400+ Resume Examples for 2022

Customizing your resume to match a job description is a critical step in getting hired. Study our library of more than 400 resume samples to learn how to craft a resume that recruiters will notice.

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Resumes are not one-size-fits-all documents. To be effective, each must be customized to the role you are applying for and articulate your set of skills and unique experience. A good example of a resume should also use the resume format that matches your level of work experience and a resume template appropriate for the role at hand.

If that sounds like a lot to consider, don’t fret. LiveCareer’s library of sample resumes features professional resume examples for a wide variety of job titles. Just search by industry or job title to find expertly-written resume samples to use as a model as you write your own.

Use our recruiter-approved resume examples as guides for writing your resume. Written by certified resume writers, these are the perfect resume examples to show you how to craft a great resume summary or resume objective statement , as well as strong skills, education, and work experience sections that recruiters and hiring managers look for in top candidates. Study our resume examples to take the guesswork out of writing a resume and quickly build a resume that will help you get noticed.

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LiveCareer shows you how to craft a strong resume by offering 400+ resume examples, written by certified resume writers, for you to study. Search our library by industry or job title to find the resume sample that is right for you.


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Resume examples by industry and job title


    Accounting Resume Examples

    If you’re gifted with numbers and excel at balancing budgets and managing spreadsheets, then our expert accounting and finance examples of resumes can help get your foot in the door fast.

    Administrative Resume Examples

    Our administrative resume examples show you how to demonstrate your skills and abilities clearly to help you show what you’ll bring to the table if hired.

    Civil Engineering Resume Examples

    If you are looking to build a career you can be proud of, our sample resume examples are a great tool to have in your arsenal. Study them to learn how to showcase your top skills.

    Construction Resume Examples

    If you’ve got the skills to build everything but the perfect resume, we can help. Study these good resume examples to learn how to highlight your knowledge of safety protocols, equipment operation, and more.

    Cosmetology Resume Examples

    Make your resume as eye-catching as you make your clients. These simple resume samples can be styled to show off the resume skills employers love for those in the spa, salon and fitness industries.

    Culinary Resume Examples

    Wherever you work in the kitchen, these resume examples show you how to cook up the best document for the culinary position you seek. Our professional resume samples will help you turn up the heat on your job search.

    Customer Service Resume Examples

    Put your excellent people skills front and center with a strong new resume. Our customer service resume samples help you highlight your most impressive credentials.

    Driving Resume Examples

    If you have wanderlust, a career in driving might be for you. Our resume samples show how to write a resume work history that will get your career in gear.

    Education Resume Examples

    A career in education requires a passion for learning. Start by studying our professional resume examples to get the instruction you need to write a great resume.

    Food Service Resume Examples

    The food and beverage industry has many opportunities for growth, but to land a great role, you need to serve up a great resume. Our good example resumes will help you prepare to apply for the job you want.

    Health Care Resume Examples

    Have your job opportunities flatlined? If so, study the health care support resumes below to find the best resume examples to show you how to write a strong resume.

    Human Resources Resume Examples

    As an HR professional, you are adept at seeing the potential in others, but does your resume show off your best credentials? Study our professional HR resume examples to get resume ideas on putting your best foot forward.

    Information Technology Resume Examples

    An IT resume should reflect the technical skills and know-how required to run a modern business smoothly. Use these examples of resumes to apply for a job where you can demonstrate your information technology expertise.

    Janitorial Resume Examples

    From mopping to maintenance, janitorial teams keep businesses up and running. Study our best resume examples to see how to clean up your resume to make a great impression.

    Marketing Resume Examples

    Think of your resume as the ultimate personal branding opportunity. LiveCareer’s perfect resume examples show you how to hone your sales pitch and land interviews.

    Mechanical Engineering Resume Examples

    There is a science to writing a standout resume. Review our mechanical engineering resume samples to learn how to write your own to build your best career.

    Medical Resume Examples

    Your patients get care from you. Why not apply that same care to your career? Get resume ideas from our medical resume samples that will improve the health of your job search.

    Nursing Resume Examples

    Get your finger on the pulse of the job market by crafting a new resume. Follow our nursing resume samples to show hiring managers you have the perfect bedside manner.

    Retail Resume Examples

    Working in retail requires a unique skill set for success. You can better articulate your hard and soft skills by reviewing our retail resume samples to get resume ideas to help you find a great position.

    Sales Resume Examples

    As a salesperson, your pitch to hiring managers should be impressive. Use LiveCareer’s examples of resume letters to show how you can sell your skills and qualifications to employers.

    Safety And Security Resume Examples

    Protect your job search success by writing an impressive new resume. Our safety and security resume samples help create the resume sections that show your skills and experience.

    Social Services Resume Examples

    Social services jobs require a unique set of hard and soft skills to get the job done. Our best resume examples for social services workers will help you land a job to make a difference in the industry.