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Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Home: (555) 432-1000 - Cell: - - -
Professional Summary
U.S. Citizen | Public Trust - Background Investigation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Professional Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Federal Business Systems (PRISM, FPDS, DCIS, UFMS, iProcurement, FMMI, FAITAS, HHSLP, AgLearn etc.)
  • Project Management
  • Contract Audit
  • Contract Administration Highly proficient with HTML and JavaScript programming languages as well as the Microsoft Office Suite, PRISM, FPDS, DCIS and UFMS. Varied knowledge of many other software packages (Adobe, Word Perfect, QuickBooks, PeopleSoft, etc.).
  • Complete contract administration functions including writing and posting solicitations, evaluating responses requests for quotes/proposals (RFQ/RFP), developing procurement documentation, writing sole source justifications for procurements, making sole-source determinations, conducting market research, preparing price/cost evaluation reports, making contract awards, executing contract modifications, and performing contract closeouts to ensure compliance with HHS acquisition and procurement policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Identify and develop methods to resolve organizational administrative problems that impede the accomplishment of HRSA-wide programs' goals and objectives.
  • Draft internal administrative policies and procedures to improve business processes.
  • Communicate and assess the impact of new policies on OAMP's workforce to foster development and training activities.
  • Identify, distribute and balance workload among employees according to established work flows, employee skill levels and occupational specializations.
  • Manage and administer agency-wide and division-wide training and development programs that establish curriculum and direct instruction by evaluating and analyzing current agency-wide programs and division-wide functions to assess workforce training needs, improve awareness, promote efficiency and establish effectiveness of how a requirement moves from requisition to award, in addition to, facilitate long-term procurement planning.
  • Develop and lead employee development and training projects that utilize various problem solving methods to achieve the agency-wide project goals of developing an acquisition workforce that is knowledgeable of the full acquisition process including appropriations law.
  • Plan and conduct agency-wide training needs assessments.
  • Analyze employee needs assessment data to develop strategic and tactical training plans in order to meet employee development and training needs.
  • Develop and lead employee development and staff training projects and tools that apply various problem solving methods to achieve agency-wide program goals.
  • Accomplishments.
  • Served as lead auditor on contract audits that identified potential cost overruns averting agency Anti-Deficiency Act Violations.
  • Designed and programmed the Labor Rate/Labor Hour Invoice Tracking Tool to monitor, prevent and recover contractor overbillings.
  • The Invoice Tracker automates the review process of hundreds of lines of labor billings submitted on contractor invoices.
  • The tool will highlight labor rates and labor hours that exceed federal guidelines and/or contractual limitations.
  • This allows the government to evaluate and monitor administrative activities, recover any funds overpaid as a result of contractor overbilling and make substantive recommendations for program and organizational improvements.
  • Designed and coded a cost estimating tool for agency-wide use that accurately calculates costs by task, identifies allowable costs then appropriately applies indirect rates, and generates a realistic Government Objective (Contracts) or IGCE (Program).
  • This tool currently resides on HRSA's OAMP SharePoint site.
  • Design and coded the Acquisition Award Calculator (AAC) for agency-wide use.
  • The AAC is a user-friendly procurement planning tool that allows the user to view acquisition timelines for specific types of procurement actions.
  • Based on the type of acquisition procedure used (Part 8, Part 13, Part 15, etc.), the AAC will calculate an estimated award date based on the number of days required to complete each phase of the acquisition given the procurement start date, a desired award date or both.
  • This tool allows for easy assessment of current management systems.
  • This tool currently resides on HRSA's OAMP SharePoint site.
Work History
to 01/1
Cost Analyst , ,
01/2011 to Present
Director Canvas Inc. Phoenix, AZ,
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Hours: 40+ Hours per Week Office of Acquisition Management and Policy (OAMP) Division of Financial Support Services Supervisor: Diane Coger, 301.443.6508, Conduct detailed cost analyses for complex agency-wide procurement activities to determine cost reasonableness and establish price equity for the government, develop financial goals and objectives for use during contract negotiations, and establish appropriation requirements for future procurements.
  • Conduct contract audits in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123 and to ensure all contract costs are allowable, allocable.
  • Provide authoritative counsel to the divisions and Bureau/Office staff on the interpretation of Government-wide, HHS, and HRSA cost principles and financial management policies related to outlays of appropriated funds for contracts including OMB Circular A-11 (A-11), Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (the Red Book), the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR).
  • Provide guidance for staff responsible for obligating an annual appropriated budget of $290+ Million for HRSA's five (5) Bureaus and eleven (11) offices.
  • Provide guidance for staff responsible for managing HRSA's Inter-Agency Agreement program with a $103 Million budget.
  • Analyze financial processes and conduct risk assessments to identify key organizational risks and detect potential financial integrity concerns, policy compliance vulnerabilities, operational inefficiencies and programmatic discrepancies through the acquisition process including pre-solicitation, contract administration, and post-award (e.g.
  • Potential Anti-Deficiency Act Violations).
  • Conducting risk assessments to identify contracts with problem areas where special studies, new policies, policy changes, new guidelines, etc.
  • are needed to strengthen internal and financial controls.
  • Responsible for conducting contract audits, conveying finings to senior management and conducting exit interviews where program recommendations proposed improvements are made.
  • Provide guidance to HRSA bureaus and program offices when developing and preparing annual operating budgets by assisting program staff with assembling, analyzing, and presenting budget and program information.
  • Assist HRSA program staff by reviewing and analyzing program budgets to formulate and recommend improvements and requests for senior management.
  • Ensure acquisition and procurement programs are in compliance with policies and regulations as prescribed in the HHSAR, FAR and federal appropriations laws.
  • Assemble and organize audit teams.
  • Prepare plans to set audit objective(s), define scope, establish time requirements and discern appropriate audit methodology.
  • Meet with management and key administrative personnel to discuss the given objective(s), present the scope of the audit and outline both the time frame and methodology required for audit to address the organizational risks identified.
  • Modify audit plan, where appropriate, based on changing priorities.
  • Test contract award, administration, contractor payment, and closeout processes for compliance with the FAR, HHSAR and Departmental regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Evaluate internal control measures used to maintain policy compliance and quality control through the entire acquisition process.
  • Draft reports detailing audit findings, including but not limited to, mathematical errors, improper payments, unauthorized procurements, contract ratifications, etc.
  • Recommend internal control and business processes improvements based on audit findings contained in the report.
  • Conduct post-audit exit conferences to receive management feedback about the audit, prescribe corrective actions plans and discuss risk mitigation strategies for future activities.
01/2016 to 04/2016
Program Analyst New York Life Charlotte, ,
  • Led a team of seven Contract Specialists who closed out 268 contract actions and de-obligated over $20M of prior year funds one month ahead of the Secretary's six-month deadline.
  • This was accomplished by making continual adjustments to the workload distribution based on established priorities and ensuring that each employee played an integral role in the timely accomplishment of team's task.
  • Drafted internal policy that detailed procedures for completing contract closeouts including those requiring de-obligation of funds.
  • Drafted policy for requesting complex cost analyses for the OAMP organization.
  • Created and delivered the first of its kind, agency-wide trainings for Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) development, Contractor Performance Assessment Reports System (CPARS) completion, and Contract Closeout processes.
  • Senior Management had IGCE training digitally recorded and posted on the HRSA intranet pending Office of Communication clearance for HHS Learning Portal.
  • Conducted the cost analysis that established negation points for the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) contract.
  • This is one of the largest dollar and most important contracts in HRSA.
  • Made recommendations and authored justifications for seventeen contract ratifications that extended services for the Nation's only Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) treatment center located in Baton Rouge, LA.
  • This effort prevented a work stoppage allowing treatment of one of the world's critical programs to continue its work to provide services to one of the world's most vulnerable populations.
  • Instrumental in HRSA's implementation and deployment of the DHHS' Conference Tracking and Approval ("CTA") System.
  • Management & (GS-0343-14 Detail) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights (OASCR) Hours: 40 Hours per Week Program Planning and Accountability Division (PPAD) 1400 Independence Ave, SW, Room 302-W Supervisor: Kirk Perry, 202.690.0226, Director, Program Planning and Accountability.
  • Provide leadership for a staff responsible for coordinating a $24 Million appropriated budget.
  • Contributed to the development and preparation of OASCR's annual operating budget.
  • Assisted with OASCR's budget formulation requirements in collaboration and consultation with the Office of Budget and Program Analysis.
  • Reviewed OASCR's appropriated budget execution processes to ensure no Anti-Deficiency Act violations occur.
  • Worked with the staff who monitors and coordinates a $10 Million reimbursable budget including contract administration.
  • Assist USDA agencies with projecting individual IAA requirements for the upcoming year by assembling, analyzing, and presenting budget and program information.
  • Manage the staff that coordinates a $2.5 Million facilities management/ operational budget including telecommunications, computer acquisition, travel, training, and other general operational needs of the 13 OASCR divisions.
  • Analyze financial processes and proposing improvements.
  • Lead comprehensive studies and detailed analyses of complex functions and processes related to long-range organizational planning.
  • Work with staff to develop the OASCR strategic plan, implementation strategies and annual performance plans in coordination and consultation with the Associate Assistant Secretary, OASCR Directors and other high-ranking officials.
  • Reviewed and analyzed program budgets to formulate and recommend improvements and requests for senior management.
  • Advise senior management on the effectiveness and efficiency of various programs and administrative functions.
  • Used complex analytical techniques to evaluate operational and programmatic functions and measured the effectiveness of current management system(s) against intended objectives.
  • Monitored operational and programmatic administrative functions in order to make substantive recommendations for program business process improvements.
  • Developed detailed business process improvement plans and objectives for the long-range implementation and administration of agency programs.
  • Worked with the Agriculture Learning (AgLearn) system liaison to assign mandatory trainings to and ensure that all PPAD staff were appropriately notified of and enrolled in those mandatory trainings.
  • Utilized AgLearn system to generate reports as a means to ensure timely completion of assigned trainings.
  • Accomplishments:.
  • Recovered over $800,000 in unbilled or incorrectly billed reimbursable expenses incurred for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) services in less than two months.
  • Created a user friendly tool for management to generate agency specific reports on demand for current and prior year investigation and Final Agency Decisions (FAD) expenditures.
  • The tool can also keep all stakeholders apprised of current drawn down fund balances to better manage expenses.
  • Created a tool that automates agencies' monetary resource projections for EEO investigation services based on a three-year average of actual investigation and staffing costs.
  • Made a recommendation to integrate an automated Inter-Agency Agreement (IAA) Approval module with routing history into the existing contract-writing system to enhance efficiency and foster accountability through the approval process.
  • Made a recommendation to implement a personnel support system for all PPAD functions in effort to maintain productivity in the unlikely event of an individual's extended absence.
  • Created a draft on-boarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for personnel detailed to OASCR from an external agency.
02/1996 to 12/2010
Instructional Supervisor Leidos Holdings Inc. Cincinnati, OH,
  • Supervisor: Dwayne Jones, 301.497.2050,
Principal Fullbloom , ,
08/2008 to 01/2010
Assistant Principal , ,
  • Assisted the principal with vetting and implementing new programs, directed various academic activities, managed the school operating budget, planned and coordinated school functions and athletic events, coordinated student transportation, managed schedules, facilitated instructional staff training and development effort, supervised and evaluated of non-instructional staff, and fostered the academic enrichment of students.
  • Managed and administered training and development programs that established curriculum and instruction deigned to prepared students for various state mandated and college entrance exams including the HSA, SAT, ASVAB, ACT, MSPAP, etc.
  • Led efforts to improve the effectiveness of civil rights initiatives and activities by developing and implementing new, more inclusive programs for staff and students.
  • Further led efforts to improve the effectiveness of civil rights initiatives and activities by personally keeping abreast and ensuring all staff are educated on several key civil rights laws and statutes, including Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
  • Appointed as the administrator to assemble and oversee a School Improvement Team in order to develop and review long- and short-range strategic plans, resource projections, establish priorities and provide justifications of the School Improvement Plan.
  • Assembled and led the school improvement team whose purpose was to manage and develop the school's missions, goals, objectives and devise implementation strategies to ensure their achievement.
  • Directed and managed strategic planning activities with the school improvement team and in partnership with the Principal, school board, state and local political leaders and the community.
  • Contacted, advised and collaborated with high-ranking officials in the development of Laurel High School's strategic plans and creation of annual performance measurement, including school board executives, community leaders as well as state and local legislative officials.
  • Developed analytical tools and procedures to qualitatively define and quantitatively evaluate the quality of the school's performance as well as achievement of planned goals and objectives.
  • Developed and led projects that applied problem solving methods to achieve school-wide goals.
  • Designed and conducted various comprehensive studies and detailed analyses of complex functions and processes related to long-range organizational planning.
  • Developed strategies for presenting strategic plans and performance measures to all stakeholders including, student, parents, teachers, non-instructional staff, local legislators, and the community.
  • Oversaw all facets of the appropriated budget and resource management plan including assembling, analyzing, and presenting budget and program information.
  • Supervised budget formulation processes for school-wide programs (e.g.
  • Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Students' Choice; Girls Soccer programs).
  • Performed budget formulation functions including developing and preparing annual departmental operating budgets with input from various department heads.
  • Prepared responses to requests from the budget committee on schedules, format, proceedings, and style for the state hearings on budget requests.
  • Reviewed and analyzed program budgets to formulate and recommend improvements for senior management.
  • Provided justifications of the annual performance plan as part of the budget for presentation to school system's CFO, the county budget committee and other top management officials.
  • Provided Principal with authoritative analysis advice and assistance on complex budget issues of countywide scope for presentation to the members of the school board.
  • Developed performance plans, objectives and measures as part of the budget formulation, performance and integration process.
  • Managed the staff responsible for the budget execution functions for a $10M+ appropriated budget to ensure fiscally sound operation.
  • Analyzed human resources data to identify workforce needs in terms of size, type, experience, knowledge, skills and quality.
  • Interview potential staff instructional and non-instructional.
  • Developed and led staff development and training projects and applied problem solving techniques to achieve the school-wide project goal of increasing student performance on standardized test.
  • Planned, conducted and analyzed educator training needs assessments to develop strategic and tactical training plans to improve curriculum delivery, employ classroom management best practices and enhance student achievement.
  • Managed non-instructional support staff responsible for coordinating all human resource functions for the office by exercising a full range of personnel management responsibilities.
  • Revised position descriptions, performance standards and employee evaluation criteria as needed and pursuant to established policies and guidance.
  • Analyzed and evaluated instructional program content for the Mathematics Department (including scope and sequence) to improve curriculum deliverability for the teacher workforce.
  • Planned and conducted school-wide training needs assessments through teacher observations/evaluations.
  • Analyzed needs assessment data to identify opportunities to improve instructional workforce by developing strategic and tactical training plans.
  • Prescribed individual performance improvement action plans (when needed).
  • Regularly reevaluated teacher progress to assess the effectiveness of prescribed plans.
  • Developed and led employee development and training projects to meet workforce needs by conducting various professional development activities.
  • Developed and administered surveys to employees to measure training success and satisfaction.
  • Drafted policies for instructional leaders who telecommute.
  • Provided advice, counsel and/or instruction to staff on both administrative and technical matters.
  • Employed conflict resolution techniques to resolve inter/intradepartmental problems.
  • Improved productions and increasing the quality of work.
  • Created and implemented a multi-tiered reward program to improve workforce development endeavors and foster student achievement.
  • Manage to all facets of facilities management including training, review of travel expenditures, telecommunications, computer and other equipment acquisition, in addition to the operational needs of the 14 academic departments, 11 athletic disciplines, and vocational programs.
  • Planned a major conferences, professional development symposia, and committee meetings.
  • Coordinated and Managed school functions, athletic events, student transportation, schedules.
  • Conducted analyses and evaluations, and provided advice to management on the effectiveness and efficiency of operational programs and administrative functions and analyses of complex functions and processes related to long-range organizational planning.
  • Conducting organizational reviews to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to evaluate operational effectiveness.
  • Developed themes and directing proceedings of high-level conferences that end major impact on school programs.
  • Translating management goals and objectives into effective operations.
  • Carried out objectives and coordinated requirements among organizational units in the early stages of project design implementation and management of ongoing programs.
Mathematics Team Lead/Mentor Teacher , ,
  • Taught Advanced Algebraic, Geometric, Trigonometric and Pre-Calculus problem solving strategies to secondary students using various techniques and technologies.
  • Served as a liaison between the administration and teaching staff.
  • Instrumental in vetting and implementing the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program, this was key in reducing disciplinary referrals and improving teacher work product.
  • Led consensus building activities by coordinating team initiatives and providing advice on current work methods/best practices.
Data Analyst , ,
  • Identified and developed methods to resolve organizational administrative problems that directly affect the accomplishment of program goals and objectives.
  • Collected and analyzed PBIS data in order to compare program objectives with those of other programs to eliminate duplication of efforts and to make school-wide data-driven decisions regarding discipline and management.
  • Designed statistical models to identify correlations among various data points and drive new and/or innovated teaching strategies and initiatives.
  • Analyzed test data for the Mathematics department to identify and address specific academic needs of students.
  • Synthesized data into relevant insights understandable to all stakeholders.
  • Accomplishments.
  • Increased student performance on standardized test by a minimum of 10.8% annually for four consecutive years.
  • Reduced the number of student discipline referrals by 56% from 37 referrals per month on average to17 by using the data to isolate times and locations of the most frequent infractions and reallocating resources to those key positions.
  • Reduced the number of student discipline referrals by 56% from 37 referrals per month on average to17 by using the data to isolate times and locations of the most frequent infractions and reallocating resources to those key positions.
  • Envisioned and implemented "The Students' Choice Awards." The first activity of any kind recognizing and honoring the academic achievements of grossly underperforming students who, through the PBIS program, raised their grade point averages at least two (2.0) grade points, setting a precedent for future activities and honored teachers for superior efforts.
  • Saved $63,000/year by designing and programming an automated attendance system.
08/2004 to 12/2006
Adjunct Mathematics Professor State Of Nevada , ,
  • 10901 little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 20144 Hours: Varied by Semester Supervisor:Bernadette Sandruck, 443-518-4934.
Division Chair , ,
  • Taught Algebraic and Geometric problem solving strategies using technology to prepare post-secondary and adult students for advanced mathematics courses.
06/1992 to 01/1996
Senior Financial Analyst Washington County School District Midland, MI,
  • Hours: 40+ Hours per Week Supervisor: Tom Kilianski.
  • Prepared financial statements, developed annual budgets, best estimates (reasonable cost projection of production), and cost variance analyses for the Financial Services Divisions - Mid-Atlantic Region.
  • Utilized business trend analyses develop annual plans for the region that aligned with AT&T's global strategic plans.
  • Supervised staff of four.
  • Result: Increased annual revenue by 23.4% from $10.7M to $13.2M in the Financial Services Division by discovering a compounded budget error through comparison of business trend and actual budget information from prior years.
07/2004 to Present
Real Estate Portfolio Manager 2020 Companies City, ,
  • Plan, formulate, prepare, execute and monitor annual operating budgets for the purchase, renovation, and rental/resale of multiple residential real properties.
  • Ensure that acquisition and procurement programs comply with HUD policies and regulations.
  • Conduct cost analyses of procurement activities.
  • Develop multi-year budget proposals for the rental properties and sale properties.
  • Develop budgets for each property comprised of multiple sub-parts with their own operating budgets.
  • Ensure that budget development activities comply with mortgage guidelines, HUD/FHA policies and fiscal limitations.
  • Track expenditures to ensure compliance with each individual property's operating budget.
  • Analyze and evaluate changes in plans and funding, and the impact on financial and budget milestones.
  • Determine the impact of changes in funding levels on potential property value and ROI goals.
  • Serve as approving official for requisitions of equipment, supplies, materials and services.
  • Developing standards/policies/procedures involving administrative functions (e.g.
  • expense reporting, accounting practices) in the organization.
  • Continually analyze human resources data to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency.
  • Solicit bids for service contracts.
08/2002 to 11/2006
Lockheed Martin Corporation City, STATE,
  • Supervisor: Dwayne Jones, Principal, 301.497.2050.
  • 2002 Prince George's County 4A Region Champion, 2003 & 2004 Prince George's County 4A Region Semi-Finalist.
10/1998 to 06/2005
Bank Of Hawaii City, STATE,
  • Assisted the Scholarship Committee Chair with designing, planning, and executing various fundraising activities to provide financial support for currently enrolled and college bound students, establishing partnerships with the local and national business community, and securing local celebrities and officials to assist with fund raising efforts by donating time, hosting events and making appearances.
  • Helped raise over $187,000.00 to provide need based scholarships for currently enrolled and college bound students.
Expected in
Bachelor of Science: Business Administration Accounting
University of Hartford - Hartford, CT
Business Administration Accounting
Expected in
FAC-C Level I, FAC-C Level II FAC-COR Level II:
- ,
Results-driven professional who undertakes complex assignments, meets tight deadlines and delivers quality work products. Owns a thorough knowledge of federal accounting practices, federal budget formulation/execution process, the federal acquisition lifecycle, human capital best practices, facilities management and multiple federal business systems. Possesses a portfolio of experiences in both federal service and the private sector with a documented history of superior performance. Applies strong data and financial analysis skills to make data-driven business decisions. A resourceful self-starter who works well independently or collectively.
Additional Information
  • AWARDS ADMINISTRATOR'S CITATION FOR OUTSTANDING GROUP PERFORMANCE December 2011 "Closeout/Service Acquisition Inventory Team" ADMINISTRATOR'S CITATION FOR OUTSTANDING GROUP PERFORMANCE January 2013 "Office of Acquisitions Management and Policy Training Group"

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  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Mathematics Team Lead/Mentor Teacher
  • Data Analyst
  • Adjunct Mathematics Professor
  • Division Chair
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Real Estate Portfolio Manager
  • Bachelor of Science
  • FAC-C Level I, FAC-C Level II FAC-COR Level II