Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

This is the first section of your resume that hiring professionals will see, so you need it to be compelling and informative. You’ll want to be sure that you’ve included the skills and work experiences you’ve had that may have prepared you for the position you’re seeking. This section of your resume should be no longer than three sentences and could be formatted in bullet points. Be sure that you include your professional title, your most pertinent and impressive skills and any achievements that would make you especially attractive to a company.

Use the examples below and our retail resume template for Word to write a tie-breaking summary statement.

Summary Statement Example 1:

Department manager at Old Town Mercantile for seven years. Supervised employees in sales and handling of cash. Monitored and improved customer satisfaction while providing staff instruction for increased number of sales and customer retention.

Summary Statement Example 2:

• Loss prevention agent with ten years of experience
• Investigated suspected internal and external theft, implementing systems for reduction of losses
• Maintained documentation

Summary Statement Example 3:

• Service center manager for Harris Andrew Professional Parties and Events
• Established and maintained professional relationships with business customers
• Coordinated staff and products for smooth hosting of events

Summary Statement Example 4:

• Parts consultant for A&P Automotive, 2005-present
• Receive and fill telephone and in-person orders
• Obtain credit authorization

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

This section of your resume should be created with the goal of quickly listing those skills that qualify you for the job you hope to obtain. The skills section should provide the information that hiring professionals need to consider you as a serious applicant. Use our retail resume template for Word and the following best practice tips:

• Limit the number of bulleted skills to seven or fewer
• Keep your skills focused on the job you hope to get
• Use words or phrases that are relevant to the specific section of the retail industry

You may want to use some of the following skills if they are appropriate for your skill set:

• Proficient in Qualitech Solutions Dynamic Scheduling and IBM Cognos Impromptu
• Strategic planning and management experience
• Financial reporting and spreadsheet organization
• Experienced with money order terminals, credit card processing machines, Telecheck processing terminals
• Identify and report merchandise shortages
• Supervision of employees
• Preparation of sales receipts or contracts

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section of your resume should naturally include your past jobs, what you were expected to do and any specific achievements. Compose it according to these best practices:

• Use specific terminology, such as numbers and other terms of measurement.
• List jobs chronologically, starting with your most recent position.
• Avoid the unnecessary use of adjectives; choose specific action verbs instead.

Our retail resume template for Word and the following examples can get you started.

Department Manager at Old Town Mercantile / 2007-2014 / Laramie

• Supervision of sales staff
• Increased customer satisfaction through conflict resolution and staff training
• Reduced loss of inventory by 50%

Loss Prevention Agent at Bill’s File and Document Corporation / 2006-present / Brigham City

• Organized internal and external theft investigations
• Created and implemented loss reduction systems
• Maintained and presented legal documentation

Service Center Manager at Harris Andrew’s Professional Parties and Events / 2005-2010 / Buffalo

• Marketed party and event services
• Connected with business professionals for conversion to customers
• Maintained customer relationships
• Coordinated services, purchase of necessary products and staff locations for more than 300 events

Parts Consultant for A&P Automotive / 2005-present / American Falls

• Handled telephone and in-person orders, receiving and completing orders
• Obtain credit authorization
• Familiar with credit card software and companies

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

Keep this final section of your resume concise, so that it is easy for hiring personnel to read it. In addition to providing information about you school background, you can also include professional development seminars and any certifications you might hold. If you are currently participating in a degree program or other training, include your anticipated date of completion. Use the retail resume template for Word to get started.

Example of Education Section for Retail Industry:
  • Idaho State University / BS Retail Management / Graduation date: 2019
  • Courses include Sales Strategies and Customer Service
  • College of Southern Idaho / Associate of Applied Science: Retail Management / 2013-2015
  • Vice President of local chapter of Future Business Leaders of American in 2012
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