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Customizing your resume to match a job description is a critical step in getting hired. Study our library of more than 400 resume samples to learn how to craft a resume that recruiters will notice.

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Resumes are not a one-size-fits-all document. To be effective, each must be customized to the role you are applying for and be able to articulate your individual set of skills and unique experience. It should also use a resume format that matches your level of work experience and a resume template that is appropriate for the role at hand.

If that sounds like a lot to consider, don’t fret. LiveCareer’s library of sample resumes features a strong resume example for a wide variety of job titles. Just search by industry or job title to find professionally-written resume samples to use as a model as you craft your own.

Use our examples as guides for writing your resume. Written by certified resume writers, these examples show you best-in-class content, including the skills, education and work experience recruiters and hiring managers look for in top candidates. Study our resume examples to take the guesswork out of resume writing and quickly build a resume that will help you get noticed.

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LiveCareer shows you how to craft a strong resume by offering 400+ resume examples, written by certified resume writers, for you to study. Search our library by industry or job title to find the resume sample that is right for you.


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