain final copy of deposition transcripts.
  • Created a report/log of documents produced by both parties, kept-track of all bates-numbered documents, saved copy in firm's file, and uploaded into main document management software.
  • Coded documents produced by defense.
  • Assisted in assembling and maintaining documents for expert reports and expert testimonies.
  • Lead and participated in several document review projects.
  • Supervisor: Besrat Gebrewold, Esq.
  • 202)390-2970 Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes.
04/1996 to 05/2000
Paralegal/Legal Assistant COHEN, MILSTEIN, SELLERS & TOLL, P.L.L.C City, STATE,
  • Handled all personal injury claims and workman's compensation claims from client interview to settlement and trial.
  • Prepared all PIP forms to obtain medical payments to clients and negotiated and settled property damage claim with adjusters.
  • Managed 3-5 legal assistants.
  • Trained and assigned legal assistants for completion of interrogatories and production of document for clients, handling of workman's compensation claims with Spanish clients and compiling documents to create demand package.
  • Obtained all medical reports and final statement, lost wages, property damage.
  • Completed special package and sent to adjuster.
  • Follow-up with adjuster to initiate negotiation.
  • Drafted complaints & summons for Prince George's and Montgomery district & circuit courts.
  • Assisted attorney in setting up depositions with client and court reporters, and prepare clients by pulling all documents and prepared client for anticipated questions.
  • Assisted attorney in trial preparation.
  • Organized exhibits and summarize medicals.
  • Prepared client and other witnesses for hearing.
  • Supervisor: Luiz R.S.
  • Simmons, Esq.
  • 301) 335-9878 mobile or (301) 589-8844 work Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes.
01/1994 to 04/1996
Paralegal/Legal Assistant AUERBACH & SIMMONS, P.C City, STATE,
  • Handled insurance defense and assisted attorneys in drafting answer to complaint.
  • Assisted attorney in completing responses to Interrogatories, production of documents and request for admissions.
  • Answered phone calls, handled calendar and pleading and court deadlines for attorney.
  • Input time billing for attorney, draft statement of time billing to insurance company.
  • Assist attorney in trial preparation.
  • Organize exhibits.
  • Prepare client and other witnesses for trial.
Records Manager BROWN, BROWN & WATKINS, P.C , ,
  • Ernest Diaz (.
  • .
Line Supervisor FDNS Officer Ramya Velarde , ,
FDNS Supervisor Gabriel Romero , ,
  • Tampa Field Office (813)712-8693 (.
  • Indicates professional reference Received a Certificate of Achievementfor "displaying professionalism and always having a positive attitude" from FCi Federal in February 4, 2015.
  • Presented with aCertificate of Achievementaward for the "Bright Idea Award" for USCIS to Participate in the Community from FCi Federal in April 8, 2015.
  • Received an "Florida Brain Cancer 5K Award"for participating in the March 29th, 2015 John Prince Park 5K walk in support of FL Brain Cancer in support of a co-worker's family from USCIS in April 15, 2015.
  • Presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for a "Positive Attitude Award" for gladly delivery N-400 bundles to Adjudication Officers with courtesy and a great attitude.
  • Recognized for having the N-400 bundles always well prepared, numbers being clear and files in order from USCIS Officer Basurto in May 20, 2015.
  • Received five (5) Certificates of Appreciation from USCIS in June 18, 2015 for "Positive Attitude Award" for always giving words of encouragement, "In recognition of her willingness to assist without hesitation to her fellow employees", "Shining Star Certificate" in recognition of brightening everyone's day at the West Palm Beach Office, and "Team Player Award" for working with each department to ensure the goal or task at hand is completed.
  • Presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for "The Betty Crocker Award" for providing tasty treats to fellow employees in June 17, 2015.
  • Received a "Positive Attitude Award" for having an outstanding positive attitude for stepping up and motivating co-workers in our daily power lunch walking.
  • Received a "Dream Team Award" in valuable recognition of teamwork and dedication to the West Palm Beach Field Office LIFTLITE Open File Inventory in November 16, 2016.
Expected in
Expected in 1987
L.L.B. (College of Law) - ,
Please see attached diploma for L.L.B. (law degree
Expected in 1983
Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, A.B: Philosophy/Political Science
Philosophy/Political Science
Expected in 1990
U.S: Legal System
Legal System
Expected in
Real Estate School, Licensed Realtor - MD:
Expected in
Real Estate School, Licensed Realtor - FL:

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School Attended
  • L.L.B. (College of Law)
Job Titles Held:
  • Immigration Service Assistant
  • Records Manager
  • Data Entry Clerk/Administrative Assistant
  • General Office Worker
  • Concierge & Human Resources Assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Litigation Paralegal/Legal Secretary
  • Litigation Paralegal
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant
  • Records Manager
  • Line Supervisor FDNS Officer
  • FDNS Supervisor
  • J.D
  • Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, A.B
  • U.S
  • Real Estate School, Licensed Realtor - MD
  • Real Estate School, Licensed Realtor - FL

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