babysitter resume example with 20+ years of experience

Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (555) 432-1000,
Professional Summary

Upbeat and energetic childcare professional with Area of expertise knowledge. Support educational, entertainment and home requirements with organized and efficient approach. Responsive, dependable and vigilant with highly protective nature.

Seasoned Job Title knowledgeable about optimal childcare methods for Type children. Coordinated participation in school activities, sports and other events with balanced approaches. Achieved parental goals while providing enjoyable experiences for children.

Motivated high school student with strong background caring for children of all ages in both home and church environments.

Dedicated Babysitter for Number years in daycare and home babysitting settings. Possess overall excellent babysitting skills. Hold certificate in Child Psychology and offer expert skills caring for special needs children. Enjoy helping children with child fulfillment and skill development. Provide flexible scheduling throughout week.

Vibrant caregiver with Number years of experience directing entertainment and activities in families' homes. Highly organized leader by teaching children to put away items and making fun games of cleaning up. Expert at providing care for Type-aged children.

Responsible Job Title offering Number years of childcare experience. Expertise includes preparing nutritious meals and snacks, planning positive activities and managing extra-curricular events.

Outgoing child caregiver with Number years of experience caring for children while providing encouragement. Expert at guiding playtime, Task and teaching rules. Creative planner with gift for keeping children engaged long-term with fun activities.

Punctual and loving Job Title offering Number years of caring for children of all ages. Well-trained in supervising special needs children and premature infants. Certified in Area of certification.

Bilingual nonsmoker with expertise caring for children, preparing healthy meals and Area of expertise. Reliable and ready to work any available shift. Enjoys playing games, assisting with homework and performing Task.

Attentive Childcare professional offering Number years of experience caring for up to Number children. Positive role model focused on supporting development and teaching new skills. Certified in first aid and CPR with dedication to creating safe, inclusive and engaging learning environments for all children.

Kind and considerate Job Title with Number years of experience providing individualized care to children. Led exciting and safe activities while setting excellent example through appropriate social behavior. Engaged children on topics of personal interest to build relationships and foster communication skills.

Dedicated Job Title inspired by providing children warm, nurturing environments for optimal development. Driven to coordinate activities focused on skill-building, social development and positive interactions. Skilled in planning and preparing nutrient-dense meals to support strong growth, while managing allergens and dietary restrictions.

Effectively supported growth and development in Type children through immersive activities, educational assistance and balanced rest periods. Well-versed in childhood development patterns and Area of expertise strategies. Disciplined approach to meeting all needs.

Offer dependability and adapt quickly to child environments and needs. Excel at challenging child care situations. Offer flexible schedule which allows for day, night and weekend sitting. Have passion for childcare and maintain 5-star rating at Company website.

Enthusiastic Babysitter experienced with children ages Number to Number. Accustomed to caring for Number kids at once. Certified in first aid and CPR.

Friendly childcare worker adept at keeping children safe, engaged and well behaved.

Dedicated student proficient in managing childcare needs for busy families. Always willing to step in and take on additional household tasks.

Job Title competent in working with multiple children, autistic children and physically challenged children. Organized and detail-oriented with educational background in child psychology.

Organized childcare professional adept at staying organized and managing hectic schedules. Adheres to kind and compassionate approach when dealing with discipline issues. Career history serving individual families with multiple children in both live-in and live-out scenarios.

Communicative Nanny driven to facilitate easy transition for young children into school. Incorporates stimulating activities into daily routines to promote healthy mental and social development.

Independent Nanny adept at taking initiative in creating child-friendly activities. Maintain organized schedules with little parental guidance.

Educated childcare professional with more than Number years of experience working with children from infancy to Number years of age in home settings. Cared for children for busy working families. Traveled with families internationally.

  • Positively influenced kids with behavior issues, improving family quality of life.
  • Accomplished result through actions.
  • Increased parents' happiness by taking on additional chores and relieving burdens.
  • Received consistent positive remarks for quality of care.
  • Cared for Number children ages age, age and age.
  • Earned numerous referrals to other families due to exceptional reliability, affordable rate and positive reports.
  • Earned "Award" for reason.
  • Supervised team of Number staff members.
  • Documented and resolved Issue which led to Results.
  • Resolved product issue through consumer testing.
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Bathing and Dressing
  • Scheduling
  • Teaching
  • Staff Management
  • Cleaning
  • Meal Preparation
  • Bathing
  • Meal Serving
  • Administering Medicines
  • Upholding Discipline Rules
  • Playing Puzzles and Games
  • Planning Physical Activities
  • Monitoring Screen Time
  • Meal and Snack Times
  • Managing Routines
  • Routine management
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Dependability
  • Childcare
  • Child Supervision
  • Following directions
  • Time management
  • Maintaining safe environment
  • Licensed driver
  • Housekeeping
  • Activity Planning
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Child development
Work History
04/2000 to Current Babysitter Breckenridge Grand Vacations | Breckenridge, CO,
  • Supported children's educational progress by reviewing completed homework, quizzing on math and science and assisting with Task.
  • Set up play dates with other children or play groups.
  • Prepared tasty, healthy meals for family of Number each Timeframe to encourage good eating habits.
  • Kept notes of behavior issues, food served and medications administered to children.
  • Balanced playtime and limited screen time to optimize types of stimulation and support development of fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills.
  • Coordinated different types of activities to enhance physical and intellectual development.
  • Assisted children with homework assignments and special projects across different subjects to promote academic success.
  • Accompanied children to parks and remained in attendance for child safety.
  • Oversaw children's chores, teaching life skills and encouraging initiative.
  • Offered top-notch care to Number+ children at once, ranging in age from Number to Number.
  • Planned and guided age-appropriate tasks like reading, crafts, Type and Type.
  • Bathed, dressed and helped with teeth brushing to promote healthy personal hygiene and good oral health.
  • Employed positive reinforcement methods to encourage good behavior.
  • Maintained safe environments at all times.
  • Fostered close relationships with children by asking about school, friends and hobbies.
  • Observed play activities to identify positive behaviors and areas in need of improvement, implementing behavior redirection where appropriate.
  • Checked with parents for any medical issues or special needs.
  • Traveled with families to care for children, allowing parents to share private time while giving children fun adventures in diverse environments.
  • Sanitized dishes, tabletops, toys and frequently touched surfaces to prevent spreading of germs.
  • Prepared healthy snacks and meals according to individual needs.
  • Monitored entrances and exits to maintain safety and organized environments.
  • Totaled amount owed to help parents quickly make payments for services.
  • Created and implemented diverse educational strategies to boost development.
  • Prepared bite-sized snacks and carefully watched young children eat to prevent choking.
  • Played games and read books to young children, limiting TV and mobile device time.
  • Enforced rules and managed behavior through developmentally appropriate discipline.
  • Drove children to various types of activities, including dance, Type and Type to maintain extracurricular routines.
  • Devised activities helping children develop physically and mentally.
  • Cared for children and completed associated tasks such as Task and Task with professionalism and efficiency.
  • Prepared healthy foods and beverages for children based on optimal dietary guidelines and individual restrictions.
  • Maintained updated list of emergency contact information and child's health information to act quickly if emergencies occur.
  • Established lasting, professional connections with families and children by encouraging open communication and delivering positive feedback.
  • Taught children to organize toys, wash hands and Task leading by example.
  • Monitored schedules to maintain sleeping, eating and school schedules for children.
  • Discussed any specific child wants, needs and interests with parents.
  • Led indoor and outdoor activities and steered children away from dangers.
  • Updated logs with relevant information about activities and behaviors.
  • Supervised children's homework assignments to verify completion, assist with difficult assignments and support educational goals.
  • Studied and performed research on food allergies to provide higher level of care and oversight for individuals with such conditions.
  • Maintained first aid kit for small accidents during outings.
  • Met children at bus stop to walk home and assist with crossing street.
  • Demonstrated empathy and kindness to display positive character traits.
  • Applied positive behavior management techniques to enhance social interactions and emotional development.
  • Reviewed and followed parent directions for all aspects of children's care.
  • Organized and cleaned home after activities by picking up toys and Action for tidy home when parents arrive.
  • Provided appealing, nutritious meals and dedicated special attention to food allergy concerns.
  • Met with parents about daily activities, positive developments and issues.
  • Offered positive and nurturing environments to support child social and emotional growth.
  • Organized extracurricular schedules for sports and classes and provided safe transportation to different events.
  • Led activities for over Number children ages Number to Number.
  • Maintained effective schedule balance between rest periods, active play and instruction.
10/1998 to Current Makeup Artist Macy's, Inc. | Okemos, MI,
  • Conducted makeup classes for group of Number students.
  • Provided clients with personalized skincare recommendations to support maintenance of healthy skin.
  • Conducted consultations to understand client's desired outcome and assessed skin type and face structure.
  • Maintained sales goal of $Number per day.
  • Professionally applied makeup to Number clients per month for outings, proms, weddings, funerals and other special occasions and events.
  • Employed variety of cosmetics to produce fresh looks, enhance facial features and manage skin tone.
  • Scheduled onsite and offsite makeup appointments for clientele.
  • Maintained full stock of inventory and properly sanitized makeup tools to avoid spread of infection.
  • Kept up-to-date with style industry standards, trends and techniques to provide optimal aesthetics services to every client.
  • Performed full makeup applications to Number clients per week.
  • Applied makeup in accordance with clothing style.
  • Increased annual revenue by Number% for Number consecutive years through effective customer service and inventory management.
  • Styled hair for Number large events such as annual fashion shows and special hair expos over Timeframe.
  • Spoke with clients regarding health history, expectations, services and procedures for over Number% customer satisfaction.
  • Created marketing advertisements for Product to increase sales by Number%.
  • Expanded client base by Number% through direct referrals.
  • Monitored Type trends to stay on top of fashions and better serve customer needs.
  • Provided Number daily clients with individualized and detailed information on relaxation, postural improvement, stretching and strengthening.
  • Accumulated Number+ clients weekly through one-on-one, personal service.
  • Performed Number daily nail services, including manicures, pedicures, paraffin wax treatments and full nail sets.
  • Suggested treatments and styles to suit customers' appearance and desired look.
  • Supported reception efficiency by taking phone calls, inputting appointments and collecting payments.
  • Kept work areas, tools and equipment clean and properly sanitized to minimize risk and cross-contamination.
  • Created memorable customer experiences by including special services such as head and neck massages during appointments.
  • Styled Number people for Number Type events including hair, makeup and nails.
  • Booked appointments, answered phones, greeted clients, handled payments and created client service tickets for salon with over Number daily customers.
  • Used scissors, trimmers, clippers, razors and brushes on over Number customers with Number% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Grew sales Number% in Number months with great work ethic, individualized beauty care plans and positive attitude.
  • Evaluated client needs and recommended treatments and strategy to achieve desired result, while maintaining hair health.
  • Introduced Technique to salon to modernize and streamline Service procedures.
  • Maintained Number repeat clients nail health by attaching acrylics, filing, cutting and painting nails.
  • Assessed customer hair texture, treatment history and desired outcome to identify appropriate services.
  • Trained salon staff in traditional and innovative haircutting techniques and salon management.
  • Answered over Number phone calls daily to assess customer needs, schedule appointments and give advice about hairstyle and color options.
  • Provided Product or Service by Action for gorgeous results.
  • Recorded notes for future reference, including customer preferences and services delivered.
  • Offered highly skilled and diverse salon services to over Number daily customers, including cuts, color services and extensions.
  • Increased return customers by Number% through cutting, coloring and styling clients' hair with precision.
  • Helped clients achieve desired looks for routine wear and special events by crafting ideal makeup strategies.
  • Booked over Number daily customer appointments in Software.
  • Sanitized and organized station and tools by Action and Action.
  • Shampooed, conditioned and rinsed guests' hair using salon-exclusive products while educating clients on product benefits to increase Product sales by Number%.
  • Consistently received positive performance reviews from guests.
  • Maintained regular client list of up to Number repeat customers while handling Number walk-in clients daily.
  • Introduced salon to alternative hair therapies involving natural products to bring in over Number new clients.
  • Kept detailed records of customer information and services provided to increase return customers by Number.
  • Increased salon profit by Number% through upselling Product and providing personalized care for return visitors.
  • Built strong and lasting rapport with clients through consistent delivery of requested services and exceptional results.
  • Educated clients about products and self-maintenance for healthy hair based on needs and preferences.
03/2010 to 10/2016 Sales Representative Akzo Nobel N.V. | Cologne, MN,
  • Met frequently with technical, product management and service personnel to stay current on company offerings and business policies.
  • Established beneficial professional networks and partnerships to gain insight and campaign support resulting in long-term business relationships.
  • Devised and implemented product strategies for filling market gaps and driving consistent sales.
  • Achieved Timeframe sales goals by promoting Product or Service and enrolling clients by explaining programs and services to interested individuals.
  • Determined problem areas and resolved issues related to profitability and business objective achievement.
  • Reached out to customers after completed sales to evaluate satisfaction and determine immediate service requirements.
  • Initiated sales strategies by recruiting new clients through approved methods.
  • Set up calendar with customer birthdays and other special events for personal touch.
  • Set up over Number new accounts in Timeframe.
  • Resolved all issues efficiently and enhanced customer satisfaction ratings from Number% to Number% in Timeframe.
  • Attended over Number advanced training sessions and conferences to increase Type and Type product knowledge and productivity.
  • Managed business development initiatives by developing impactful customer relationships and executing benefit-oriented presentations to increase revenue.
  • Implemented marketing and sales campaigns to effectively brand Product or Service.
  • Completed customer contracts and warranties as part of administrative aspects of sales.
  • Exceeded sales goals by Number% to increase revenue and facilitate selling of Product or Service.
  • Utilized professional sales techniques to persuasively communicate with clients.
  • Earned Type award while facilitating business through new programs and initiatives.
  • Developed and delivered engaging sales presentations to convey product benefits.
  • Communicated with customers to understand needs and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Served as liaison for company, clients and referred prospects regarding inquiries, issues, order management, post-sales follow-up and customer relations.
  • Increased revenue by Number% in Timeframe and achieved all sales goals for Timeframe.
  • Documented all customer interactions using Software and Software to capture data in processing system.
  • Fostered close-nit partnerships with customers to uncover and meet specific goals.
  • Created professional sales presentations and seminars to effectively demonstrate product features and competitive advantages.
  • Drove business development through proactive networking and relationship-building strengths.
  • Automated Type contact management system, resulting in better client organization and goal alignment.
  • Catered product launches specifically and successfully towards clientele to meet business objectives and support customer relations.
  • Provided sales consultations on functional and stylistic benefits of each custom product.
  • Recommended accurate and effective solutions to customers after identifying problems.
  • Proactively managed client correspondence and recorded all tracking and communications.
  • Executed Number sales from manufacturers to customers to improve profitability by Number%.
  • Identified client needs, built relationships and overcame objections to drive sales.
  • Retained excellent client satisfaction ratings through Task and Task.
  • Liaised between parties to coordinate schedules, payments and allocations while managing customer accounts.
  • Expanded customer base Number% and boosted profit Number% in Number years.
  • Resolved Type issues that impacted sales and business outcomes.
  • Coordinated trade shows and created marketing collateral to reach greater potential customers.
  • Generated average of $Number in sales while securing Number% goal attainment performance ratio.
  • Revitalized life insurance product profits to over $Number in Timeframe.
  • Broadened territories and negotiated successful contracts by seeking out new clients and utilizing leadership skills.
  • Created and executed reorganization plan, training and development programs and implemented process improvements.
  • Implemented marketing strategies and techniques, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluated inventory and delivery needs, optimizing strategies to meet customer demands.
  • Efficiently solved complex problems that impacted management.
  • Enhanced marketing and sales strategies to increase profitability by Number% and develop organizational pipeline.
  • Minimized process lags through Task and Task.
  • Exceeded sales goals by at least Number% for Number quarters in row.
  • Pursued minimum of Number new leads each month.
  • Utilized effective communication and active listening skills to create client rapport to grow profitability.
  • Helped resolve client problems quickly with superior customer service.
  • Built business by hosting and attending events, launching special promotions and reaching out to local experts.
  • Managed all sales plan activities, including Task and Task, resulting in Result.
  • Cultivated sales and new business opportunities in new markets to achieve bottom-line results.
  • Assisted in product placement and visual merchandising, maintaining attractive and inviting appearance.
  • Tailored sales approaches and techniques to specific client needs to increase marketing effectiveness.
  • Planned over Number annual Type events to strengthen brand initiatives and maximize outreach.
  • Coached Number sales associates in product specifications, sales incentives and selling techniques, increasing customer satisfaction ratings Number%.
  • Boosted brand awareness, implemented promotional campaigns and employed sales tactics for Product or Service.
  • Generated and followed up on lead lists resulting from specific marketing campaigns.
  • Contacted customers and prospects to generate new business for Type projects to achieve company goals.
  • Cold-called leads and closed Number sales over Timeframe.
  • Built strong rapport with clients by understanding needs and clearly explaining products.
  • Enhanced territory operations through successful cold-calling of area business leaders and establishing favorable contracts.
  • Effectively sold Number% of inventory, reducing units by Number.
  • Surpassed sales objectives by Number% for Number years by constituting and cultivating productive partnerships with clients.
  • Leveraged proven sales methods to increase revenue by Number% and surpass sales objectives by Number%.
  • Increased revenue by acquiring new customers and determining needs to offer relevant products.
  • Trained and mentored Number new sales representatives.
  • Brought Customer Satisfaction Index levels from unsatisfactory to levels acceptable to manufacturer.
  • Exceeded established sales goals and increased client retention by Number%.
  • Educated senior staff on product usage and maintenance.
Expected in 03/2004 to to Diploma | Catalina Magnet High School, Tucson, AZ GPA:

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Catalina Magnet High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Babysitter
  • Makeup Artist
  • Sales Representative


  • Diploma

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