How to Get a Job in Healthcare

How to Get a Job in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is growing tremendously in the United States, partly because of the aging Baby Boomers. Additionally, the improved quality of life in America has also increased the need for qualified healthcare professionals. If you want to land a job in this thriving field, heed the advice below.

Experience Matters

Nurses are perhaps some of the most sought after professionals in the healthcare industry. To get a job as a nurse, hands-on experience is necessary in addition to having a degree in a particular nursing specialty. In fact, many nursing students jump at the opportunity to work at hospitals and clinics while the study, simply to bolster their experience. Prospective students can actually help registered nurses in a hospital setting by taking basic measurements, administering medication, and handling advanced equipment such as monitors for the heart and respiratory system.

Colleges that offer nursing programs often partner with local hospitals, making it convenient for students to get hands-on experience. It’s also important for nursing students to care for patients that correlate to their specialty. For example, a student going for a degree in pediatric nursing should seek out work in children’s hospitals. Similarly, students specializing in geriatric nursing should treat elderly patients in clinics and hospitals.

Broaden Your Search to Get a Job In Healthcare

If you have a specific degree in healthcare—say, a radiology degree—you should sometimes consider broadening your horizons to find the perfect job. Healthcare is not only a widespread field—it’s also diverse. It takes a wide range of people to make a healthcare facility run smoothly.

So, if you have a radiology degree, don’t feel limited to only radiology jobs. After all, many hospitals and research universities have their own radiology departments that need qualified technicians. Similarly, some radiology jobs may be available in mobile medical units that provide healthcare for poor communities and other people in need. Individuals holding radiology degrees can therefore seek jobs in major non-profit organizations that provide medical care and other relief efforts all over the world.It might seem obvious, but some graduates holding healthcare degrees can actually find jobs in the very place where they received their training. Major universities often need assistants that can help professors teach specific courses, especially those involving hands-on experience with working on specialized equipment.

Sign Up for Volunteer Work

Volunteering is one of the most effective ways to enhance a resume for recent graduates holding a healthcare-related degree. For example, students studying emergency care services can gain valuable real-life experience by volunteering for the local paramedic forces. By doing so, these aspiring healthcare professionals can get hands-on experience dealing with emergency situations, while also providing life-saving support. Simply watching other paramedics perform their duty can help any EMS student in the long run.Recent graduates in the healthcare industry should emphasize their volunteer work because—in most cases—they don’t have any other real world experience. Plus, students who volunteer generally find a job in healthcare must faster than those who don’t donate their time. Volunteering for major organizations such as theRed CrossorDoctors Without Bordersis guaranteed to impress hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Similarly, recent physical therapy graduates can boost their reputation by volunteering for efforts that help wounded and disabled U.S. veterans.

Create a Well-Written Resume

Trying to find a job in the growing but competitive healthcare industry can be a thrilling and challenging experience. But writing a resume that perfectly highlights your skills and qualifications can also be challenging. That’s whereLiveCareer’s Resume Builderhelps you out. The award-winning builder makes it easy to write a well-written healthcare resume in a matter of minutes. Just a few clicks and you’re done!

Ready to build a strong resume? Create My Resume

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